Time for another exclusive site Pal giveway.

    Up for grabs today is a Diablo III poster. I bought these at Blizzcon and can’t find them anywhere else, not even on Blizzard’s store so who knows if they’ll be available again. The Diablo 3 poster features the logo as seen here.

    It has above it [highlight]‘And the Heavens’[/highlight] and below [highlight]‘Shall Tremble….’[/highlight]

    It has a high gloss finish and measures 80cm x 60cms and would look great on the wall in front of your desk.

    As these posters are a bit rare please only add your name to this thread in our Pal forum (only site Pals can view the thread or access the Pal forum) if you really want to win it, not if it’s just going to sit discarded at the back of your cupboard with the Dreamcast and bowler hat with sleeves.

    Names in by this Friday please.

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