The D3 Open Beta Weekend has brought a huge influx of new (would be) players and as expected, there are tech problems. This is basically the start of the D3 Stress Test, and it is indeed proving rather stressful; for players who want in, for the Blizzard servers, and for the Blizzard tech support guys.

    The first hurdle is actually getting the game installed on your system. This became a great deal more challenging a few weeks ago, when the new Battle.net Launcher as introduced into the D3 and WoW:Panda beta. (It’s not incorporated into full WoW, SC2, or other Bliz titles.Yet.) The launcher created unplayable lag and installation problems for many players, and while the tech problems have been steadily whittled down, it’s still a show-stopper for numerous players, especially when first trying to install D3 or WoW:MoP.

    This is fixable; the games work okay as does Battle.net; the hard part is convincing your computer to play nicely with the tech. If you’re stuck on a pop up box that says, “updating system files” you are very much not alone. There’s been minimal help from Bliz tech support on this, but there are plenty of player-discovered workarounds. The obvious thing is to update all your drivers; video card, OS, motherboard, etc. No, that’s not any fun, but neither is not being able to play D3. If you’ve done those things and still can’t play, the two main fixes very much not alone.

    Delete these two folders, which are recreated each time you log on or try to install:

    • C:ProgramDataBattle.net
    • C:ProgramDataBlizzard EntertainmentBattle.netCache

    Now right click the d3 installer.exe file and run it as an administrator. (Retstarting before this step may also help.)

    If that doesn’t help you, are quoted in this thread collects numerous tech tips and fixes, or you can browse for others in the Blizzard Tech Support Forum. You won’t be able to post there, but at least you’ll feel better after seeing how many other people are stuck right beside you.

    Update #1: Risingred is also compiling all the issues/solutions into one thread which you can find here.

    Update #2: You guys are killing the D3 servers with heavy load. The twitter feeds of won’t be able to post and Bashiok are both burning up with replies to tech problems. The D3 servers are getting hammered, most people can’t get on, and basically it’s everyone’s “online-only DRM launch day nightmare” come to life. Thankfully it’s just the beta stress test, though that’s not hugely reassuring if you’ve been waiting to play D3 for 10 years and the D3 beta since September. A few quotes from the past hour or two:

    This is a stress test, and issues are expected. You may have trouble logging in due to the sheer number of other people attempting the same. –Bashiok

    We’ve temporarily capped #D3 open beta concurrency until we can address some stability issues. Expect Error 37 and login failure. –Bashiok

    If you are seeing Error 3003 click on Options and change your region to ‘The Americas’. The open beta is on US servers only. –Bashiok

    As per @Bashiok “We’re investigating why some people are seeing a ‘no license’ Error 12 for the #D3 open beta. Hang tough.” –BlizzardCS
    What about the servers are busy error 37 and disconnected from battlenet error? –metallica155
    That’s just due to the servers getting slammed at current. A lot of people want to try the game. –Bashiok

    Hi Bash! I just wonder, how many people are the test servers expected to handle at once? –JrgenSandberg
    A lot more than we have right now. 🙂 We’ll get there! –Bashiok

    If it helps; I’m getting mixed error msg: most are “disconnected from b-net”, sometimes “server busy”, once in a while the error 12 –CasperBHansen
    Progress! 😉 Yeah , D3 servers and account management are slammed. We’re trying to put out fires. –Bashiok

    Okay, now i get Error 12 as well, i actually AM a closed beta tester :D. –PeterBang1
    Yeah, it’s definitely some kind of syncing issue on our side. I don’t believe any user changes could help workaround it. –Bashiok

    Given these messages, you’ll probably be happier if you do other things for at least a few hours, and try again tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Update #3: More Bashiok and CS tweets with potential problem fixes.

    Cool! Error 12 is fixed by changing your password. If you’re seeing Error 37 it just means the servers are full right now. Keep trying! –Bashiok

    There are currently 187,900 people in public games in the #Diablo III beta! Thank you for testing, and for your enthusiasm. Keep it up! –Kaviax
    any word on when the player cap will be increased / removed? –StoneFaceLock
    We’re slowly increasing it over time. –Bashiok

    Click through for some video entertainment that might help reduce, or reflect, your emotions over this tech problems rollercoaster.

    A dramatization of worldwide player sentiment. If someone wants to get Blizzard Customer Service and put fake, Hitler-movie subtitles pertaining to the D3 stress test, I think I speak for everyone when I say that would be awesome.

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