Since the DiabloWikiSharagon system was first announced and detailed we’ve been debating if and how characters below max level should have access to those DiabloWikiParagon points. It seems like it would be awesome for rerolling and leveling up quickly, but it seems kind of cheesy at the same time, imagining a new character with hundreds of bonus stat points to play with, plus all the other cool stuff DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 points provides.

    The devs have wavered a bit on this issue, but at this point it seems that all characters will share in the full account Paragon points, even from level 1. Why? A fan asked that question today and received an intriguing Blue reply:

    Shouldn’t paragon points be available only once you reach max level (60 or 70 for RoS) ??
    Nevalistis: There are some other changes coming that we’ll talk about at BlizzCon that may cast more light on why we made this decision. *temples fingers* You shall know soon, very soon.

    What changes might there be that require or benefit low level characters having access to Paragon Points? We know DiabloWikiNephalem Valor is going to kick in below max level, but I don’t see how that directly relates. Is Bliz thinking that DiabloWikiNephalem Trials will require stronger characters early on? Does this relate to Adventure Mode? Possibilities abound…

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