Painted Diablo III Overthrown Diorama Update

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Sideshow Collectibles CEO and president Greg Anzalone and Production Manager Brant Bridges.  Sideshow will debut the fully painted Diablo III: Overthrown Diorama very soon.  We will share these photos with you when they are available.  Last week, I reached Sideshow, and they are committed to let us know in advance when the fully painted Overthrown is finished to alert our visitors.

Although they weren’t able to go into detail, nor confirmed nor denied it—personally I have a feeling it will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con through JULY 23-26.  If my track-record hunch accuracy and detective work means anything to you, that’s probably it.  A couple of years ago, I digged the plans for a World of Warcraft comic book that would be unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con at least 10 days before even DC Comics launched the press release announcing its existence.

The development team is excited to announce that the Diablo 3 statue, Overthrown, has recently received full approval from Blizzard, and the finished piece will be debuted soon on! We are in discussion with Blizzard about future Warcraft and Starcraft releases. Although you won?t see any other releases in 2009, we are optimistic about 2010.

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  • Painted Diablo III Overthrown Diorama Update

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    1 thought on “Painted Diablo III Overthrown Diorama Update

    1. Of course you can buy WoW gold online, but ultimately you’re playing the game for your own sake, so buying gold to obtain items will not so much take away the fun for others as it will for you.

      Much of the fun lies in hoping to find certain items and eventually finding them, it’s the pursuit and expectation that keep people playing what is essentially an item collecting/trading game. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that once I got those few items that I really had been looking forward to, the novelty wore off pretty quick and I found myself not really caring as much about them as I thought I would’ve.

      Yes, gold farming will probably be very hard to detect in D3 because a gold farmer would likely be playing the game the same way as most people would (unlike in WoW) and yes, it will have a small impact on the economy. I highly doubt it’ll kill the economy, though, as long as they add good enough gold sinks to keep the economy balanced – good enough to make up for the lack of soulbound items – then that will likely slow down inflation.

      Personally, I believe D3 economy will need some kind of reference to make trading easier, like a place where you can see roughly how much worth certain items are. In WoW, an auction house does just that.

      I realize I’m using WoW for comparison’s sake a lot, but that’s partly because I think it did some things pretty right and partly because I don’t doubt for a second that D3 will borrow many ideas from it, especially those related to the economy.

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