Open Beta Weekend = Noobs!

The influx of new players has brought something of a return to the early days of the Diablo 3 beta, with a constant stream of Diablo 101 type questions being asked on the official forums. A couple of quotes that got Blue replies.

I hate the point&click to move system. I haven t played a similar game since Diablo2 and this is a very annoying system when all the other games I like are awsd.

Otherwise this game looks awesome in terms of graphics. Some of the UI is not that intuitive but you get used to it. Animations are great and voice acting also is nice. But I just can t stand the point&click when being able to use awsd would achieve better movements since the character seem to NOT stop when you release the mouse, they keep walking/running for 2 seconds until they stop which makes you have to click the ground.
Just a reminder here — like previous games, the shift key holds your character in place. I utterly love the cursor-based movement of Diablo games, but I’ve been playing them for 15 years now.

Why are we forced to pick up gold?

It’s a pain in the rear to have to pick up gold. Of course everybody wants gold, so why not make it automatically get added to your inventory after like 2 seconds. This way, we waste less time picking up gold and more time fighting, while still being able to see how much is getting dropped and feeling “wow that boss just dropped 200k gold!!!”
You kinda just have to run sort of near it… Because it’s cool to see items and gold explode out of enemies when you kill them.

It’s funny how things change with time and circumstance.

These sorts of comments were infuriating back in September, when hardly anyone from the Diablo community was in the beta and the D3 beta forum was full of people from the top WoW guilds who’d gotten special early invites and didn’t have the first clue how to play a Diablo game. Now that we can play also…. it’s fun. Fun! Like watching dogs running in the first snow they’ve ever seen, clueless and crazed, but amusing in their blundering enthusiasm!

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71 thoughts on “Open Beta Weekend = Noobs!

  1. I can’t even go on the official forums lately, too much rubbish posted. I have no problem with a newer player asking a legitimate question about the game, but what I can’t stand is the number of posts about “Why Diablo 3 will fail” or “How to FIX Diablo 3.” I think One of the threads even suggests 10 and 25 player raids….and I don’t think they were trolling… *shutters*

    • But, but, I thought all WoWers were 733t?!?! 

      And whats with all the rushing?  This one group i was with left champ mobs and stuff and I said fellas are you rushing to NM and they are like “wha?”.  Slow your roll.  They go “we gotta do SK runs”.  For the xp? maybe.  I was getting decent gold and drops in the open cemeteries and the crypts…but you have to sweep and clear.  I would like to start a petition for a diablo-only server.  Meaning, thats all you play, have played, or will play.  yeah, i’m an angry old man…but i looooove D3.

      • Same here. People rush to the Skellie like theres no tomorrow. Im finding Champs and bosses left and right, finding chests and have to do them alone while everybody storms the SK and he drops what ? two shitty blues… lol. (at least after the first run)

      • Yeah, I’ve pretty much decided to not even do multiplayer until Inferno because I hate rushing through the game so much and that’s what everyone else seems to want to do. Of course, in Inferno it is optimal to clear through everything so hopefully all the attempts at rushing will have ceased at that point…

      • Having been in the beta for a decent amount of time and having done all of what you said.  SK runs are the best exp I’ve found in the beta.  However, anyone who’s played a bunch of Diablo also knows that getting max level is like the first 20% of the game.  In D2 I’ve never admitably gotten to 99, but that’s more of how much time do you have to sink into it rather than an testament of skill.  Everyone knows that it’s going to come down to an item grind which is why to some players avoiding a champion seems odd, but in the beta it’s only to lvl 13 so even the gear is kinda confined.  But yes I know your feeling, though I won’t explore everything anymore.  Maybe my first playthrough I may?  But I’m also going to be trying to get those high levels and experience the Hells and Inferno’s quickly.

      • I couldn’t agree more.  Everyone always rushing.  It only takes one person running ahead and everyone feels they need to keep up.  It has really discouraged me from doing public games. I wish it was possible to create named games…

  2. Can I tell you my thoughts from the Beta.
    I don’t really have a problem with the point and click for walking But that is infact old school. Another old thing is the terrain, you can’t pass a bush…it’s like a rock. Stuff like that feels 15 years ago.
    So if they made the game like it was 1995, they why couldn’t they have made it a copy of DIIexp instead only with upgraded graphics and a bunch of new features. We all know that game is great.

