Open Beta Weekend Begins + Tech Problems

The D3 Open Beta Weekend has brought a huge influx of new (would be) players and as expected, there are tech problems. This is basically the start of the D3 Stress Test, and it is indeed proving rather stressful; for players who want in, for the Blizzard servers, and for the Blizzard tech support guys.

The first hurdle is actually getting the game installed on your system. This became a great deal more challenging a few weeks ago, when the new Launcher as introduced into the D3 and WoW:Panda beta. (It’s not incorporated into full WoW, SC2, or other Bliz titles.Yet.) The launcher created unplayable lag and installation problems for many players, and while the tech problems have been steadily whittled down, it’s still a show-stopper for numerous players, especially when first trying to install D3 or WoW:MoP.

This is fixable; the games work okay as does; the hard part is convincing your computer to play nicely with the tech. If you’re stuck on a pop up box that says, “updating system files” you are very much not alone. There’s been minimal help from Bliz tech support on this, but there are plenty of player-discovered workarounds. The obvious thing is to update all your drivers; video card, OS, motherboard, etc. No, that’s not any fun, but neither is not being able to play D3. If you’ve done those things and still can’t play, the two main fixes very much not alone.

Delete these two folders, which are recreated each time you log on or try to install:

  • C:ProgramDataBlizzard EntertainmentBattle.netCache

Now right click the d3 installer.exe file and run it as an administrator. (Retstarting before this step may also help.)

If that doesn’t help you, are quoted in this thread collects numerous tech tips and fixes, or you can browse for others in the Blizzard Tech Support Forum. You won’t be able to post there, but at least you’ll feel better after seeing how many other people are stuck right beside you.

Update #1: Risingred is also compiling all the issues/solutions into one thread which you can find here.

Update #2: You guys are killing the D3 servers with heavy load. The twitter feeds of won’t be able to post and Bashiok are both burning up with replies to tech problems. The D3 servers are getting hammered, most people can’t get on, and basically it’s everyone’s “online-only DRM launch day nightmare” come to life. Thankfully it’s just the beta stress test, though that’s not hugely reassuring if you’ve been waiting to play D3 for 10 years and the D3 beta since September. A few quotes from the past hour or two:

This is a stress test, and issues are expected. You may have trouble logging in due to the sheer number of other people attempting the same. –Bashiok

We’ve temporarily capped #D3 open beta concurrency until we can address some stability issues. Expect Error 37 and login failure. –Bashiok

If you are seeing Error 3003 click on Options and change your region to ‘The Americas’. The open beta is on US servers only. –Bashiok

As per @Bashiok “We’re investigating why some people are seeing a ‘no license’ Error 12 for the #D3 open beta. Hang tough.” –BlizzardCS
What about the servers are busy error 37 and disconnected from battlenet error? –metallica155
That’s just due to the servers getting slammed at current. A lot of people want to try the game. –Bashiok

Hi Bash! I just wonder, how many people are the test servers expected to handle at once? –JrgenSandberg
A lot more than we have right now. 🙂 We’ll get there! –Bashiok

If it helps; I’m getting mixed error msg: most are “disconnected from b-net”, sometimes “server busy”, once in a while the error 12 –CasperBHansen
Progress! 😉 Yeah , D3 servers and account management are slammed. We’re trying to put out fires. –Bashiok

Okay, now i get Error 12 as well, i actually AM a closed beta tester :D. –PeterBang1
Yeah, it’s definitely some kind of syncing issue on our side. I don’t believe any user changes could help workaround it. –Bashiok

Given these messages, you’ll probably be happier if you do other things for at least a few hours, and try again tonight or tomorrow morning.

Update #3: More Bashiok and CS tweets with potential problem fixes.

Cool! Error 12 is fixed by changing your password. If you’re seeing Error 37 it just means the servers are full right now. Keep trying! –Bashiok

There are currently 187,900 people in public games in the #Diablo III beta! Thank you for testing, and for your enthusiasm. Keep it up! –Kaviax
any word on when the player cap will be increased / removed? –StoneFaceLock
We’re slowly increasing it over time. –Bashiok

Click through for some video entertainment that might help reduce, or reflect, your emotions over this tech problems rollercoaster.

A dramatization of worldwide player sentiment. If someone wants to get Blizzard Customer Service and put fake, Hitler-movie subtitles pertaining to the D3 stress test, I think I speak for everyone when I say that would be awesome.

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    93 thoughts on “Open Beta Weekend Begins + Tech Problems

      • I guess we should cut Blizz some slack in that they are getting a real world dose of D3 insanity on their end. After all, the countdown clock applies for them too.  Rather they work out some major kinks now than 12:01 on 5/15.  Can I get an AMEN?!

