One life to live: Let generosity return

Public games are back! Playing with other players has never been so fun, but what can we do now with all these strange new players we meet? One of my favorite things from D2 was walking into a lower level game and making it rain with stuff I didn’t need, It’s time to bring that back. Clear out your stashes, dont salvage that bad legendary, and lets bring back the generosity.

This is a community challenge and one that could go cross-core. I’ve always found it more helpful in hardcore but perhaps some Softcore people may think so as well. After a few deaths in D2 I fell on the kindness of strangers to help me build back up, random items here and there that they didn’t need helped paved the way for me to do the same for others. However, the first year of D3 had us shying away from public games and that sort of spirit, but now that we are back in the swing of it, it’s time to build up our community.

So what can we do? Well it’s simple open up the coffers and let the loot fly. I’m not saying you need to be dropping CC mempo’s like they’re candy, but open up your stash and let it rain… moderately good items.

So step one: Create a low level game, nightmare or normal should work.
Step two: Open it to the public
Step three: Make it rain

Will this push people into the upper echelons of Hardcore? Probably not, but it might be the boost they need to keep going, or a reassurance that this community is the superior one. Or perhaps you could make a game out of it, Join a random game litter loot by a random waypoint and tell them where to find it. Or take it a step further and hide it around an area and put on a scavenger hunt. Any way you do it the player in the game will be grateful and perhaps you might be on the receiving end later on down the line.

That’s the beauty of Hardcore you can go from rags to riches and back again and the community will help build you back up. I’ve got a stash full of stuff I’m pretty sure I’ll never use, rolls on items that were so close to being awesome but might be usable by someone that’s lacking, and this weekend I’m going to empty it all. Maybe it will be in your game , or your friends, but I’m starting something and I hope you’ll join me. Let’s arm the masses of Hardcore with our forgotten gear and let them come out stronger. It doesn’t have to be your gear either ,maybe you just level them up, or help with a quest, but get in a game and do something to keep our community thriving.

If you set out and do something generous sound off in the comments below!

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!

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20 thoughts on “One life to live: Let generosity return

  1. that was always the best part of D2 and being able to name games

    create a game called “free stuff”

    go in, wait for a few people to join,
    then throw sigon’s shield on the ground along with a couple of perfect diamonds and some rejuv potions and watch people scramble


  2. But I has a poor. Not a pour. Also, people in pubbies are dirty. Not to be trusted.

    That said, I used to enjoy giving out to people in the GMG back in the D2 days. So maybe once I’m up over 100m again, and I’m nowhere near that level after losing my P61 and spending most of my remaining coin fitting out a new Monkadin.

    • But just the other day you wrote in a post that you don’t bother listing anything under about 5 million gold on the AH. What do you do with the other items? If they’re rare, I’m assuming you just turn them into essences and tears or sell them to the vendors. If that’s the case, you’re not giving up all that much. And while even a 500K or so gold item may not be worth much to you, it can be one hell of an upgrade for a player just starting out or really digging into HC for the first time. You may be poor in your own eyes, but as some of the recent polls have shown (the Hellfire Ring Poll, that D3 anniversary breakdown, etc.), amassing a TOTAL wealth of 5 or 10 million seems unattainable for a fairly large segment of players. It’s hard out there for a pimp… er… casual. Show some love and help out some fellow members of the community. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy, like you just put on a sweater made of kittens.

      Yes, there will be people who take advantage of those situations purely for greed. There will be people who are completely and totally ungrateful. But along the way you will help out some people who truly need it. You’ll also encourage a few players who are on the verge of burning out. Even if it’s only 1 in 10 or 1 in 20, it’s still worth it IMHO. In the process you’ll help build a stronger community and hopefully instill an ethic of helping out others.

      Kudos Xanth for trying to encourage more folks to play this way. I really hope it catches on in a big way. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go now as someone seems to be playing “Kumbaya” in the background and I must go kill them quickly.

      • That was when my last monk was alive, and I was riding high. Past couple of weeks I’ve been scratching along rebuilding a new one and selling everything for practically any price.

        I’m not criticizing generosity or charity, and if people can find takers for their unwanted stuff, that’s great. Xanth himself helped me out with some very useful gifts when I got my first Monk into Inferno.

