Our “Grow Your Item Garden” contest ended last week, and after extensive debate and a bit of disagreement amongst site staff, the winners have been selected. The top two images and one random entrant each qualify for one ticket to this year’s Blizzcon convention, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

    • Winner #1: Our unanimous favorite was the Mario Comic crafted by RandiCandi. It’s an awesome piece of item art, and the fact that the entry was part of a story told through an original comic was very cool. Super bonus points for the included Hammerdin pwnage.
    • Winner #2: The second winner is Mouseman, for going old school with Diablo I, and creating this gigantic “jigsaw” image of a haunting taunting message left behind by Archbishop Lazarus. Degree of difficulty was factored into this one. Read the caption and view the image full-size to get an idea of the work required to create this one.

    • Winner #3: The random-selected winner is Zior, who was the only person to take advantage of the amended contest rules, and submit a screenshot from another game. (A fact that was not considered in the door prize selection.) His image is from WoW, which must have complicated things since dropping items isn’t possible in that game. The Tyrael mini-pet and a few other props made it a valid entry nonetheless.

    All of the entries are worth a look: here are three more honorable mentions, by mwille, GuardianHadriel, and theworldismuchtoosmall. These guys aren’t just happy to be nominated, since they might move up in ticket priority if either of the 2 winners can’t use their prize.

    If you are one of the winners, you should have a message from me in your User CP. Reply ASAP, since we have to submit the ticket requests to Blizzard by June 19th. Click through to see the winners at full size.


    Winner #1 is RandiCandi, for this imaginative entry. His caption is quoted below the shot.

    From the get go, I wanted to create a piece that would have humor and would be visually pleasing and widely understood. I decided that having dialogue about a classic video game would be the best way to express this.

    After exploring some possibilities, I got the idea for the Mario scenario you see above. I’ve always loved Mario, and thought that the similarities with him being a hero could work well within the Diablo universe.

    The Mario figure was time consuming to make, to say the least, but I was lucky enough to finish it without much hindrance. The one time it poofed, I only lost the middle parts and not the edges, so it was an easy fix.

    The comic initially lacked the cartoon panels you see now, and simply used screenshots with in-game text instead. However, with the lack of any real facial expressions, I found that a key aspect of the humor was missing, so I went back and redid everything with mspaint.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with what I’ve created. I spent a good amount of time, but feel it was time well spent. I really hope you enjoy the results as much as I have =)

    Winner #2 is Mouseman for this entry. His caption is included below the image. Be sure to view it at full size to get an idea of the work required to craft this one.

    “im in ur chuz, sacrifin ur sonz”
    “I’m in your church, sacrificing your sons”

    I wanted to make a humorous message left by Lazarus using a phrase commonly found in lolcat pictures. However, it required Diablo 1 with large gold piles and low resolution. I ended up with 51 layers in photoshop and a bleeding eye. I had some trouble fitting the message and it’s not perfect, but I think it’s a fairly good jigsaw job.

    I had to actually pick some gold up because the game restricts the amount of items on the ground. So not every gold pile was on the ground at the same time. I took the screenshots fairly close to each other so I could hide the rogue I was playing with using layers. I left one rogue to be seen near the starting place intentionally.

    The images have not been photoshopped beyond cropping them and fitting them together. I painted the background black and added a text “Damn you, Lazarus” in the lower right corner, because the area is inaccessible in the game (and thus I can’t take a screenshot from that area).

    I hope you enjoy it because I’m embarrassed how much time making this took!

    Thanks to everyone who played. Look for more interesting contests coming up soon!

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