One life to live #57: Drunkcore

So you’ve survived in 1.04, and are cruising through Inferno on Monster power, but can you do it..drunk?

Drunkcore has been around for a long time, in fact alcohol and videogames have had an excellent coupling far before Diablo, but the combination of permanent death, hours of time invested, and the sweet nectar of inhibitions is almost to comical to pass up. If you don’t drink stop reading now because everything else that follows will only sour your already demure nature.

The premise is as simple as it gets. You get drunk, you create a new hardcore character ( or depending on level of intoxication, create one before you drink) then you play the game. The goal is to survive as long as you possible can, and of course not insult your entire friends list. Now to add some spice and keep your buzz going I’ve added in some new rules for my very own league.

1. Solo play is done at MP10 until inferno of course then you can let your drunk heart decide what you play on.
2. Group play as often as possible, if with friends bump it up to MP10.
3. If anyone dies while playing take a shot( or slam a beer)
4. Take a drink any time you upgrade a piece of gear
5. If/when you find a legendary slam your drink
6. No AH, No twinks- Scouts honor!
7. If you die you slam a drink and re-roll

If you think you and your liver can handle that, I welcome you to join my ladder at entitled Drunkcore

Now I’ll be honest I haven’t had much time to get as drunk as it really takes to jump in and get going but I’m excited at the prospect of it. What better to ease the sting of losing a character then drinking to it’s demise?

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26 thoughts on “One life to live #57: Drunkcore

  1. I’ve tried playing shooters when I’ve come back from the pub and it’s just a bloodbath.

    No idea what my characters look like to those I’m playing with but to me, I’m just awesome with incredible skills. Pro-gamers should take note. Strafing whilst changing attacks, jumping 180 turns whilst sniping not a problem. Bobbing up from behind burnt-out cars to lob a grenade with pinpoint precision and then ducking out of sight – piece of cake. This is what it feels like in my drunk head. Unfortunately in reality I’m just a target dummy, unable to jump over a small wall or shoot anything within 2 feet of her and can’t even manage to get the grenade over the car before ducking down behind it with the grenade at my feet.

    Drunk gaming, funny for those watching you, kind of embarrassing in the morning.

    I like the idea of a ladder though, see who could get the furthest whilst under the influence.

  2. This should be streamed and/or recorded. I’m sure the deaths would be comical. I have played some nights under the influence, but only Softcore. Definitely adds an interesting element.

    • We’ve joked about doing a live diablo podcast while drunk, or at least while buzzed, but never quite found the right time or topic. The problem with drunks is that they’re really funny, once in a while. But most of the time they’re just droning and you want to slap them.

      So the ideal drunkcore video would be like 4 hours of footage, compressed into the 30 or 40m highlights. Assuming you could consider any of it highlights while editing the next day, sober.

  3. I might have played drunk once but im always high when I play! but then again, it just makes u better

  4. I play unsober in one way or the other all the time. About a week ago I was looking at my auction log and noticed like four things in a row that I had no memory of finding. Including one pair of IK Boots that someone saved about 10 million buying from my drunk ass and not a correctly-pricing seller.

  5. I’ve played ALOT of D2 under the influence, but I always ended up just chatting bullsh* with random players or friends who were also drinking. Or atleast that’s what they said. Anyway, total actual playtime was probably 1/20 of total time spent ingame while drinking 😛

    I can also relate to Ellys comment about shooters, but I do infact play like a true GOD the first two-three beers/rounds and top the scoreboard as my senses sharpen and my focus increases. Then one or two more beers, and it’s just awefal. My skill-level just spirals down just like Baumgartner, but my landing isn’t as gracefull when I in the end wake up with keyboard button outlines “printed” on my cheek a few hours later…

    I am unsure about D3 though, since leveling up is such a tedious task. Regardless of MP or gear, it still takes a lot of time and I recon it would require a huge amount of drinking stamina to actually stay drunk that long.

  6. Liars… The definition of \drunk\ if to be physically or mentally impaired by excessive use of alcohol. That means you actually cannot physically even play diablo to be considered drunk. Sure you might have played while \buzzed\, but if you are truly trashed, diablo will be the last thing on your mind.

    • Hehe yeah, maybe call it Buzzcore. I’ve played a large chunk of my D3 (HC) career buzzed (2 drinks).

    • I’ve been completely hammered and accomplished amazing feats of survivability IRL, so why not in D3?

  7. I played one of those rainbow 6 games online with people and we had voice chat. Needless to say that entire bottle of vodka (apple) was put back straight. I ended up with more team kills singing Britney spears while running with a large machine gun finger on the trigger was accept by others. I think they thought it was funny, meh, not my prouded moment in history, but I had fun.

  8. u can play smashed but its probly not as efficient. well . it deffinately isnt hahaha
    caption : no-brainer …. damn these are on point TODAY! hahah!

  9. I regularly play while drinking. MP8 with friends, MP5 solo, but I haven’t done drunk hardcore since D2.

  10. I’ve done drunk D3 and D2 plenty of times. Luckily, I was never playing HC this summer. Being a teacher, I got the whole summer off and was able to stay up drinking/playing often.

    It’s bad when you start falling asleep while running between mobs and wake up either in the midst of another mob or already dead. Trying to play the frosty cm wiz was a coordination disaster!

  11. so you guys PLAY WITH YOURSELVES while drunk, do a lot of EMBARASSING things and REGRET it in the morning?


  12. I don’t have character slots to play, but:

    I focused on a WW build, D2 style and a WD pet build because, so I could have a hand free to drink beer.

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