Our Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira Interview Coming Soon

An update to let you guys know that I just finished recording the interview with DiabloWikiWyatt Cheng and DiabloWikiJosh Mosqueira, and it went really well. The devs gave some good, thoughtful replies and added plenty of stories and tidbits beyond what I asked. Unfortunately, such answers take time and I only got through about half of the 40+ questions on my short list (my initial list was like 250 questions long).

Thanks to you guys for submitting such useful questions, and I think you’ll find the answers quite useful. The plan is to post some transcript excerpts in the days to come and the full interview text + audio next week, so check back for the goods.

Click through for a few of the questions that I did get answered, if you’d like a preview. And yes, I skipped some of my pet peeve topics to the front of the list, because I get some perks after doing this for 15 years.

These are abbreviated versions of some of the questions/discussion topics I put forth. Full transcript coming soon.

  • The most popular suggestion/request is for bottomless dungeons, open world mode, more variety in level design and monster. Can you talk about design ideas for those things and if we’ll see them in the future?
  • Do we need 4 difficulty levels? Clearing all the same content 3x per character (especially if you’re Hardcore) gets tedious. Can you just rescale the exp progression once we’ve got Act 5 in the expansion so characters go 1-40, 41-60, and than right into Inferno? (We debated the Fearsome Fifties concept a bit after this question.)
  • Fix to the controls, adding a hotkey so LMB doesn’t have to be used with an active skill (especially in a game without a /nopickup option) and can just be default attack, door open, chest open, body click, etc.
  • More B.net social features and game options, such as named games D2 style?
  • How much of the Console economy was tested into Inferno, and how much is a test bed for future D3 PC changes, ala no Auction House?
  • Are you guys aware that most fans feel the key element of an DiabloWikiIronborn mode is that it’s a separate ecology and economy. That Ironborn would have to *not* mix with AH-permitting chars? (They said yes, which made me happy.)
  • Item binding is a useful tool for economy improvements, as it creates an item and gold drain, and permits higher quality gear w/o screwing up the whole economy. Are there plans to implement or increase that in the future, such as via Mystic enhancements?
  • Are the upcoming Legendary item improvements with cool procs like double Hydra, Earthquake upon Leaping, Black hole of doom on kill, etc, meant to be novelties like Blaze from Fire Walkers or Demonic Fire Chains from Maximus? Or are they meant to be big strategic components and build-making gear? (Or both?)
  • Is the future plan for itemization changes to affixes to nibble around with and tweak current modifiers, or to totally redo the system such as changing the benefits of attributes, or both?
  • Can single target skills ever compete with AoE attacks in a game with 50 monsters on the screen at all times?
  • Can the Demon Hunter, the squishiest of all classes, and hardly seen in Hardcore, get a death-cheating NDE-type skill like the Wizard, Monk, and Witch Doctor have, and which the Barb doesn’t need?
  • Purple-named Monsters are a wasted feature since they have cool lore and names and effects, but die so quickly and drop 2 blues and a stack of gold. Can they be improved and made more relevant?
  • Why not an esports-ready PvP system with pre-made chars as we saw (and loved) in Blizzcon 2010 and 2011 demos? That could be balanced for even and fair and fun play in a way that our current characters with wildly-differing gear quality never can be.)
  • Will we see the Diablo 3 Expansion debut at Blizzcon this year? (The answer was not, “No comment.”)
  • I asked a few others as well, and there was a lot of follow-up and discussion of these, and I had dozens more on the list that I didn’t have time for. Happily both devs and DiabloWikiLylirra said they loved the interview and that more were planned with the community and that I’d get another chance, certainly before Podcast #200. (This is going to be Podcast #100.) So X’ed fingers for that.

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    64 thoughts on “Our Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira Interview Coming Soon

    1. Did they give any straightforward useful new information? or just re-iterate everything already known and avoid any sort of useful response..

    2. sounds like it went well, why are you waiting until next week to release the video tho?

    3. It’s ok, Flux. Take your time.

      One could think that D3’s commmunity would be more accustomed to waiting for something, but I can already see people complain about not posting the vid right away.

