Blizzard has announced that interested parties may now order the Direct TV coverage of BlizzCon. You’ll get to see all the panels, exclusive live interviews with game devs, coverage of the tournaments, and a WoW ingame item, plus a chance to buy exclusive Blizzard swag. It’s just like being there, minus the lines, cosplay, and mysterious aromas. Oh, and the chance to actually play Diablo 3, but you’re probably not real interested in that anyway…

    BlizzCon 2010 Virtual Ticket Now On Sale

    Want to experience the panel discussions, tournaments, game-related announcements, and all the excitement of BlizzCon from the comfort of your own home? The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket multi-channel Internet stream ( ) is now available to order around the world for $39.95 USD (pricing may vary by region). In addition, new DIRECTV subscribers in the United States who sign up for DIRECTV service between now and September 24 through ; will receive this year’s BlizzCon Virtual Ticket coverage for free. Existing DIRECTV customers will be able to purchase the event on DIRECTV Pay Per View for $39.95 beginning October 9.

    Anyone who orders the event will also receive this year’s BlizzCon-exclusive World of Warcraft in-game item. In addition, for the first time, BlizzCon 2010 Virtual Ticket holders will have access to exclusive BlizzCon merchandise.

    To order or learn more, visit the BlizzCon 2010 Internet stream ( ) or DIRECTV sign-up offer pages. ( http://www.blizzard.directv.com/DTVAPP/index.jsp )

    Update: Bashiok added some comments on the Direct TV broadcast in a forum thread.

    Bashiok: I’m really glad they’re doing the multiple streams this year. Let people pick and choose what they want to watch.

    Oh really? That sounds cool. I might actually get it this year then. Thanks for the heads up on that Bash.

    Bashiok: No problem. I believe the plan is to have a stream that’s essentially what’s shown if you were to watch the PPV channel on TV, and then streams for the individual stages. So you can plan out your schedule and go from one to the next to catch each thing you want to see. It’s pretty awesome. It should be noted that the multiple streams are only if you watch it on your computer, there’s still only one DirecTV channel showing BlizzCon.

    So, any of you guys interested in this? It’s certainly cheaper than attending BlizzCon yourself, especially if you (or a friend) already have a Direct TV subscription. There’s always an obscene amount of news and info from Blizzcon; screenshots and interviews and a new gameplay movie, and more. But interviews take time to transcribe or post, Blizzard doesn’t allow the media to post video of the panels for some days after the show, our huge info bombs take time to write up, etc.

    Which means that, other than being at the show, there’s really no better way to get the D3 and other game news more quickly than you will via the Direct TV feed, if speed is your objective.

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