    1. when i try to login, it clears the password field. after that it just stays on that screen for a long while (3-5minutes) til i get a popup saying ive been disconnected from the european and asian servers throw other errors. 😐

      • Same error here.
        And it’s exactly the only reason so far that’s kept me from pre-ordering the game: the omen of lost downtime during the first days (or weeks) after the game launches.

    2. Hopefully this stress test fixes anything for May 15th.  Having the servers not working on release night will be very frustrating!

    3. H1 guys i think i have found a way around for the “updating system files” problem: i have been behind my router and as i saw in one message, some1 has writen that you have to remove the aditional networks, so i just unplug the router and put the internet cable directly in the PC and i have download it succesfully. I hope this will help to some ppl.

    4. Hey thers my friendsor, i thinkg that its try later to login.
      Frustrating ang gay blizzard is. 

    5. I type in my username/password but the login button is grayed out, is anyone else having this problem? And if anyone knows a way around it what should i do??

    6. I think 90% of us wont get to play during this stress test.
      Too many players and they will only analyse the problems, not fixing them during the weekend,
      So tough luck me!

      • they are in serious crunch mode now.  I guarantee they have people (if not all hands on deck) working the weekends until post launch.  Now, how difficult the issues are to solve, may still make your statement right.  But they will be working all weekend. 

    7. I’m getting error 12 after I try to log in – you don’t have a license for this game NOOOOOOOO WHYYYY???!!

    8. The “updating system files” error happened to me last week with the big beta invite and none of the work arounds worked for me. Simply deleted EVERYTHING and downloaded again… Voila I was playing. Hope this helps those who are having these issues as it is extremely frustrating

    9. Get around updating error
      Excitedly try to log in
      Servers are busy please try again later

      • keep trying, maybe you’ll find another error (but srsly it worked for me, ofc i got error 12 afterwards…..)

        captcha is half done. greatest two words for this stress test………. 

    10. HOW I PASSED the updating system files: control panel, internet options, connections, check “Never Dial a connection”, run as admin for agent.exe and the Diablo-III-Beta-enUS-Setup.exe + compatibility with xp sp2.
      After it bypasses the updating system files remove run with compatibility with xp sp2.

      Swear to god this worked for me. 

      • Please edit this article:
        The solution to stuck on “updating system files” is to kill agent.exe in task manager. The agent.exe remains running anytime you run the launcher. Alternatively to killing the process, you could restart your machine, but that just does the same thing while wasting time. 

    11. stress test my stinky ass. if they can’t handle a stupid beta, imagine the nerd rage during the first month after release. OFFLINE SP FOR THE FUCKING WIN!! if they haven’t got it by now, GET it. if they don’t get it with this crap-test and their pathetic servers, then FIGURE IT OUT.

      I predict a flood of refund requests after May 15th.

      • Exactly what I said the other day. They can’t seem to handle issues good enough but it is only Firday so….. lol

      • They can’t handle it during the first stress test, so don’t even try?
        I’m pretty sure that “FIGURE IT OUT” is what they’re doing right now…

    12. This is really fucked up! Blizzard always do that… teases everyone and when you’re finally able to play the beta, they fuck up!
      Why opening for everyone if your servers are not prepared?

    13. I just cannot stress enough how much I hate Blizzard! All the years of running WoW and the obvious huge interest in D3 and they just couldn’t handle it, could they! Surprise, surprise! So much fail on every level and my anger just grows while I am watching the “Updating setup file”. Anger and disappointment. 

    14. lal…and so begins the grand open beta!!! -_- with a big fat juicy ERROR!! this is so Blizzard.
      I get error 3003 > Unable to connect to server or the connection was interrupted.

      • lol that’s just one possible error, you still got 3002 to go and knowing Blizzard as well as every one of us does, you’ll have scored all of them within 24 hours.

        they certainly never fail to disappoint us

    15. Anyone else getting error 315300… invalid login info… when you know damn well you didn’t enter your username/password wrong?

    16. “We’ve temporarily capped #D3 open beta concurrency until we can address some stability issues. Expect Error 37 and login failure.”
      Thats it, capped at 50k people. Go sleep and try again tomorrow if lucky… so pissed 🙁

    17. “Given these messages, you’ll probably be happier if you do other things for at least a few hours, and try again tonight or tomorrow morning.”
      Yea that will help to stresstest the servers  🙄

      •  3003 is server down error. You probably are trying to log onto EU or Asia server. Change it to US server in oprions.  

    18. The problems with open data are really making me think twice about getting it.
      I can’t get into the game because of too many people on the servers. Imagine how many people will be on on May 15th.

    19. Ok God willing, this downside will keep happening after release and fans will become outraged, and finally Blizzard will be forced to take away the drm.

    20. download took forever, but after getting enough to start playing got a few of the mentioned error #s upon logging in and finally after about 20 minutes of trying, I logged in. I didn’t have to delete any folders or do crazy work-arounds. And I’m on Vista 32!