      Please, try and understand that making a transcript of an hour long interview is not an easy thing to do. It simply takes some time and… Well, I hope, Flux has some sort of personal life and other stuff he needs to do. He already puts in a lot of his free time into running this site.

      While he could upload the audio right away (or after some editing), waiting a couple of days won’t really hurt anyone:)

    4. How many times was “visceral” used in the interview, you could seriously make a drinking game with it

    5. Looking forward to this one, out of all the fansite interviews coming out lately, I’ve got high expectations for this one Flux. Don’t let us down man!

    6. Some good questions there. Open world mode/map would be nice. Gonna tune in to hear what they say.

      My guess is that anything that diverts from action will not be considered. They talked about it so much before. God forbid that you are exposed to a world map for a few seconds and can have time to contemplate.

    7. Good questions deserve GOOD ANSWERS, ambiguous is all we will get…I have no doubt of that, sadly.
      But yep, good questions, good community…what else can we do?

    8. im sorry, but these list doesn’t contain many questions which aim at the very core of the problems but rather the symptoms imho (like the ironborn mode). the question about attributes is a good one, but im missing stuff like

      – will different weapon types finally have different behaviour (axes, swords, etc.)
      – will skills still draw 100% of their usefulness from their weapons?
      – what about item affixes in general, and everything that is involved (rares, whites, etc.) and a useful crafting system?


      i hope these questions are included in the 40ish you mentioned

      • “Is the future plan for itemization changes to affixes to nibble around with and tweak current modifiers, or to totally redo the system such as changing the benefits of attributes, or both?”

        That was my intro question about technical details about Loot 2.0, and depending on how they answered it I was going to ask more, or not. If they weren’t going to delve into the details, there was no point in asking questions like the ones you cite above.

          • Both, basically. They’re doing some big changes, but largely preserving the current affixes into the future. Which was a surprise to me, since I figured “Loot 2.0” would entail some real major upheavals in the current items system. I think it’s too far in advance yet to really get into specifics on how individual affixes will be changed or capped or anything along those lines.

    9. I hate this Ironborn questions and Ironborn fanboys… stop asking/whining about this noobs, because your whining Blizzard will split community between ironborn fanboys and normal players… we want more RMAH sales not split community…

        • Most of the people who defend the Auction House and/or hand in hand attack the idea of self found I have found out always have something at stake in it which means noone buying their items on the RMAH. These people are only playing D3 to make a quick buck, they don’t care about the game.

          • Many people likes AH/RMAH too without profit in mind and it’s not fair because whining from 10% players (almost kids or poor people), Blizzard will split D3 community more yet, blame loot system not AH. Auction houses is a optional feature for ALL players implemented from day 1, removing this or spliting players in more servers is not fair and not democratic.

            • So people who don’t use the AH now shouldn’t ask about a game mode that would support them not using the AH? Interesting…

              You realize that different people have different ideas of fun, right? And that just b/c you happen to like or dislike something in Diablo 3 that other people aren’t required to agree? Especially if you offer zero arguments to convince anyone that you’ve got anything other than an opinion, and perhaps access to rich daddy’s credit card…

    10. Looks promising, Flux! I can’t wait to read the entire thing, and hear what the future holds for this fantastic game of ours ๐Ÿ™‚

    11. Most of the questions pertain to options, or changes of options. I sure hope you’ve also included questions concerning the depths and complexity of the character systems themselves. (From my point of view, I still consider D3 as having rpg-elements, but not as being an actual rpg.)

      • Blizzard fansite interviews are PR, but that’s irrelevant, because the devs usually take that opportunity to drop some new info bits here and there.

    12. Perhaps you should just present the whole thing as podcast, which is much more convenient than a WOT anyway.

    13. QUOTE

      Most of the people who defend the Auction House and/or hand in hand attack the idea of self found I have found out always have something at stake in it which means noone buying their items on the RMAH. These people are only playing D3 to make a quick buck, they don't care about the game.

      I’ve never made a single penny from the RMAH. I still have absolutely no problem with the gold AH, and I still think the whole self found meme that mysteriously appeared recently needs to die in a fire already, right along with the RMAH.

      Come at me bro.

