Diablo 1

    A couple of days ago we highlighted David Brevik’s Diablo postmortem at GDC which was an interesting read. Today we have some real historical Diablo documents as David Brevik has release the original Diablo pitch documents.

    Reading through the document  while idea sounds so simple when you compare it to today’s modern games. Here’s the overview:

    Diablo is a role playing game wherein a player creates a single character and guides him through a dungeon in an attempt to find and destroy ‘Diablo’, the devil himself. All the action takes place in an isometric, three-quarrter perspective, with diamond shaped, square floor spaces. The entire game operated in a turn-based system. Using a mouse, the player moves his character from space to space, exploring corridors and rooms and engaging in combat. The character faces the challenges in the form of hostile monster and traps in his quest to descend deeper into the dungeon,  Many beneficial weapons and magical items can be acquired and used to help on the quest.

    The full document covers the game’s setting and a walk-through of a typical game session. There’s even marketing notes suggesting that expansions should be released for $4.99.

    Check the document out here which is on David Brevik’s Graybeard Games site.


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