      Overall not too bad but terrible lag and now the game seems to have frozen before I entered some crypt shortly after forging the crown. Maybe the servers went down? But it didn’t kick me out, just handing on a portion of the map.

      If this would be launch day, I’d be upset but since it’s beta, I’m not complaining. Glad I got to play, will continue. 

      • Not being able to log in has nothing to do with folders or “crazy work-arounds”. It’s because the server is full.
        The tech support threads aren’t for errors related to capacity because there’s nothing any of us can do about that. 

    21. Been able to play for a few hours, now I can’t login anymore. I won’t complain that was cool.

    22. Played for hours 🙂 worked absolutely perfect in every imaginable way(for me that is). Really feel sry for peeps who had a tough time playing the beta properly 😥

      Edit: i did not relog or anything so dont know what happens when i try logging back in… But now its less D3 and way more beers… Cheerios guys hf and gl

    23. Played for 3 hours. This game is great. The monk was a total surprise. I love the fast-pace feel of that character. The wizard is actually my least favorite…kind of a bore. It’s very unexpected from watching so many videos of the wizard.

    24. This is exactly what they did for diablo2 closed bnet stress test. And they will utilize the numbers from this weekend to get a handle on what they will require for servers, infastructure, etc. Rest assured sheeple it will be hairy for a few days, there’s no way around it. 

    25. did you guys experience lag? For me it was alright at the start but now the lag is like 2-3secs, unplayable, especially that I’m close to Leoric and die easily (cause of the lag).

    26. Well they got their stress test, we got our ><
      Open beta is on US servers only for whole world, i think that is overkill even for stress test.
      Even before open beta watching Force play, he had lag issues like reaching not loaded part of game.
      I have bad feeling that my SP experience will be far from flawless on 15th.

    27. Flux, thank you so much for insight on the delete “” folders and such.  I was TDY for 5 weeks, and I had no idea the updater changed.  This appears to have fixed my problem, too bad I unistalled the beta  >.<

      ty again 

    28. A lot less people in our chat room are reporting problems now so it seems Blizzard was all over these tech issues like a rash.

      • Think you’re right….. i logged in 15 mins after beta opened and my beta experience was more fluently than the entire D2 game 🙂 

    29. I let the download thing go to 50%, “playable,” then fired up the game to see how it went. I was able to get in and get a game started okay, except that everything was slooooooow and as soon as the beginning of the game appeared on the path to Tristram or whatever, I was dropped. Letting the download finish up and then seeing if that helps. But the download is very very slow – and it’s Friday night, so I might not be home when it’s done… oh well, hopefully tomorrow and Sunday I can play!

      On that note, I REALLY wish I’d caught the news earlier so I could’ve downloaded the patches throughout the day while at work. Oops.

    30. Does anyone know how to get around the “updating setup files” on a Mac? Im not the best at computers. 🙁

    31. blizzard is doing a stress test to see if they can handle the 800k of players for may 15….. anyone wonder if paypal is ready for the 15k people all wanting to create an account at 1201 may 15th

    32. You should say the options a Windows XP user has to do to get this to work… I’ve tried deleting the folders and running the setup a few times (they were at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\\), but it still isn’t working…

      • What worked for me was upgrading to win7. I was in the beta for months on my old winXP system and it worked fine until the launcher, which broke it. I was never able to get it working again, or to reinstall once I tried going that route. 

        You’ve probably been meaning to upgrade anyway, what with MS going to stop supporting XP in a year or two anyway, right?

    33. I was not in the Beta yet, so I had a blast playing today! What surprised me a bit was the difficulty. Not that its super hard, but most fiends take like 4 hits to die, and i thought it would be 1 or 2. It may be the increase in the HP that we heard, but its good news. I got very close to diyng about 5 times! Fun times… =]

      • did you upgrade from your starting weapon? 😛

        remember that all skills damage are based on your weapon damage…. so even if you’re a wizard it’s wise to upgrade your wand to a 2-handed axe if it has a higher DPS stat 

    34. Worked perfectly for me. What’s funny is that I’m totally bored playing the game. I hope it gets better when we get the whole deal cause this is lame.

    35. I am trying for 12 hours to log in and I get all sorts of number errors. Sorry but this is plain incompetence!!!! -_-

    36. finally got lucky and played for nearly 50 minutes this morning…..then I got disconnected  :mrgreen: but the game is good in my opinion

      • It was working great for me about 10 hours ago (Australia). Now it lags soo much it is unplayable. I definitely dont feel like I am doing much customisation compared with diablo2. I feel like I level up, can try the new unlock for that level and just chose whether I want that or stick with current setup. Rather than having multiple choices I feel like I only have 1, yes use new ability/rune or no stick with current.