      • While I think the whole self found thing is a bit silly, I also don’t get why some players are so strongly against it. If you don’t like the idea, um, don’t use it?

        • Counterpoint: If people wanna play without the AH they just can.

          No one even can agree what self found actually means.

          It’s like those joke rallies.

          What do we want?
          *incoherent mumbling*
          When do we want it?

          If people could at least decide if self found means:

          No AH, otherwise entirely unrestricted.
          No AH, no trading with other players.
          All items are effectively bound to character, aka find an amazing item for a Wizard with your Monk? That’s just too bad.
          Character bound + absolutely no interaction with non self founders.
          100% solo everything.

          I might begin to take them seriously. As is it’s just spam, and I’m gonna get some lulz out of it as much as I can.

          • Except it’s not a counter point. Why oh why do I have to keep explaining these things to people that do not follow things. No we really can’t play without the Auction House, the drop rates are not paced well for a self found play style they’re not rewarding. There is debate whether the drop rates are tuned based on the AH and people and devs have claimed it does not however the devs have stated they are tweaking the drop rates for the console version which DOES NOT contain an Auction House, Hmmm wonder why that is which concludes drop rates in D3 are so badly paced that players have to rely on the Auction House to progress. The devs have said this a few months back, they have stated their regrets about the Action House and how it has undermined the game overall. Of course if drop rates are tuned for self found players but there is still an Auction House, we will have a flood and devalued item base therefore we need a separate mode for self found from Auction House.

            • So you want something, you all want different things, and are supposed to be regarded as a united group with a shared goal. Something I’ve also kept explaining, and people keep ignoring.

              Anyone truly wanting a self found mode would go talk to all these other guys that supposedly also want it and work together as a community to put your support behind a single idea, or at least like 2 or 3. That’d show people actually wanted it and there was real support for it, not just noise.

              D2 didn’t work with self found either but it was at least closer. Thing is in order to even begin to support such a mode you’d have to improve drop quality by a factor of a few hundred… and even then it’d be questionable, and even then it’d only work if the itemization remains shit as good itemization and self found are diametrically opposed goals for the simple reason that if everyone doesn’t want the same things good luck finding things good for your current character.

          • But that doesn’t answer the question, even if you think the mode is stupid, why would it (apparently) bother you (and a bunch of other people) if it was added?

    14. Why do people need a game option to play self found, just play self found is it that hard

        • Self-found players need their own economy. An economy that they wonโ€™t be participating in because thereโ€™s no trading in self-found. God I love the internet.

      • By that logic, why do people need a game mode for Hardcore? They can just delete their characters if they die. The whole point is having a group of others following the same rules as you, to create a community and economy, etc. And obviously it’s optional, and most people won’t delve into it, but for those who want it, it’s an important issue.

        I didn’t ask about their Ironborn plans, since they’d just have said, “something we’re considering for the future.” (Which is probably true, but even if they had plans set in stone they wouldn’t tell us at this point, since they’re saving it for D3X debut. Or later.) I just brought up the issue to hear if the devs understood the need for Ironborn to be its own thing, with characters kept separate from AH users, since in their previous comments about Ironborn they hadn’t made that clear.

        Ironically, Wyatt misunderstood the question at first, probably since I was talking super fast to get in as many questions as possible. But after a brief redirect and explanation the confusion was ironed out. Which doesn’t mean we’ll see Ironborn support any time soon or ever, but at least they are on the same page with fans in terms of how it needs to work.

      • Yes, its that hard. Why? Because when I join a public game, I don’t want to see a AH based character swooping every mob away.
        Playing with AH chars just takes away the challenge.

    15. Hot damn. You straight grilled these guys. Hope it wasn’t all dodges in the end. ๐Ÿ˜›

    16. Actually, a self found mode would be quite fun given the fact that players can actually interact with each other in real time in town and use real trades they found themselves instead of just spamming an auction house. I remember the days where I would rush someone with the character that I created with my own mind (attributes how I wanted them even if I fucked up it was still \my creation\) who could actually earn an item I needed or at least an item I could trade for something I needed. All the meanwhile an amazing eerie acoustic tone that told a story all on its own. The gritty darkness of a dungeon or a \random\ rain that casts over a \random\ map. Call me nostalgic but dammit I know a good game when I play one.

