Paragon Levels Should Grant More Bonuses

A player made one of my favorite posts of the year on forums and got a Blue reply that pointed out the blindingly obvious.

I run a barb and I think this affix seems to be negelected. I won’t search gear that has it since its not high on my list of affix’s i want on my gear but I wish the paragon level would up it. Anyone else hate run circles around gold stacks till you click them?
Vaeflare: As a few players have pointed out in this thread, there are quite a range of appealing affixes that items can have. By choosing items that increase your pickup radius, you are making a decision that the value of that stat matters to you, and that you’re willing to trade other stats in order to have it. Having these sorts of compelling choices helps offer different itemization choices, and we like that players often have to weigh their options when comparing gear in order to be the most efficient, to have the greatest DPS, to find the best loot, etc.

We like knowing when you feel that improvements can be made, though, so thank you for the feedback (seriously). We’ll make sure it gets passed along to our developers.

So Paragon levels should add whatever bonus each of us is too lazy to obtain on our gear? Well, that would be convenient.

Since I *have* taken the trouble to add Pickup Radius to my character’s gear (since most of them are not Spin2Win Barbs and thus actually need to get health orbs to survive), but don’t have the budget to add massive DPS, I’d like my Demon Hunter’s Paragon Levels to more Dex and critical hit damage. Kthx!

That said, I think there is some merit to Paragon levels adding more… something. With punctuated equilibrium, perhaps. I think it would be cool if the bonuses varied a bit over time; say if you get 2% MF/GF per level instead of 3%, and then every 5th or 10th you get 5 or 10 extra right there. Same end result, but more fun in the presentation. I’ve seen other players suggest 1% Pickup Radius and/or Faster Run every 10th Paragon level, and of course the request to make all or some of the Paragon level attribute rewards manually-assignable is a common one.

Do you guys want to tinker with the Paragon level bonuses or are you happy with the system as it is?

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27 thoughts on “Paragon Levels Should Grant More Bonuses

  1. Keep paragon levels the meaningless tail chasing circle that they are.

    I do think however that there should be a base of 5 pickup radius on all characters from level 1 onwards, I do agree with the guy in this blue post that running circles around a pile of gold that often does not even get picked up after a few circles around/ over it is more than a little dumb.

    Something as minor as a base of 5 on all characters would just be a nice addition I think without impairing any of the current game mechanics.

    My WD rolls 69 pickup radius 😛

    • I was thinking exacly the same the other day. A base 5 pickup radius would solve that problem nicely running circles around some gold only to see nothing happen.

      As usual player ideas are great but they are always ignored.

    • LOVE the idea of a base 5 pickup range, and I agree Paragons are fine as is, they’re helpful enough that you smile when you get one. But not so absolutely necessary that you feel you have to grind to get to 100 quickly.

      • Absolutely. People already complain they’re forced to play one character only and ignore all others. No reason to make that situation worse.

  2. Im not sure id want a very large pickup radius, sometimes i like to leave health globes laying around in case i run into trouble in that area i can quick run back and grab them.

    • +3 by default would be fine in my opinion. None whatsoever is stupid, and I have personally run into situations where I literally could not pickup piles of gold I was standing right on top of, ran through, ran circles around…. until I swapped in a piece of gear the made my pickup greater than 0. Again, stupid.

  3. I’ve wondered if maybe Paragon levels and/or stacks of NV could have some sort of positive effect on crafting items with the Blacksmith.

  4. I purposefully don’t have any pickup radius on my DH as I like to save health orbs for when I need them.

    Also, what ever happened to all of the amazing cool affixes that Bashiok promised us for release? Still waiting. The only thing they’ve changed was adding a bunch of un-inspired proc effects to legendaries.

  5. So we should have to choose pick-up radius (“to offer different itemization choices”), but there’s no problem in making the MF stat nearly useless the closer your get to PL 100?

