One life to live: Reviving a passion

The dust has settled, the storm has calmed, and I’m back! Sadly now I’m having a different issue that could prevent me from writing:I’m having a hard time not playing D3. I owe it to dying, to wiping out most of my gold reserves, and having to start somewhat fresh. It’s been refreshing( pun intended) and has me invested back into D3.

It wasn’t really my choice to die. I was messing around with my monk and loaded him up with some gear off the AH. My reserves took a hit but I figured I’d farm it back. The time away did not hone my skills and I wasn’t up to speed with the feel of the monk again. I got overwhelmed, and found myself staring at the screen announcing my demise. Thankfully I had already had a back up monk waiting in the wings at level 4.

The brief time I had with my monk was fun and I wanted to get back to that point. So I took up that lowly level four and set out into monster power 10 in order to hasten my leveling. I was surprised at how challenging it was and how much I was running for my life. While my life may have been in danger I was enjoying every second of it and reconnecting with what Hardcore can really offer. You can often get into a zone where you feel invincible but to be constantly reminded of your mortality can be a true motivator to get stronger, to get better, and to stay alive.

In tandem with the death went my gold reserves, so most of what i’ve cobbled together was from leftovers in my stash and things I’ve found. It was quite the throwback to not have an Ah to look to because it was out of my price range. As a result of my poverty I’m hardly cruising in Inferno currently but have enough for me to farm and slowly build back up what I lost, very slowly it seems. However, much like release i’m looking forward to each drop not only because it may be profitable but because it could be an upgrade for me as well. More often than not I find myself praying for an upgrade over something that will sell.

At the same time I do still Have 16 paragon WD just waiting while I play my monk. I like to have at least one high level waiting in the wings so I always can farm back up if things are ever really dire. However, the monk has caught my fancy and his quick strikes, and swirling cyclones are addicting, and I can’t imagine abandoning the class at any time in the near future.

Now I don’t think this is going to help all of you out there reconnect with Hardcore. Not everyone is willing to part with heir hard earned gold, or high level characters. I know I wouldn’t have done it willingly, but I’m thankful for it and I’m having more fun as a result. The push back to 60 helped me reconnect with the class, and the fact that I’m not breezing through with AH gear has me just as motivated to get better. I’m not an AH purist by any means but I was surprised by how being deprived of it has made the game more fun for me. So throw caution to the wind, take some risks, and die if you must. You just might enjoy the journey back.

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!

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12 thoughts on “One life to live: Reviving a passion

  1. I’ve seen in several blogs that people consider MP10 as a quick levelling strategy. It really isnt though, bear in mind if you go a few levels ahead of what you should be then you have an XP -% imposed which can cancel out the benefit of MP +% bonus. Add in the time to kill the MP10 monsters and its a longer rate to level up.

    I’ve personally found the best monster powers for levelling up to be 1 or 2, the monsters take no longer to kill than mp0 if you are geared well and you dont need to revisit areas to get to 60 by Act3 Hell.

    • Have you actually tried it?

      You kill one monster pack for a level on mp 10 in normal… then you run down a few floors and do it again… all the way to act 3 nightmare this works… I dont see how mp 1 or 2 could possibly be faster than 1 hellfireball per level?

      • I’ve tried MP 10 and by the time I got to start of Hell I was 57. On MP1 I was lvl 51 at start of Hell and got there a few hours quicker. Either way without someone boosting you via waypoints Hell will have to be cleared and its a quicker run through on lower MP level just as is normal and nightmare. I do think MP10 has its use through fun and tactics changing, but its not a quick run to 60+inferno.

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts Xanth even though I don’t play hardcore myself.

    However, I am kind of confused by the idea of “reviving the passion” and “making the game more fun.”

    I like D3 and wish I had more time to play (no free time lately). But if I get tired of it, there are so many other very good games available like the Uncharted series, Borderlands 1/2, Monster Hunter 3 (new one coming in Mar), Skyrim, Torchlight 2, etc.

  3. Yes Hardcore is fun, to bad so many hardcore characters die from server discconects and freeze bugs.

    Ohhh the fun in finding a superp legendary item that everyone from your friends list would say “Sell it man, or you will die and lose it”; but you keep it because you know you are careful not to get the “inventory item pick crash bug” and when u play you are allways careful about your connection. But then… it happends out of the void of bad programing comes the BUG, the bug being “Vault freeze”, or maibe u get a “Leap freeze”.

    I dont know if i expresed my feelings about THE CURENT STATE OF HARDCORE well enough, my english is kinda bad but when you see people who play hardcore saying “Thankfully I had already had a back up monk waiting” you kinda /facepalm . So i ask you why do you play hardcore, when yow allready know you will die?

  4. Welcome back, Xanth! Great seeing you playing and writing your column again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are the main reason I am now playing only HC, and for all the hours of pure adrenalinet I want to say a huge THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I play mostly solo, self found and trade with a close group of friends from the HC forum here! I find the game to be extremely enjoyable playing it that way, and for that I have both you and Kripp to thank! Add me to your friend list If you wish, Vegameister#2492. Would love hearing more of your impressions of starting over in HC ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Go Xanth!
    No AH and no items from other characters is more fun, because you are weaker and is more challenging, and because you find more often items that are better than those you have equipped.

  6. I will definitely be reading your column. I have tried 2 HC barbs and the first died from disconnect at level 17 and the second died from being stupid at 330 in the morning at an embarassing level 11. The first attempt really bothered me because I was so excited about trying HC. Starting totally over like that, with nothing, was great. It was nice to live of the land and actually find upgrades, but the same was true of SC when I first started.

    Dont get me wrong, I love playing my Wizard, but just about everything she has equipped is from the GAH. When I look at her gear, it just makes me realize I have have taken a shortcut. I like the DPS number, but there really is no heart in the gear, just pure numbers. I never traded anything in D2, but yet I still had most of the best gear in the game. When I load up D2 every now and then(mostly to hear the intro music), I will look at the characters and I know that Griffon’s Eye on my Lightning sorc was found by me in the Ancient Tunnels. The Grief on my Frenzy barb was made standing in Lut Gholein and to this day is the only thing I have ever had a good roll on.

    OK, started to seriously go off on a tangent, but I will be on the HC side more often. The challenge is fun, but I know there will be some hurt feelings at the same time, haha!!

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