One life to live: Back from the dead

One life to live: Back from the dead

Oh,man it’s been too long. I’ve failed you dear reader, as my posts have dropped off the face of the earth. In fact I’ve created far more drafts than I have posts in the past two months. However, all is not lost, the column continues forward with new vigor and damn it, this time I’ll hit publish. Let’s face it there’s been a lot to write about, and a lot to play with, and by association a lot to catch up on.

Ok did I make it? I’ve spent the majority of season three as a monk. Actually as three monks. In the frenzied rush to 70 I died two times along the way, but the third one hit 70 and hasn’t looked back. it’s funny how a game you’ve played for years can still suck you in, and how the sting of death felt countless of times still hurts. However each death(like each before it) renewed my passion and desire to get back. If I can level one critique towards post 70 play it’s that death isn’t as ever present as it could be. those two deaths I had were due to being under geared and overwhelmed, very infrequently do I feel that way now. Sure there are greater rifts, and they can present danger at the higher levels but that’s a choice not on omnipresent feeling. I was going to write a column about this but RL reared its head and I wandered off..

In tandem with that lack of feeling is the ease of which you can now get to 70. Just park yourself in a rift on torment and watch the levels fly. It seems as if they nerfed one way of power leveling only to open the door to an even easier way. Hell in the old way you at least had to find a few games do it. In a sad way that’s trivialized our mode a bit. Death is supposed to be a hassle and I was looking forward to having to make the hard trek back, not take a portal immediately to 70. I was going to write a column about that but again RL reared it’s head and I wandered off.

On the upside the HC community is flourishing and downright pleasant. Go ahead go to the HC forums, look for a vitriolic post. I’ll wait…sure you found that one but did you look over all? People asking for advice, looking for help, looking to play with each other, how could you go wrong? On a whole it’s a nice change to the normal vile spewed around because despite the flaws the game, HC still feels fun. We’ve got a great community going and I’m happy to be back in it. I was going to write a post about that but RL reared it’s head and I wandered off.

I didn’t however wander off this time, and looking forward to not wandering off for a while(until my baby comes in September)
One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published (semi)weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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4 thoughts on “One life to live: Back from the dead

  1. Glad to see One Life to Live back on the front page!

    I’ll agree that it no longer feels like death is waiting just around the corner, but I have to disagree that it doesn’t hurt. Sure getting your character back to 70 is a cakewalk now, but with ancient weapons and legendary gems accounting for such a large portion of your damage getting back to where you were before can be damned hard if you don’t have backups.

  2. I wish paragon wasn’t shared. Having it tied to character gives you that feeling that you are growing with the char, and can also show other people that you haven’t died in a long time.

    Currently you can have a char with 30 minutes of playtime do GR 50.

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