    • Know what? Some times ‘old school’ isn’t half bad – in fact, I’d go so far as to claim that Blizzard would have lost a lot of followers, had they tampered with the controls.
      For us ‘old school kids’, Diablo equals isometric view, 95% mouse control, monsters exploding all over the place and lots and lots of loot 😉  

    • then please, go play those games.  i would never go to the CoD sites and start telling them to make it like diablo.  i simply go to diablo.  i feel like im insane.  and i agree 1000% with herlocks too.

    • That has nothing to do with technology, they do that on purpose. Are you new to gaming altogether or what’s wrong with you? 🙄

    • Point-and-click to move IS Diablo.  It’s one of the defining mechanics of the game (an isometric[-esque] point-and-click action RPG) and what’s wrong with that?  You don’t expect to use WASD or analog type movement for RTS or MOBA games like DotA/LoL/HoN too, do you? 🙄 
      For a static camera type game (that’s basically isometric) like Diablo, WASD would be terribly awkward to control, because of it’s restrictive 8-directional nature.  WASD type control only works well for 1st and 3rd person type games where you can use mouselook in tandem with WASD to control movement.  Point-and-click, on the other hand, is far more efficient.  It’s tried and true, WTH change it.

  3. For everyone playing and complaining about controls and having to hold SHIFT to stand-still, here’s my somewhat WASD style setup (I used this in any game that supports this type of config like Skyrim for example so I’m used to it). It feels tightly couple and naturally grouped which is much better than 12345 which are far apart, my hand never moves away from the area with all required fingers hovering their keys at all times.
    LMB = skill #1
    RMB = Skill #2
    E = Skill #3
    S = Skill #4
    D = Skill #5
    F = Skill #6
    W = Potion
    R = Stand still
    T = Town Portal
    G = See items on ground
    V = Drop banner
    Rest of the skills, achievements, etc panels are on I O P J K L N M away from the controls

    • I personally like setting my hand so that my fingers on the number keys and by thumb is on the D key and rebind that as the stand still button and then remap potion to 5 so I can easy move my index finger over and hit it when I need it. I then have skills ordered for how much I use them starting with 4 (since the index finger is strongest, so it’s easier to spam that key) and working down with 2 and 1 being things like long term buffs or emergency skills. Then I remap the quests to Q and the journal to J just because it makes sense, and the stuff I don’t use like the toggles for options I always want on I remap to things on the right side so I don’t accidentally hit them. Most of the key bindings are in good spots though, although I used to have to map the inventory pane to C before they changed the default secondary key for it to (the default was B before).

  4. lol noobs
    At least we can take advantage of there noob behaviour on the AH.
    Like lambs to the slaughter, Easy money !

  5. I’m thinking that Flux got molested on his level 3 Orc when WoW launched that’s why hes bashing on it every chance he gets 🙂
    Also, wasd movement in a Diablo game…. I think that’s the ONLY thing that would make me NOT get the game.

    • most of us can acknowledge that WoW might be the biggest videogame hit ever.  certainly for MMO.  but its the holier than thou, games didn’t exist before WoW attitude that chaffs a lot folks including myself.  I personally don’t care about the game.  never played it.  don’t want to.  but don’t swim over to my side of the pool and start frothing at the mouth about how it sucks, needs to change, stole from WoW, and on and on.  If you like your game, then go play it.  No game is perfect and of course we will need some time with D3 to see how the full game holds up, but from what i’ve seen so far it is well done.

      • he bashes wow because he’s never played it and he’s jealous of its popularity. so mature! but i on the other hand dislike wow because i played it for 3 years and got really bored. the action is incredibly slow-paced, and every quest feels exactly the same but with some different graphics thrown on top. i always (tried) to play it as a single player game, but there were countless times where i was forced to interact with other people to complete a quest or level up a profession. when i started raiding the game became 500 times less fun than it already was because guilds take themselves so seriously and have such a skewed sense of self-importance. i’m hoping D3 won’t make me feel that way

        • Not all guilds are like that. I’ve been in a few that were all people in their 20s and up and we joked around and did random stuff for s***s and giggles all the time and still had good raid progression… It may take a while to find one like that with an opening that raids on your schedule, but they’re out there…

