Word is spreading about a Diablo 3 Exploit that allows players to gain solid experience, non-stop, without any risk of death, using only two simple tools. You see them pictured to the right.

    leveling-exploitThe trick is for two (or more) players to enter the PvP Arena. One player must be a Witch Doctor, who endlessly (for zero mana cost) summons Mongrels. These will attack the other player, who kills them, ideally with some skill that doesn’t require targeting or come with a mana cost, gaining 12,000 experience per dead dog. This sequence can be repeated for infinity, and by the calculations of the guy who made the video, it should be possible to reach Paragon 100 in around 96 hours of play time.

    That’s quite a while, but since it can be done while you are nowhere near the computer (or computers if you do it yourself via multi-boxing) it’s not such a chore.

    Obviously this is an exploit and likely one Blizzard will fix quickly, now that it’s become public knowledge. You might want to try it before then, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The EULA and ToS allow Blizzard to take action against deliberate exploiters and cheaters, and it surely can’t be that hard for them to find a character who spend 40 straight hours standing in the PvP Arena, casting and/or killing Mongrels.

    Click through for video demonstrating the trick.

    Thanks JamesL.

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