Closing out the ceremony was Frank Pearce who took to the stage to talk about Diablo 3.  On the eve of the 20th anniversary, Blizzard wanted to do something special in Diablo 3 to celebrate.

    Blizzard has decided to recreate the original Diablo inside Diablo 3. The Darkening of Tristram will send players back to the depths of the Cathedral in a new 16 level dungeon.

    The four main bosses from the game will make a re-appearance and Frank Pearce stated t

    hat the “Art and sound harken back to 20 years ago, special graphic filters to make the graphics pixelated and grainy. Character movement locked to 8 directions.”

    Pearce said the best way to experience the new levels is to roll a new character but it will be available to all characters.

    A patch will appear on the PTR next week for a first taste and more details will be available later today at the 20th anniversary celebrations starting at 5PM PST.

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