  6. well i just Love the game, sure there are some things i would like to see change, like the opening the skill window to change my skills, but i will work around this as soon as the game comes out and i figure out what works for me. I will set up all that to Keys. Right now i am just focusing on the frigging Awesome product they have giveing us. I cant go on the official forums to say thank-you to blizzard for alowing me to play because i dont have an Active Wow subscription.
          I have so far played all of the classes up to Level 10 just because i want to play them alll befor my short lived Beta time is up, One pet peve is i do not like the gold sharing accross all the toons, changing toons is kind of a hassle, i can’t seem to figure out how to make the Mini map disapear or swap it to the other side of the screen like you could do in D2 LOD. ,well i have wasted enough of my precious d3 time typeing all of this , anyways its great playing a new blizzard title again i have been waiting for this game for 10 years. Thanks Blizzard! ❗ 😀 😀 😀  

    • There’s a hint in the game name, and I’m not trying to be a smartass here, that should indicate why some things are different from Diablo 2 – maybe the 3 is the clue? 😛 

  7. im not even checking the forum this weekend, too many spam ^^ i posted a serious bug yesterday but it was buried down in 2 hours by some stupid threads ^^

  8. emotions at seeing noobs and trolls ^^:
    😀 🙂 🙁 😮 😯 8) 😆 😛  👿 😈 🙄 😉 ❗ ❗ 💡 ➡ :mrgreen:

  9. Lol I was thinking a topic like this when the open began, first few runs and some morons were asking pretty damn stupid questions which Jay have been answering for past year or so. Nice topic Flux :mrgreen:

  10. Im amazed that D3 dont support wasd. With all that theories that its dumbed down to be released on consoles, wasd is equivalent of stick control, so they must have it implemented already.

    • Implementing it isn’t the problem.  It’s simple to add a key trigger.  It would take them seconds to add it.  The problem is that it utterly destroys the pacing and flow of the game.  Jay Wilson dedicated a large section of a Blizzcon interview purely to discussing the mechanics of control schemes, and why keys/joystick were problematic. 

  11. If you think people are asking stupid questions now, this will be nothing compared to the many retarded question you’ll see on this fourm after may 15.
    Learn to play noobs !

  12. All the retards, casuals and the likes aside the obeta has been fucking awesome. I must say I did not expect D3 to even come close to d2 let alone d1.

    D3 is leaps and bounds better. The story telling, the action, the atmosphere. Everything is top notch. You dont feel lead by you nose even at the beginning of the game. Everything feels subtle and smooth and just right.

    Tried WD first (always planned on rolling it first) but boy was I wrong. Beat SK and it felt like a drag. Rolled a Barb, my least favorite class of d2. Now that was a fun ride. That toon is just a monster.

    Can’t wait till this game goes live. I’m glad they took their sweet ass time to polish it. Totally worth the wait. 

    • I felt the same way about WD, it seems everyone I talk to that was looking forward to WD played it and was disappointed. Maybe we were all thinking he would play like a necromancer or something.

      • don’t let the game manage your skills and the WD will be awesome. poison dart-splinters, plague of toads, summon zombie dogs-rabid dogs and sacrifice was a lot of fun for me.

      • Same here… The WD looks really awesome in videos and such, but he plays in kind of an odd, round-about way… He just seems like a really gimmicky class and that a lot of the fun of being a WD is using the runes to do crazy/weird stuff with your skills, and you don’t get access to too much of that in the early levels. He definitely has some of the greatest potential for making lots of interesting theme builds though…

    • “You dont feel lead by you nose even at the beginning of the game.”

      totally disagree with this  

      you HAVE to do the quests and you HAVE to do them in the order given to you

      and that ridiculous scene where the Skeleton King is introduced and you have to save Cain ?
      fast and quick game play stops so you can watch a cut scene, (thank god I can press escape to skip), and then the game totally “leads you by the nose” and tells you exactly what to do 

      • Um… You HAVE to do the quests in order in Diablo 2 as well. They have always had quests that become available/unlock in a specific order that you are forced to do in order to progress through the game. And they made all of the cutscenes and dialogues optional for people like you, so yeah… What are you complaining for? 😐

    • pretty nice summary of my sentiment, agree 100% the game is epic, and I can’t believe how close this game is to D1 in its feel, I played D1 and D2 last two weeks to put everything into perspective, and as much as I love them both, they were broken badly in a lot of aspects, D3 is a proud successor the the legacy…

  13. luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulz! 😀
    somebody hasn’t seen enough beta game-play of DIII XD~ :mrgreen:

  14. The thing is, these are supposedly video game players right?  I understand if you have NEVER played a videogame ever, but most of these schmucks have gamed right?  And if blizz did nothing else, they were supposed to have made D3 an EASY learning curve?  I can’t fathom that someone who has played WoW for 20,000 hours over the past 5+ years can’t hit the ground running with D3?  Seriously?  And for the record, I suck at video games including my beloved diablo series. so that should tell you something.

