Other Developers Love Diablo III Also

The Eliminator points us to an interview with Aki Järvilehto, executive VP with Remedy Entertainment, who have just released Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for the Xbox. It’s relevant to us since virtually the entire thing is about Diablo III. D3 is the game the developer is most looking forward to, since he was a huge fan of Diablo I and Diablo II. A quote:

Giant Bomb: If you’re forced to choose only one, what’s your favorite video game?
Aki Järvilehto: Aww…but there are so many! Well, one of the games that I have on pre-order is Diablo III and right now it’s perhaps the game I’m looking toward the most. I really loved the previous versions when they came out and playing through the Beta was just awesome! Everything was just like I remembered, only so much better and more polished.

GB: What makes it stand above everything else?
Järvilehto: Maybe it’s in part because I’m a huge fan of the fantasy genre. I totally fell in love with the Diablo series back in the day and it looks like Diablo III has just managed to blend all the components of fantasy into a superb gameplay experience. Amazingly smooth and polished low learning curve, infinite combinations kind of mechanics. Really it’s just such an easy game to jump in if you like the genre. I just can’t wait.

This guy might be more positive about D3 than even Bliz PR people dare to be. Take that, Haters?

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9 thoughts on “Other Developers Love Diablo III Also

  1. In before “this guy sucks, hemust not have played D1/D2, clearly he’s trying to get a job at Blizz, blah, blah, blah” 

    • Thought experiment:

      Which would Bliz be better off hiring as a game developer? An outsider who thought D3 was perfect and wonderful and couldn’t wait to play? Or an outsider who made some good observations about sub-optimal features and ways it could be improved?

      The answer is obvious if they’re hiring someone for PR, like a new Bashiok. But for game dev?

      • Option 3 – someone who isn’t going to come in with a crusade to “FIX AND SAVE” Diablo 3 or “KEEP IT PERFECT.”
        But that would be an ideal world scenario.

  2. this guy sucks, hemust not have played D1/D2, clearly he’s trying to get a job at Blizz, blah, blah, blah

  3. Of course they love D3 – it is the best hope for giving WoW a real kick while it is fading.
    Any PC developer should be glad to see the thing that sucks every bit of air out of the room and keeps the industry stuck in 2004 die.

  4. Alan Wake is a horrible piece of garbage, so if I were at Blizzard, I wouldn’t take this as the biggest compliment. Still, good to know that there’s people at other companies willing to open up about other games they like. I always enjoy hearing about that. The games that game designers play.

    • Calling Alan Wake a “horrible piece of garbage” is a little harsh.  The game had it’s good moments.  It over stayed it’s welcome and should have been a little shorter but it wasn’t garbage.  That just sounds like you had your hopes to high and got let down. 

  5. Is this guy going to work in Blizzard? Does the DIII console developer team still have jobs avaiable? It totally sound like a rehearsed piece of marketing… Enough is enough… It’s just obnoxious do hear Blizzard say that day in day out…

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