Rethek, a blizzard Legacy Support Team representative noted a couple of v1.13 bug reports from the D2 B.net forums over the weekend. There’s no guarantee this stuff will be fixed in a future patch, but it’s nice to see that they’re still paying attention and making up their Santa-style naughty bug list.

    And I thought DiabloWikiDream exploit was gone….
    The bug still exists, there’s an alternate method for getting auras to stack. Switch your dream helmet with your merc’s helmet back and forth, so you always have a helmet on your cursor. Stacks every time you put the dream back on.

    Rethek: Thanks for the heads up.
    Legacy Game Development Team

    There were multiple complains about this during PTR but Blizzard did nothing to fix this. Since PTR forum and all it’s info is now gone this has to go here:

    1.13 Oblivion Knights do NOT cast Lower Resist curse anymore
    1.13 Oblivion Knights now cast a dysfunctional long range Decrepify (curse shows but that’s about it)
    1.13 Oblivion Knights now cast no curse while making use of the casting animation (plain nothing happens)

    Can we PLEASE have a working monster again?

    Rethek: Thanks for the report.
    Legacy Game Development Team

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