    • Yes eleven different ones at the moment, including Azmodans craptacular nightmare mount!

  15. “I hope D3 has in-game holiday celebrations like “‘Love Day.'” These types of comments make me want to smash things. I wasn’t lucky enough to get in beta, so I am greatly pleased to be able try the game out pre-release. I am really looking forward to the 15th! Hopefully, most of the idiots will be drawn back to that Panda game like moths to a flame.

  16. I’m glad I’ve got friends whom want to play with me so I don’t have to so quickly dive into those public games. Just makes me shiver of the kinds of people playing down there. Yuck!

  17. When I was playing the beta yesterday, some demon hunter asked me if I played with the mouse or the keyboard, possibly assuming that you could use the WASD keys to move around like in WoW. As you could imagine, I laughed pretty hard.

  18. The complaining about having to walk near gold to pick it up made me laugh. Plus, most RPGs every time you kill something you have to loot it. Kill a room full of enemies and you’ve got a few minutes of inventory management on your hands. Running *near* the thing you want to pick up is too hard?

  19. Just wondering – I know virtually all information relating to Diablo is already present on the site, and it’ll only take a bit of browsing to find it, but…
    Would a ‘Beginners Guide’ section be out of the question? It’s all well and good that we call newbie Diaholics whatever we call them, but shouldn’t we enlighten them by educating instead of namecalling? If they still can’t get it right after that, the gloves are off 🙂 

    • Noobs will always ask retarded questions. Even if the information is right there in front of them, they would rather ask than learn to read.

      • I’ve always hated how so many people are like that. When I start playing a new game, I look up information I need on it myself if it isn’t apparent in the game. When I started playing WoW back in the beginning of it (when everyone was new to it) people didn’t ask stupid questions, because they knew to look things up on the community site if it was available there (no wowhead type sites yet) and to actually READ THE QUEST DESCRIPTIONS instead of asking where crap is to the people in general chat. And if the information isn’t there then *gasp* figure it out on your own and use your freaking brain for once. But no, that takes thought and effort so they’d rather ask stupid questions they could easily find the answers to themselves. It’s people like that that make Blizzard feel like they have to hand everything to you now with all their glowing ui markers and sparkling quest objects and flashing minimap indicators and tutorial windows popping up all over the place for every tiny little aspect of gameplay that should be self explanatory and obvious to anyone over the age of 2… 😡 /endrant

    • Obviously this thread was meant as humor for long time readers, but yes, we’ve got plans to help new players come launch day. We’ll be opening a newcomer forum for D3 fairly soon (we’ve had one for D2 for ages), and the basics article in the wiki is an updated and quick discussion of every major game system.

      • What!? A begginer’s guide to D3? Serious? That game has more hints than a 1st grade test. Come on…

        And adult game transformed in a childish manifestation…

  20. From D1, to D2, and now to D3 I am so accustomed to using the mouse to move and click that I dont think nothing about it. I could see somebody coming from using WASD being a little confused. But, I have to agree with an above comment, in that, if they have been playing WOW for along time, they should be able to figure it out. I have never played WOW, so I didnt know that character movement was done with WASD. I would imagine the brain I have that has evolved over all this time could figure it out though.

  21. Some people just dont seem to get that DIFFERENT games are DIFFERENT. Diablo is about simple hack ‘n slash , people who are familiar with first 2 parts will never accept WSAD , Rotating 3d camera shit or ‘steady epic loot dropped by certain bosses’  Neither will they accept a weekly reset before you can do a boss. It’s about grinding, grinding , being lucky , just mindless hacking and slashing :p 

  22. After watching at least 30 hrs of youtube movies from the beta. I could finally play the beta myself.  I must say it is f%^#^ing. Awesome.  A true successor of d2. 

    Played all classes this weekend and normally i allways start with the melee (barb) but boy i love the DH even more.

