Paragon 100 in 4 Days via a Diablo 3 Bug

Word is spreading about a Diablo 3 Exploit that allows players to gain solid experience, non-stop, without any risk of death, using only two simple tools. You see them pictured to the right.

leveling-exploitThe trick is for two (or more) players to enter the PvP Arena. One player must be a Witch Doctor, who endlessly (for zero mana cost) summons Mongrels. These will attack the other player, who kills them, ideally with some skill that doesn’t require targeting or come with a mana cost, gaining 12,000 experience per dead dog. This sequence can be repeated for infinity, and by the calculations of the guy who made the video, it should be possible to reach Paragon 100 in around 96 hours of play time.

That’s quite a while, but since it can be done while you are nowhere near the computer (or computers if you do it yourself via multi-boxing) it’s not such a chore.

Obviously this is an exploit and likely one Blizzard will fix quickly, now that it’s become public knowledge. You might want to try it before then, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The EULA and ToS allow Blizzard to take action against deliberate exploiters and cheaters, and it surely can’t be that hard for them to find a character who spend 40 straight hours standing in the PvP Arena, casting and/or killing Mongrels.

Click through for video demonstrating the trick.

Thanks JamesL.

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32 thoughts on “Paragon 100 in 4 Days via a Diablo 3 Bug

  1. Nice, but I’m already halfway to Plvl 98 already.
    I’m not going to eploit at this point.

  2. They won’t do a thing in terms of punishment. IF ever there was a time to punish players it was back in the first month when players were skipping acts in inferno they never beat to kill A4 mini bosses for blues and occasional rares. They also took forever to fix that bug, which is funny, because that was the bug that truly f***d up the economy they way blizz had designed it.

    • It would be pretty great if blizzard banned moldran dudes account and other accounts for using this exploit. oh man that would be entertaining.

  3. Is it really that hard to paragon now and especially in 1.0.8 that people are searching for exploits like this? Crazy if you ask me.

  4. Shrug.

    My goal was never Paragon 100.

    All classes to lvl 60 in HC and kill D Inferno.

    More than enough fun.

  5. Good to know. I would never use anything that feel that “exploidy”, it would feel bad and…let me say one think developers must NOT know, its not the goal but the way, the path what must be funny…and neither goal or path are all that funny…we all know why.

  6. What´s the point in making a paragon level 100 if you haven´t even played? In fact, what´s the point in having the game at all if you are doing something like this? Might as well go play/do something else.

    • Build a P100 character so that you can farm the fastest/most profitable at MP10. Simple as that. In the meantime, you can play normally your desired characters 😉
      I wouldn’t do this personally, but it is quite a sensible thing to do, in this kind of games.

  7. Is it bad that something that involves holding down your mouse button with something then going off and doing something else sounds more fun than the actual game?

  8. Like blizz would do anything against this abuse when they could as easily check goldpickups on players to detect bots. There where acc’s the first months that had 100’s of millions of gold picked up and 100% playtime!

  9. Paragon 100 was meaningless anyway. I realized this when my HC WD hit 52 and I started getting their crap legendaries to drop at least once a day. I’m glad someone exploited it so now maybe people will realize how dumb it really is.

    • i dont know about ‘meaningless’. sure, its kind of whatever, but the difference between how many legendaries drop at level 50 and how many drop at 100 is quite noticable.

      • It’s relatively useless and meaningless. It’s simply an artificial leveling system that adds zero depth and nearly minimal power to the character.

        You can get to paragon 50 and max your MF through gear with zero extra cost since MF is shit now.

        It’s funny that these arguments blizz keeps using for why they wont add x or implement x is because they are artificial systems that don’t really add depth, when paragon levels is the most god awful bastardization of artificial systems.

      • The small stat boost it gives you is really just for the lulz. If you arn’t speed farming legendaries with no problem whatsoever right now then your doing something else wrong and it has nothing to do with paragon.

        Magic find boost seems great at first until you reach that point where you’ve brimstoned so many legendaries and set items that the drops start to lose their thrill.

        Their problem is that their aren’t any truly fun items to self find that radically spice up the gameplay or encourage some radical new build. Like I said I got to a high paragon… saw nothing on the horizon to work for other than a number and some lame ass portrait thing to show off in the horrible multiplayer mode.

        This exploit even makes the number and the portrait something lame and meaningless now as you’ll never know who earned it and who used the exploit. I’m glad I didn’t waste time getting past the 50’s.

  10. Isn’t it just easier to do that ACT 2 double pillar trick with a Barb and a load of Thorns dmg/Life on Kill?

  11. I don’t understand how this could be considered an exploit or “cheating”. Which game rules are they violating exactly? What 3rd party software are they employing? Who exactly are they griefing?

    Blizzard has acknowledged countless times that players will always choose the path of least resistance, even if it’s not a fun way to play. Well here’s a perfect example of that. No one will ever be banned or even warned for doing this, sorry. The best you can hope for is that Blizzard will patch this out.

  12. That object holding down the mouse button is essentially a 3 dimensional “script”, botters use scripts.

    The best items being found in high MP levels, and high paragon as a virtual requirement for finding them created this situation.

  13. I remember when they announced the level 60 cap, they had all these sound reasons for it, and why the old 99 system was fake depth and silly. And they were right. The 99 system was stupid and didn’t add anything for human players (bots didn’t mind it, natch). So who got terminal brain cancer and decided to add the broken, stupid system back in again? Was it Jay? I bet it was Jay.

    Oh, and you know how you fix MF/GF? YOU DON’T. It’s totaled. Call the insurance company.

    • And remember how they used to say they didn’t want MF to be a huge focus for players, then they went and added an entire game feature focused on maxing it?

    • yup!! i don’t think they could have screwed D3 up any more if it had been their intentional primary motive

  14. Moldran did another video today. Apparently, he received an email from a Blizz dev with a special email address to report stuff instead of making videos.

    Also, the bug was reported months ago on official forums…

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