    While the pick-up radius is luxury and MF contributes in a way that cannot be compared, they both do affect itemization, which the blue poster fails to adress.

  6. I’ve posted this what feels like 50 times at this point, so even I think I sound like a broken record now, but something like the Badass Ranks system from BL2 would be perfect in D3. You could tie it into achievements and the banner system. That way, all you need to do is add Paragon-specific achievements, and bam, players can choose to augment pickup radius on a character/account basis if that’s something they care about.

  7. i think all this “paragon issue” is like deflation.I like the paragon idea, but… this managment-way is a bit silly.

  8. I love how the blue response is in a direct conflict with the way the devs have chosen to move in regards to MF. Capping MF and having paragon eventually kill it off because players should not have to “sacrafice” power for a chance at better drops. Would be nice if they can get their vision straight of d3. First its fun to have to make decisions, then its not fun and too hard on players to have to make decisions and make sacrafices in some areas for advantages in others, then it’s good to . blehhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I agree they need to just up the pickup radius by 5, which is of course, very small but prevents me from running back and forth to try to get the gold pickup. Honestly though I don’t care for 2 reasons.

    1. I don’t play much at all anymore
    2. Gold is so undervalued I could care less about going out of my way to pick it up. I usually leave the 3k + stacks on the ground alone when i play.

    The contradictions in developing this game really do make me sick. How on earth does no one in charge of d3 shit recognize these glaring failures ? My mind is blown continually at decisions made for d3.

  9. Some sort of additional passive such as pick up radius, run speed, small life or resource regen, res all or damage reduction, etc. make it some sort of off-shoot of the skill tab after you reach a certain level. give the player choices, but you can only pick one which then adds to customization that players seem to want. make it useful but not in the stat point/damage dealing kind of way. make it some of the little noncombat things we like.

    Hell, add in new levels past paragon [like you don’t want it]. Call it the Immortal or Eternal level system. so you have your Level 60, Paragon 100, Eternal 34 Demon Hunter hitting up MP8 with little difficulty. Could be decent?

  10. I’d like the Paragon levels to be account based instead of per character. Pick up radius or a bonus to be chosen each x paragon level would be nice.
    While I play I find upgrades for my other characters, not good enough to be sold on AH but good enough to be used, but I feel compelled to play my highest paragon level (which is only 34 btw) because the MF bonus is too good to pass up.

  11. As people have already said, pickup radius is not always a good thing (I think I saw a nice barb build that relied on having no pickup radius a while back). I’d be pretty pissed if I had no control over how often I picked up health globes. MF is ok, but peeps have already come up with really good ways of sprucing that up as you progress in Paragon Levels.

    Some other bonus every few levels would be nice – a small increase to skill power? Extra (class-related) abilities unlocked every 10 levels (e.g. small percent chance to Stoneskin on hit as a Wiz)… Just little things that don’t necessarily alter the gameplay mechanics too much but do add something slightly different.

  12. I’m definitely up for MOAR bonuses like pickup radius, movement speed etc. for each paragon level. And some other cool bonus for each 10 levels.

  13. Paragon added a nice extra for those of us who play somewhat casually, but for the min-max group that was swapping in magic find gear before paragon, all it did was cause them to dump magic find and rush to paragon 100.

    Changing paragon to provide the benefits of other affixes would just make them worthless. A better idea would be to let the pickup radius on items scale with paragon levels. This makes the affix less critical but still relevant.

  14. I used to like the paragon system, but I think it will be what kills the game for me. I can only farm efficiently with one character class now instead of all three. Swapping classes for variety sake feels like I am sacrificing item drops for fun, which is a terrible decision to be making.

    Oh yeah, pickup radius. Having zero is pretty terrible, especially with the barbarian who has the largest character model. I fail to see the logic in allowing paragon to grant mf bonuses but not pickup bonuses. I’d love to trade 20% mf from paragon fo 7 yds. That’s fair, right?

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