  23. My father in law is the same way. He’s a gamer and he plays games like Eve and Guild Wars. I have been in the beta since December and I try to get him to play the beta and he won’t even try! He has already made up his mind he will not like it cuz you can’t use wasd to move. He does not like a set camera angle. He’s such a noob! I called him a noob and he just laughed at me. Iv seen play. He’s not even that good when he playes games with wasd movement 

  24. Scanning through the official forums has left me amazed as to how many people no longer take the time (what, 3 minutes?) to look through the options menu as they’re familiarizing themselves with the game. And I find connection issues just as frustrating as everyone else does but there are just way too many so-called beta testers with self-entitlement issues popping up…
    Oh, and once again I question the decision to make Elective Mode and Advanced Tooltips optional. Vocal minority or not, noob threads seem to indicate the design choices for these aspects of the game do more harm than good.

  25. I honestly, don’t understand the WASD fixation some people have.  I first started Diablo when I was like 12. It was my first PC game (first RPG too I think…) ever, so it was foreign as all hell to me, and yet I figured it out just fine.  And back in those days, we didn’t have these fancy “guides” online or other players (most people didn’t have fast enough internet or internet at all…) to handhold you either.  It’s such a simple, elegant game design, I just can’t understand how or why people struggle with it…
    Kids nowadays… 🙄

  26. I see the word ‘noob’ being thrown around here a lot.

    I wouldn’t think being a lazy whiner constitutes being a noob.

    A noob is someone that unintentionally plays a melee demon hunter until level ten, and then asks a veteran player if he’s better using bows or swords – whilst this is happening he is learning and quickly becoming a veteran himself.

    A lazy whiner gets angry at the developers for screwing up HIS game by not letting him viably play a melee demon hunter, and thus goes onto the forum and has a go at poor ol’ Bashiok. 
    Another example of the lazy whiner is one who has difficulty installing the game and then posting asking for technical help, when all he needed to do is update his drivers.

    Personally, I don’t understand how these muppets are surviving in such a vast digital age.

    • Matter of terminology. A “newbie” is what you mean. A “n00b” is what you call a “lazy whiner”. People who say “STFU n00b” to normal newbies with sensible questions are what we call “idiots who need to grow up”. 😉

  27. I personally don’t get the mentality these people on the official forums have at all… I play multiple different kinds of games and switch between them without having any problems adjusting to the different control schemes. Lately I often play an FPS for a little while (which also uses WASD) and then when I’ve had my fill of that, I will switch right to D3, and it just feels right to have those totally different controls. It’s not really that hard to adjust in a few seconds… Why can’t people just accept that certain games use one control scheme and others use a different one that is more suited to that genre?

    • I only face the problem when playing WoW – after a few hours on my Rogue, switching to Paladin/Warrior can be fun – don’t know how many times I’ve been wondering where the Stealth skill is on my Paladin 😛 

  28. That’s a really lame and ridiculous attitude to have.
    To the author of this post: you feel so superior because you have been in the “diablo community” for so long.
    Well, face the truth and if you’re honest you’ll understand there is nothing to be proud of being an old timer.
    Yes, there are noobs playing D3.
    Yes, they don’t have a good knowledge of the game. You have? It doesn’t make you a smart guy. Just a random guy having spent more time in front of his screen playing a video game.
    I can really feel your mockery and cocky tone in this post. It’s actually pretty sad that you are so aggressive and arrogant although you have been in the “diablo community” for so long. You should be wiser.
    You must have a miserable life.

    • And if you face the truth, you will realise that you’re not the most perceptive person on Earth.

      You can’t just draw a conclusion like that off one post.

      You really need to rediscover your sense of humour.

      I am one of these ‘noobs’ and I certainly don’t take offense to this.

    • @Aston
      You fail to see the reason for the agitation ‘noobs’ cause – the information they need, and a lot they don’t (yet), is so readily available it hurts. You try and type ‘Diablo 3’ in Google and see how many hits you get…81.9 million (Just had to look it up :P)

  29. Yeah, the n00bs are out in mass right now, even on non Diablo forums. The stupid questions they ask make me cringe.

  30. I wouldnt even consider those questions to be Diablo 101 more like Diablo 015 basics to Diablo with your instructor Flux PhD.

  31. Agree!! there are lots of fkin NOOBS out there in the Open Beta, seems they don’t even have a clue what Diablo game is all about! I HATE NOOBS !!! >:[  👿 WSAD movement will suck for a game like Diablo deal with it already NOOBS!!!

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