The influx of new players has brought something of a return to the early days of the Diablo 3 beta, with a constant stream of Diablo 101 type questions being asked on the official forums. A couple of quotes that got Blue replies.

    I hate the point&click to move system. I haven t played a similar game since Diablo2 and this is a very annoying system when all the other games I like are awsd.

    Otherwise this game looks awesome in terms of graphics. Some of the UI is not that intuitive but you get used to it. Animations are great and voice acting also is nice. But I just can t stand the point&click when being able to use awsd would achieve better movements since the character seem to NOT stop when you release the mouse, they keep walking/running for 2 seconds until they stop which makes you have to click the ground.
    Just a reminder here — like previous games, the shift key holds your character in place. I utterly love the cursor-based movement of Diablo games, but I’ve been playing them for 15 years now.

    Why are we forced to pick up gold?

    It’s a pain in the rear to have to pick up gold. Of course everybody wants gold, so why not make it automatically get added to your inventory after like 2 seconds. This way, we waste less time picking up gold and more time fighting, while still being able to see how much is getting dropped and feeling “wow that boss just dropped 200k gold!!!”
    You kinda just have to run sort of near it… Because it’s cool to see items and gold explode out of enemies when you kill them.

    It’s funny how things change with time and circumstance.

    These sorts of comments were infuriating back in September, when hardly anyone from the Diablo community was in the beta and the D3 beta forum was full of people from the top WoW guilds who’d gotten special early invites and didn’t have the first clue how to play a Diablo game. Now that we can play also…. it’s fun. Fun! Like watching dogs running in the first snow they’ve ever seen, clueless and crazed, but amusing in their blundering enthusiasm!

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