In Diablo 3 Hardcore can accept losing a high level paragon; I can accept rogue disconnects; I can press on during lag; I can deal with skill imbalances,but one thing I can not do: Play a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter.


    Okay flame off. I cannot lie though, the DH is the one class that I have not been able to get into. This isn’t something new however, I’ve been neglectful of them since the beta. Which is surprising to me, I was a huge fan of both the amazon and the assassin in D2, and when the class was introduced I imagined they’d be one my favorites right out of the gate. So what happened?

    First I think it was the play style. I’ve discovered in D3 I’m quite drawn to melee characters, and being in the middle of the fight swinging for my life. I found myself with the Demon hunter running away, retreating to safety, while never feeling that safe. This put me off right away. I’d rather go down swinging than running away from something that kills me.

    After that was the resource system, it never really clicked for me. Every other system seemed to make some sense, but the management of both seemed off to me and while I’m sure I could figure it out I never really wanted to. I would rather jump in generating spirit, or fury, than meticulously manage two resources.

    Last was survivability. I play Hardcore (If you’re surprised at that revelation you might be new here) and ultimately my time is better spent on a character I feel comfortable in. Sure I may die at some point but I’ll enjoy the journey. I never had that feeling with a Demon Hunter, it always felt fruitless and perhaps that’s why my lone DH sits at a lowly level 17. The irony is that most of the staff at Incgamers loves them, and I was one of the few who didn’t have one in their stable of characters, yet alone as a main.

    This isn’t the first class I’ve neglected.In D2 it was the sorceress and I think I missed out, So tell me dear reader why should I step in the shoes(heels?) of a DH and what is working in Hardcore with your Demon hunter? Also, is there a class you’ve neglected? Why?

    As a side note I’m working on compiling a massive article on builds that work in Hardcore, why they work and how they work. However I need your help. I can’t be everywhere at once, nor play all classes and all builds. If you have a build that’s working and want contribute drop me an email at the address located below!

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