Public games are back! Playing with other players has never been so fun, but what can we do now with all these strange new players we meet? One of my favorite things from D2 was walking into a lower level game and making it rain with stuff I didn’t need, It’s time to bring that back. Clear out your stashes, dont salvage that bad legendary, and lets bring back the generosity.

    This is a community challenge and one that could go cross-core. I’ve always found it more helpful in hardcore but perhaps some Softcore people may think so as well. After a few deaths in D2 I fell on the kindness of strangers to help me build back up, random items here and there that they didn’t need helped paved the way for me to do the same for others. However, the first year of D3 had us shying away from public games and that sort of spirit, but now that we are back in the swing of it, it’s time to build up our community.

    So what can we do? Well it’s simple open up the coffers and let the loot fly. I’m not saying you need to be dropping CC mempo’s like they’re candy, but open up your stash and let it rain… moderately good items.

    So step one: Create a low level game, nightmare or normal should work.
    Step two: Open it to the public
    Step three: Make it rain

    Will this push people into the upper echelons of Hardcore? Probably not, but it might be the boost they need to keep going, or a reassurance that this community is the superior one. Or perhaps you could make a game out of it, Join a random game litter loot by a random waypoint and tell them where to find it. Or take it a step further and hide it around an area and put on a scavenger hunt. Any way you do it the player in the game will be grateful and perhaps you might be on the receiving end later on down the line.

    That’s the beauty of Hardcore you can go from rags to riches and back again and the community will help build you back up. I’ve got a stash full of stuff I’m pretty sure I’ll never use, rolls on items that were so close to being awesome but might be usable by someone that’s lacking, and this weekend I’m going to empty it all. Maybe it will be in your game , or your friends, but I’m starting something and I hope you’ll join me. Let’s arm the masses of Hardcore with our forgotten gear and let them come out stronger. It doesn’t have to be your gear either ,maybe you just level them up, or help with a quest, but get in a game and do something to keep our community thriving.

    If you set out and do something generous sound off in the comments below!

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