One life to live: Post patch Hardcore

It should come as no surprise to you that DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.7 dropped earlier last week, and as we revel in the post Valentines glow and the Playstation announcement, it’s time to look and see how the patch has shaped our Hardcore world.


I have to admit I’ve had a hard time prying myself away from Diablo 3 to write. At the moment I seem to have a great balance that keeps me logging in. I’m pushing my monk to new heights on the DiabloWikiParagon system, finding legendaries on a consistent basis and crafting to my heart’s content.


Having seen the occasional item from the PTR I was excited to craft items I could actually use. What I didn’t expect was to end up replacing some of my hard earned legendaries. With the potential for huge stats in tandem with great rolls it’s hard not to gamble on it. I am not alone in picking up crafting as Tomb of Secret prices have risen to 10k and gems are on a steady incline as well, by managing to pick up 100 or so tombs a night I can tack on an extra million to my stash and be closer to my goal of one billion.

The downside of crafting appears to be the market deflation of what was once considered best in slot. Suddenly items that were once near priceless are worthless due to the ready availability of crafting. Amulets are probably the worst for resale value now with everyone still appreciating a well rolled Lacuni or Vile Ward, but choosing to play the crafting game for the amulet that fits their needs. That in turn has shifted our economy. The Auction House isn’t as large of a bastion for good items anymore now that you can craft items that are better. Items now will sit on the AH for days that would have normally sold in minutes, the path to riches now falls on good drops in prized slots and selling consumables. It’s still possible to make money on the AH but the market has shrunk.

Crafting for Hardcore fits a great niche, and that’s the niche of losing your items. I would scour over my dead characters and knew I couldn’t get those things back, and I would agonize over the RNG of finding a new one as close to it as possible. With crafting however I know I can roll up a few items that could get me going right away, and tide me over until the next good craft or I stumble upon RNG luck. Suddenly gearing back up after a death is a little easier and perhaps a little less stressful, are legendaries still king for some slots? Of course, but now we can strive and thrive without needing them.

XP gain

Monster power got a boost with new experience gains and I found myself stepping my game up a bit for the first time. I only ventured into MP1 but have been plowing through it at enough of a clip to consider going up a notch. The only reason I had even considered doing this was for the extra experience gain. Not having that before provided no incentive for the extra risk it held. However, as I’ve moved upward in paragon levels so has the time it takes to gain them so any chance to chip away at it quicker seems like a good one to me.


I’m going to be blunt, I did it once. Not to say it wasn’t fun but without a system to draw you into it for that specific purpose it seems out of place. I like the old type of pvp style where you would queue specifically for it. I’d love to try this further but right now it’s just not something I’m going out of my way to do, which might be tied to..

Multi-player games

Maybe if I was playing with other people I would be brawling, or maybe I still wouldn’t. I can’t actually say however, since I haven’t had any incentive to do so. I’ve written a lot about this before but Diablo 3 still lacks a reason for me to play with other people. At the moment I lose magic find from my follower, I kill at about the same rate, and I risk someone else making a mistake that kills me. None of that seems right, to top it off the interface itself pushes you towards solo play, the chat channels are small and unused, and the community is stagnant since you only communicate with friends. What we need is system for us to meet new players, exchange ideas and opinions and to play games with others. D2 had a great system, and while it may be outdated, I met more people from looking at avatars hanging out on a pasture than I have from randomly joining games in D3. D2 had the option to join random games but even those were named with objectives, and you knew what you were getting in to. In tandem with a new interface there has to be a reason to join. Increase the magic find rate with a party, or increase legendary drop rates, or experiance gain, any sort of carrot on a stick to get us playing together. It is much more fun to play the game with others, but at the moment it is still just to effective to not.

Playing solo shouldn’t be the best way, and with all the changes made to the game so far I’m confident we will see this fixed as well. That being said 1.07 is an exciting addition to the game and I’m loving every second of it. Each patch is pushing the game forward and I look forward for what the next one brings us.

How is patch 1.07 treating you?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!


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  1. I have always played solo before but lately I did some key runs with others (see the HC forum!) and it’s actually good fun! Also a lot safer in case you get a DC 🙂

  2. My biggest problem right now is the lack of incentive to make us want to join public games.

    I agree that D2 was so much better than what we have in D3 and what I don’t understand is why is it taking so long to change.
    Whats so difficult in giving and extra 5% experience for each other player in a game?

  3. so dying due to diablo 3’s poorly optimized areas such as rakkis crossing is our fault, nice!

  4. Tombs of secret ? Legionaries ? Is it HC slang ?

  5. Can you still get killed by a well timed vote kick in public games? Or did they get that fixed finally? I know they can prevent such a thing by just removing the 10 second after removal timer in the instance of a vote kick. Don’t give me any of that garbage about people exploiting that to save characters.

  6. Those two sentences being so adjacent to eachother is always a reason for a great laugh whenever I see it. First a warning to the brave hero who would venture into great dangers from where he shalt never come back once he falls!!…
    and then the blunt message about blizz wouldn’t give your char back no matter what happens 😛
    It’s such a moodkiller really, there must be ways to phrase that second sentence better.

  7. hey xanith, I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing as ytou about multiplayer for a long time. except I had taken it a bit farther, there are alot of abilities that really should benefit party members as well.
    example: rename battle rage to battle cry and make it effect party members the same way warcry does (same effect on player but same expanding circle animation as warcry)
    example 2: allow magic weapon to be cast on allies/followers like enchant in diablo 2 could

    I made a thread about reworked skills (some such as companion and familiar are just grasping at straws but most are good ideas) and increasing drop rates and base xp gain (before % xp is taken into account) a long time ago on the d3 forums, as it had a section on “sparring” I’ve let it die because we got brawling.

    if you’d like to take a look.

  8. i used to play hc too. got a 49 plvl barb with 120k dps. i did enjoy joining public games every once in a while. but just as you are searching for incentive to play public i search for incentive to play at all. guess im through already and all that could refresh the urge to play would be an expansion. as of playing the ah. with jsp around the corner i circumvented the auction house and made like 500m without ever flipping a single item on the ah.

  9. 1.07 has been very kind to me on hardcore. I’ve been slowly progressing on a barb for almost 8 months. Last night I finally pushed and cleared Diablo on Inferno for the first time :). Been a very rewarding effort in Hardcore. Enjoying all the crafting. I’ve found myself scrapping all the gold I can every run to try to craft the next big item. Now that I’ve cleared Inferno on HC I’ll be focusing on getting farming gear going and speed up my killing while still running MP1 or 2.

  10. HC is even more fun since 1.0.7. ^^

  11. Nice write up. The economy is so much better. Never going back…long live the Monk…

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