On my way back to D3 I found myself doing one thing I hadn’t done since the beta..watching other people play. It started out simply just seeing what other’s had been doing with the DiabloWikimonk and skill set ups. I then stumbled on to a group of people playing hardcore, having fun and giving away gold; it was hard not to watch.


    I’m a sucker for contests and having very little gold the chance to win some seemed enticing. Their set up is simple, sit and watch and maybe win. I was lucky enough to win a spot on their “deal or no deal” contest and continued to be offered gold while they looted various monsters. The premise is simple, choose 1 of the 9 possible ilvl 63 armor types and as each one drops that’s not the one you called you get offered gold, or you opt out. Needless to say I got greedy and ended up with nothing. While that was going on they also were running “the price is right” contests. If you guessed with a certain amount of the vendor price of a legendary they identified you could win 5 million. I also did not win any of those.

    Despite my losses what I found myself enjoying was the camaraderie, and watching people play the game. Having spent the majority of my play time solo I felt inspired (despite current news) to go out and play with other people. I also liked how they made Hardcore approachable. Sure these are player with big piles of gold, and they’re giving away more than my character has five times over, but they’re not going for world firsts, or exploiting mechanics. They’re just playing the game and making it better for those who watch. Shifting over to Hardcore can seem risky for some, or a waste of time for others, but watching and experiencing it can give you a better picture of what it actually is, and maybe having a little gold in your bank might push you to try it.

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start watching to bankroll my many deaths. However, that watching kept me playing and made me want to keep going; so that I could do that on my own and maybe do that for someone else. One of my favorite things about D2 was the community. People would go out of their way to lend a helping hand, or some gear to someone who lost it all. With D3 being a bit more insular it’s good to see those ideas still going. We can’t all have contests giving away stacks of gold, or give gear to every new person we meet, but we can help out and play with new people (once they patch that) and get back to what hardcore really is. I’d rather die with people by my side knowing we put up a fight than kicking myself for playing alone. Of course until they patch it, check out Hardcore forums, meet some cool people and stay alive!

    If you’re interested in the stream that caught my eye check it out here and good luck!

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