        I’ve pre purchased but Im not sure whether Ill get the same enjoyment I had from D2. Lot of things I am happy about though. Art seems quite moody/atmospheric and nowhere near as cartoony as I was expecting it to be. 

    37. I just played for about 5 hours.  Beat it with the Barbarian.

      I have 2 serious gripes.  The first is that it ran very slow on my MacBook.  I’m hoping they’ll include lower settings for the release – otherwise I may have to dig up my PC desktop and get it upgraded.  The Skeleton King battle in particular was very choppy.

      The second gripe involves the ability to use basic attack.  I’m unaware how to assign basic attack to one a key (button); I did not see a way to do this, so I never assigned a second skill to my witch doctor’s right mouse button in order to preserve his basic attack (once you assign a secondary skill it appears you are unable to revert that mouse button back to basic attack).  I don’t know how else to do it (in the elective mode I don’t see an option for basic attack, is what I’m saying).  I know this was addressed a few weeks or maybe a couple months back, but I really do hope Blizzard will fix this.  It’s ridiculous that I not be able to fire a bow with my witch doctor once all my tabs/buttons have been “assigned.”

      Other than that the item hunt and appropriation of equipment is already fun.  Gold is also quite valuable and spent easily.  It remains to be seen how much longevity the game has.

      One more slightly negative comment: despite their insistence that the outdoor “wilderness” areas be non-random and placed in specific spots, I’m not really sure that I like it more. I’m having a tough time picturing where everything is.  Like . . . I mean where the Cathedral is in relation to Old Tristram and New tristram, etc.  Some of the forest passages feel rather claustrophobic, which may have something to do with this feeling. Also, there is no world map, at least, not yet.

      Also, Old Tristram did not really feel like “Tristram” to me.  The camera was too close, the dimensions too small, the music not similar enough.  Where is Wirt’s corpse for Christ’s sake (and what the hell ever happened to Farnham)?  I liked the Adaria connection, but if that hut and her dialogue is all we get then I say they should’ve done more with that backstory and with the site of Tristram in particular.  Diablo 2 did a good job of paying homage to the original – Diablo 3 kind of fell short.  At least so far.  Maybe I’m just too hung up on Tristram, and maybe they’ll make up for it with the rest of Act 1. My fingers are crossed.

      One last comment; the lower levels of the cathedral took a while to explore.  It actually feels more like Torchlight than Diablo, due to the many narrow passages and tiered level design.

    38. Was able to play with minor lag every 5 seconds and major lag every 20 seconds or so earlier and the skeleton king killed me quickly becuase of that. Now I am getting error 300008 and yes that is not a typo thats the error its giving me when I try to start a game with either my monk or my wizard.

    39. Oh man I’m so glad they went with the always-online thing. Otherwise I might have played the game all day and not gotten anything done!

    40. About this beta… and how unusable it is:
      From any other company – it would be just diasppointing.
      From the creators of wow – it’s pathetic.
      Server issues?! Seriously?!
      FY Blizzard – you’re wasting my time.

    41. First of, as pointed out by tons of other raging kids – these unstabilities is sooo unprofessionaly handled its making me laugh.. Second of all, as i finally got ingame, i get lag lag and more lag. And even with insane freezing lags, its still very easy.. Can pretty much just run through to skeleton king without going under 50% hp, not good enough imho. Hope the finished product is better, and that blizzard make an new release date caus this shit aint ready at all…………..  😥

    42. I hulksmashed the shit out of everything last night for a few hours with the Barb, beat the Skeleton King, got 3 rares (how the hell do you identify) and now the servers are down again! 🙁

    43. I feel very fortunate to have played in the open beta as much as I did – roughly 6-8 hours so far, almost all of it last night – but it has been a tough weekend. The beta’s been down virtually the entirety of today (Saturday), with no end to the complications in sight. The good news is, now that I’ve played the beta I’m that much more excited for the game…

    44. Can’t wait for this weekend to be over so us “real” beta key holders can play in peace for a few more days, can’t even get on now !
      @lifeless “how you do you identify” lol @ you “hmmm maybe try right clicking” 😯

    45. People raging over this are funny. Dudes. I’m sure it’s been said already, but Blizzard can handle a fully online MMO with 10 million people on it.   I’m sure they’ll be able to handle a semi-online game with 2 million players or so, specially when the info packets only really amount to a few KB an hour, which is the amazing thing…

    46. I’m a big diablo fan. I have diablo 1 and 2 on my shelf and I got my hands on diablo 3 beta this weekend for the first time. I’m quite disappointed with it. I have heard about the lack of gothic atmosphere on it but playing beta I could realize how important this discussion is. I know this game is surely a good game, but definitely it isn’t diablo. I pre-ordered my retailer version hoping to get a diablo game, and I still hope I can get it some time in the near future. Blizzard must do something about this!     

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