One life to live: A bad day to die

It had been a few patches but I finally died last Thursday, as I was about to ding paragon 72. Needless to say it wasn’t a great time to die. Not to say that there is a good day to die, but with the recent auction house shutdown a death is a bit more devastating. The Post-mortum after the bump!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 9.04.58 PM

I had been crushing Mp3 for about two weeks,well before the patch hit to get comfortable. I upgraded my Fist of Az with my first marquise ruby and was ready for what was in front of me. On the patch day I hit a few snags, pockets of lag that had my NDE proc and my heart race. Yet I was still able to log out alive well before the gold drama started to unfold.

I returned with a vigor the next day, determined to make some progress. My first runs went well with a few pockets again of lag but nothing overly serious. As I was getting ready to call it a night I decided to run into Leorics and the hunting grounds and just clear the area out. I fought off the stunning beasts that swarmed me early on and started to run off to clear the rest. My health was midrange but nothing an orb wouldn’t heal. Suddenly my NDE proc’d, and then I was up again, before I could even process the NDE my health was almost gone again and just as quickly as it started it was over. I really have no idea what killed me or how. In fact neither does Blizzard: My dear monk was slain by Unknown.
Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 6.36.42 AM

Not that interesting, so I will retell it, from what I can only assume did happen. As Gong strode over the highlands he knew something was amiss, his knowledge was too vast, his enemies too numerous. As he dispatched his foes he knew they were upon him. Invisible cloaked enemies hid,spying on their prey.As Gong strode out they attacked. He displays his strength ina blinding fashiion, freezing monitors and causing lag spikes.As his would be assassins dissolved into dust, he realized they had also struck a fatal blow and fell to the ground.

I haven’t died in a long time, so one could imagine what my reaction was. Are you picturing broken monitors? Screams of angst? Quite the opposite really. I calmly took a screenshot, archived my hero and created a new monk. It was quite a fall for me, the highest paragon I had die prior was 16, so this will take a while to overcome. Sadly with the Ah down and the grind to 60 in front of me I decided to abandon the class I’ve grown to enjoy so much. I’ve lost a handful of monks the past six months and I think it’s time to return to the class I was so eager for last year: The Witch Doctor.

Having spent so much time with my Monk it’s nice to be playing something else. It’s nice to have gear to upgrade and new builds to flirt with. It’s not nice to see my gold dwindle away but by in large it’s nice to freshen it up. I’ve had alts for a long time but as my monk progressed they were pushed aside. Obviously my goal of a paragon 100 took quite a hit, and my goal of becoming a billionaire did as well. However, I’m having enough fun right now not to care, I’ll make it back to where I left off. After all Hardcore is about that journey,not the destination.

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  1. Ouch, R.I.P.
    My highest hardcore char(DH) got to paragon 8 before stupidly dying because of overconfidence. Currently lvling a barb on mp10. So far so good, but melee sure is a lot scarier than ranged. Not sure if I’ll ever get to such high paragon lvls though. Good luck on your next run!

  2. R.I.P. sir. Good job on taking it well. I remember when my first and very long lived hardcore D2 character (necro) died to lag while I was on vacation in Florida it was a very anger filled and dark day literally. Encountering lag on hotel internet connections brings back bad memories to this day.

    You did (and continue to do) excellent reporting on hardcore which is how I feel the franchise was meant to be played despite the constant threat of (in your case) deadly glitches/lag as well as random acts of god and disconnects.

    It takes a special kind of crazy/sadistic thrillseeker to enjoy and report on that aspect of the game which I feel is overlooked by far too many players. Well done and much luck to your new character.

  3. Bummer. I had a scary/buggy/laggy moment the other day. It looked like a run of the mill lag spike where my character would move around but nothing else would, but this time my health pool was in a steady decline. It reached empty and I was pretty bummed out. I couldn’t exit the game so I alt+F4’d it. Had some trouble logging back in, but eventually my monk was waiting for me at the character select.

    After one of my numerous deaths, I made a WD. The switch from Monk to WD was a lot of fun for me, but I ended up going back to Monk after a few paragon levels with my WD. I’ve got a 60 in each class, but I’m trying to focus on one. Currently PL30, highest I’ve been.

  4. Grtz on taking this very annoying death the way you did! Keep going strong, looking forward to your WD adventures 🙂

  5. The spores from the tree might have had something to do with it, they really hurt on higher MPs

  6. I died exactly the same way with my PL26 DH, same location, it even says Unknown

  7. Everyone dies in Hardcore.

    Fabulous for gear resets on a resource driven game like D3.

    Hint: play in 15 minute sessions. You have to be in top shape.

  8. Nice monk name, SF rules 😉

  9. Your “unknown” killer was certainly one of those spores from the tree monsters.

    • I was going to say that. Those tree poison puffs are amazingly damaging even on MP0 or MP1. On MP3, even with 600~ res, those things deal like 80k per second. I died many deaths to them in softcore, though I’ve managed to stay out of them in Hardcore thus far.

      Also, glad I didn’t say anything obnoxious/rude when you told me you’d just died, lest my comment was forever immortalized in your above screenshot.

  10. I don’t even know how you got a Marquise at P72, it must suck even more.
    I gave up HC in D2 when a lightning hit my modem.
    Keep it up though.

  11. RIP! My highest character was p31, he survived 8(!) full DCs – without prior lag indications – before finally succumbing to the dreaded disconnect. Obviously he was a cat! 🙂 That was about my tenth character lost to lag or DC and made me give up on the game until Blizzard implemented some sort of pause on lag/dc feature. Just started a new barb after 1.0.8 hit live, however, and just hit p12 after 24 hours played. Now I only play multiplayer, in hopes that the eventual disconnect will be negated by the fact that there are three other players in the game who (hopefully) will come to my rescue. Love these columns Xanth, and your HC perspective on the podcast. Keep em coming!

  12. Lag has been brutal for me for a week. I’ve abandoned my young, wonderful HC characters and am exploring the patch changes in SC instead.

  13. I just hope i can have the same mentality as you Xanth when my Barb finally goes. PL(24) atm.
    Been sticking to MP1 for the time being, allows me to keep a more offensive build.

    Best of luck to your new WD.


  14. Good luck with the new adventures.

    I just lost my self-found Barb at level 55 to Hell Belial last night. *sigh* I was steamrolling and got over confident, figuring I could get some extra hits on him in WotB while he was doing his ground AOE attack. Back to the drawing board…

    • My 2nd HC DH died at 56 to Hell Belial a few days ago as well. Clearly we each made one mistake. Yours was going self found. Mine was playing a DH in HC.

  15. My deepest condolences, Xanth! However, I know that a single death won´t make you ragequit, and I know the WD will be an even more successful char than you monk! I Always try to look at the death of a beloved, high plvl char, as an opportunity to experience something new with a new class, so in this regard, you have something great and fun to look forward to! 🙂

    As the others, I am thankful for your column and each and every time you and Flux take a bit more of a HC perspective in the podcast! We might not be many, but we are dedicated HC players, thanks to writers such as yourself!

    Good luck on the WD!

  16. RIP Xanth. I.know all too well how you feel. Lost my P100 Barb last night to New game load lag. Just dinged 100 this past weekend. Time to rebuild!

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