      • Sadly, those days will never come back. Now it’s just a bright, cartoony, linear, static, holding hand game which has none of the tone and atmosphere of its predecessors.

      • I personally think Ironborn should be entirely self-found. No trading. No twinking. Otherwise it’s no different than the current game, just with the lack of an AH making trading a bit more inconvenient. And sure, removing that “convenience” would make a huge difference, but IMHO Ironborn should be for purists and people who want a challenge. Not just a game mode that’s half about who is best at using trading forums.

        This is, of course, one of the big debates and issues to be discussed about an Ironborn mode — how strict are the rulesets? Perhaps we’ll see two versions of it eventually; one that’s basically D3 without an AH, and the other where everything you find is Bind on Pickup?

        • As a guy who has always played self-found and solo, one huge thing that’s I keep wondering with this whole Ironborn thing is that I can’t recall once hearing anyone suggest such a thing for D2. The whole self-found thing was a totally foreign concept to most D2 players. Why is there all of a sudden a huge interest in it for D3??

          • Really, purely because of the AH. I play self found and I want to play with other who are self found. Why? Because I don’t want to group with someone who has 6 times the DPS that I have. Further, without the AH, I expect the drop rates to be significantly increased as well.

          • People did iron born in D1 and D2 for extra challenge, they just called it living off the land or Iron Man.

            • Yep. There were even ironborn-leagues regularily organized. Although what ironborn meant for D2 is defeated to a degree by the shared stash in D3 from the start, as a main part of it was dependency on the gear the particular character found himself, without any muling and trading whatsoever.

          • Well, I did play selffound in D2 (, classic as well as LoD, ) and had no problems finding players who did the same when in the mood to play on BNet (: Mostly played offline hc-sp.) The trades I made over the whole time can be counted on one hand. (Although I had no problems taking gifts if in a game, where someone suddenly decided to drop out some gear that would be useful to me. Never hunted for gifts, though…) So I have to call your argumention for what it is: Bullstakk!

        • Here’s something to consider. That RMAH guy is a dumbass troll (as opposed to an intelligent troll making a point, like myself) but he is right about one thing.

          By Blizzard’s own words there were a million players (most of which are bots) left as of 2 months ago, definitely less now. Those players are divided between three realms and two gaming modes, as well as by MPs since people that can do high MPs aren’t gonna want to carry 50k dps sorts nor are they gonna want to play a game even less rewarding so that they can play with them.

          In addition to the various logical flaws I’ve already elucidated upon in great detail already, any other mode, including this one divides that community further.

          “More RMAH sales” is a goal that needs to die in a fire, same reason I’ll shoot down ladder seasons as that’s the only reason anyone actually wants it. But he’s right about making the community even more anti social and isolated than it already is.

          • I would agree with you if there was in fact a Diablo community. But there is not. It’s pop in pop out no lasting systems or permanency. Social systems need to be fixed in this game and arguments about Ironborn fragmenting that “social” group are pretty weak.

            • There will never be a fix. Blizzard doesn’t want a anything social for Diablo. They want WoW to be that.

        • And then there are us that would prefer a third option: solo only, i.e. no AH, no trading, no boosting, no MP10 carrying. Am I self-found if I just tag along with powerful friends that clear MP10 providing me with drops?

          Not that I think that would be a realistic option though. It’s just what I would consider the definition of self-found.

    17. Its kind weird that diablo.incgamers and diablofans are holding the interviews…
      I wish they were holding some new info. But its probably just my expectation making me crazy, and they are just making more page views with the content, perfectly reasonable.

      • I don’t find it weird at all. Blizz has to start somewhere to build up the hype for Blizzcon, especially to reactivate the interest of the fans for the first expansion, if it is to be announced there. And this suspicious, paranoid conspiracy theorist inside of me keeps yelling since Flux first spoke about him being invited to Blizzard, that this is all part of the Wilsons revenge on the fansites that critizised him most by putting the people managing the sites in the frontline of the PR campaign, so that they can experience by themselves how he has felt. ^^

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