Paragon 2.0 Experience and a First Look

A fan asked the common question about Paragon levels. I always wonder how it’s common, though? I mean where did the idea come from that Paragon levels are just added across characters? Everyone who plays notices that you need more exp per level as your levels get higher. So why would anyone expect that (as I’ve often seen asked) 10 paragon 10 chars would give you Paragon 100 for the account?

I was under the impression that if you are on the live version of the game with a paragon level 19 toon and a paragon level 20 toon that your paragon level in the new system would be a total between all of your paragon levels before the new system launches, which in my case is a paragon level of 39. So where did 29 come from? Or did I have the wrong understanding?
It’s a little confusing, but Paragon 2.0 adds up your total Paragon experience to determine your new Paragon level, and not your total number of current Paragon levels.

Conveniently, Blizzard has posted a new First Look article covering the Paragon 2.0 system. If you’ve not played with it yet or been soaking it up in our articles since it debuted last year, you will learn a thing or two. Quote from the start:

paragon 2.0

The initial implementation of the Paragon system introduced in patch 1.0.4 was designed to provide players with additional end-game progression, offering bonuses for experience gained past the standard level cap. This system was created to accompany and complement the more innate item-based progression in Diablo III, which is all about finding powerful artifacts and putting them to use against the demonic legions of the Burning Hells.

While the original version of the Paragon leveling system achieved its many goals, with time players would max out at level 100 and no longer feel rewarded for vanquishing evil. With patch 2.0.1, we’re making three big changes to the Paragon system that are aimed at giving you greater control over your hero, promoting variety in build options, and offering more character customization than ever before.

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  1. What about new portraits for higher paragon levels?
    I hope that they’ll add new paragon portrait for every 50 or 100 levels.

  2. Frankly, Paragon is what the gem system should have been, and even then it’s a little lacking. More gems, more variety in effects in different slots. And weapon rubies should be % enhanced damage, at the minimum.

    • Agreed.

      What is missing from this game is a “smaller item system” for modifying and customizing stats, a whole class of items that drop from monsters and keep us looking for new loot all the time.

      Jewels, Charms and Runes are infinitely more interesting than the grindy paragon points. Far and away more versatile as well.

      Paragon is a lot less work though for the devs…… and with p 2.0 in the game we will likely never see the smaller item system that allowed more freedom/CHOICE……

      Because why have a interesting system with depth and layers of choice (Jewels, Runes, Charms) when you can have a boring linear system (P2.0) that feels grindy and more restrictive as a result.


      • They had the supposed talisman at one point… but evaluated that no-one used it, so they removed it. If one followed the D3 development, one sees that they rejected all interesting mechanics in favour for the dumbed down boring linear systems with no or little choice. Left is only “visceral combat”. D3 in a nutshell.

  3. All that I know is that I was paragon one hundred (little) something and now that I copied my characters again I’m under 100. Why I’m being punished for having (lack of focus and) multiple chars? 🙁

    Just kidding. But I have to farm at least 4 more para levels on barb to reach para 100.

    Playing vanilla is weird now – you get gold and legendaries “all the time”, but the XP bar “doesn’t move”. And I had to upgrade the perfect squares 1 tier, mind you…

    Sidenote: I “downgraded” my 2x str mempo for a pickup radius mempo. All I can say is: If I farmed XP with pick-up radius mempo, I would be a rich barb now.

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