        Slightly OT, but the way the HC player base is expanding and AH prices are dropping, there’s never been a better time to start going HC. 1-60 you can easily pick up enough gold and some AH sales to cruise along with some caution, and then once you hit Inferno you can bootstrap yourself just selling ToS (15k lately, and you can easily pick up 30 an hour even brand new to Inferno on MP0 in A1) and get quite good gear for under 500k per item.

        It’s harder to make *real* money now; lots of stuff I sold (and bought) for 10-20m 2 months ago is now selling for 2 or 3m. (Though higher quality stuff, say 50m+, seems to be unchanged or actually pricier now.) So it’s probably harder now to go from 10m up to say, 100m, barring some really lucky item find. But you can do so much more with 10m than you could in the past that it’s a great time for new to HC.

  3. Erm…imho playing D3 for loot right now is USELESS. I play for fun, with the false hope of loot that never come but, if I enter the game is for fun, then rage quit after 1 lag kill and a bunch of crappy legendaries.
    Anyway…it was “reinstall time” for me…and D2 is so awesome…yep I must play in a window, but man…fast mobs, horadric cube, nice items, WHAT a DARK ambient!, and hell yeah I’m an AXE specialized Barb…OLD TIMES FTW! ^^p

    • Why in god’s name do you have to play in a window? I use a glide wrapper ( game looks awesome, you can play in your native res (the size of stuff is still 800×600 to keep it bnet compatible), you get a lot of tweaks and so on. PM me for instructions if needed..

      • I tried this glide, but I can’t enter the game video configuration “D2VidTst” to change the option.
        Copy pasting the 3dglide.dll it’s not enough to make it work. I tried to reconfigure using the warpper exe but with no luck at all.

        Btw I’m using Windows 8 x64 right now, my gpu is a GTX460.
        Me and may Barb will thank you a lot if you can help us, every time my mouse rune out of the window is…let us say…not nice xD. If I play Full screen it runs slow 15-20fps at battlenet.

        • Lazy me…I tried so many times to run Game.exe with compatibility mode with no success…I never tried to run the D2VidTst with w95+admin comp. mode…Ok now I’m running at full screen with 25 max. fps cap at battlenet…erm that must be 60 online if I remember it right (d2+lod ofc).
          Well I will work it out…I was so amazed for D2 that I reached Act 2 in a Window…HELL YEAH THAT WAY YOU KNOW A GOOOOOD GAME!! Lets do coffee and roll some heads!!

  4. Back in Daiablo 2, I went through many learning experiences. In 1.09, I had gotten my account stolen by the DnD password scam and one of the random guys who listened to my sad sad story and helped me with spare items became a really close ‘friend’ of mine. He would help me xfer fairly valuable items and everything. He even continued to help me by occasionally giving me more free items.
    Eventually when I amassed enough riches to buy myself a Windforce (keep in mind this is version 1.09, so the peak of WF popularity- I remember putting down ALL 40 sojs on the trade screen– the maximum in item space)I called on him to help me xfer it. When I threw it on the ground, he picked it up and left the game… My heart (and my soul) sank… He never talked to me again. I don’t think I ever trusted anyone on ever again… Thanks, Die-ablo!

  5. Been doing it for a while. Much more fun to give away then to salvage. And why not help out that low level character? Good Karma.

  6. I give away stuff when I can especially to those who are new to HC since getting started can be the hardest part. But I did that in SC too.

  7. Also check out the article on the “Philanthropy Station” on the D3 website. Some great ideas there.

  8. One thing I like to do is go through Normal difficulty public game on a level 60 character, with nephalem valor so rares are dropping like flies, and then drop the rares back in town as I go.

  9. I dropped an alright ring for a wiz who I was pretty sure could use it, but the DH ran up and snagged it then ran over to the BS where it was likely salvaged.

  10. I do remember joining random games and dropping all kinds of stuff for players in the game thruout my Diablo 2 days…. but as I watched that 1 person pick everything up i couldnt help but think its just one more dueche who doesnt give a crap about anyone else (hence why they picked everything up even if they didnt it) and they would prolly just try to trade it or sell for gold anyways…. When I could give it or someone else could actually use the gear…

    There is always going to be that one person who greeds everything no matter what and it sucks. So NO i wont just drop all my stuff in my stash in random games. I will give it to my alts / friends or genuinely random ppl i meet on Diablo 3….

    Your better of melting the items yourself and taking the mats than dropping your random items on the ground to some dipshit greedy bastard anyways…. Pay it forward… Pointless topic One Life to Live…

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