I’ve been having a blast in 1.08. Since losing my plvl 71 monk I’ve played almost exclusively in public games something I had never been able to say pre-1.08. However there is one problem that I keep coming back to again, and again, and again.Groundhog_Day_(movie_poster)

    By far the easiest way to meet up in a public game is through the any quest feature and monster slaying option. Upon clicking you find yourself in a random game with random players, and quickly slaying demons. Which is great! One of my greatest complaints was how I had no desire to play with other people since it wasn’t worth it. Now it seems as if it is far and above soloing in terms of both MF and XP.

    With multiplayer games now being the creme de le creme( or some other french phrase) there is one major flaw and several minor ones that have to change to in order optimize the system.

    The first is what happens when you leave the game. Often you can find yourself in an already cleared or soon to be cleared game. This is a waste of your time to play in, so you leave. Enter the menu and zone into…the same cleared game. Clearly a fluke right? Leave. Enter Menu…Same game..ARG! I counted last night I had this happen five times in a row before I entered into a fresh game. This isn’t a one time deal however, on a nightly basis this will happen (for me at least) every three games or so.

    This also ties into not being able to judge how far a game has been cleared prior to entering. You have no clue if it’s fresh or freshly cleared until you wade into a empty festering woods. Which then sends you back to the menu.

    So what needs to happen? Outside of going back to the D2 system of naming our own games and joining at will, we will we need two things. First we need to be able to choose what game we go into. Even a nondescript name like random1 Mp1 A1 could work, that way we can choose what game we are entering and try to enter one that we know is different from where we left. The second is some sort of timer that shows us how long the game has been going, or a count of the total amount of elites that have been killed. That way players could tell if the game is fresh or if it is on it’s way to being cleared.

    Now I can’t say if this is a softcore problem, I imagine it may not be. However with the small hardcore player base we can get spread a bit thin, and being able to reduce frustration with multiplayer can only keep our community thriving and growing.

    How has your multiplayer experience been thus far? How would you change the system?

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