1.04 brought us more levels. 1.05 brings us Ubers and /players 8. All great changes, and it’s nice to see those mechanics that worked in D2 making a return.However, one of the best features of D2 is still missing, and nowhere is it more apparent than DiabloWikiHardcore

    Even with the changes( and upcoming ones) one thing is still lacking in my games. It’s not legendaries,(though I suppose there’s that too)it’s other players. I bought Diablo 2 for two reasons. I loved Diablo, and I wanted to play online with other people. I bought Diablo 3 for the same reasons. Yet, each and every time I’m on; I’m playing by myself. Hardcore is already a smaller player base, so we have less people to play with and few games in which to do it.

    The problem is in how we join games. We join by quest. We don’t know if the game we enter is on the quest or farming the act. Instead of simply joining a game that has an open area to explore we are hindered by arbitrary choke points separating us from each other. With these choke points in place it also makes it hard to actually get a group for a quest as the few players in public games are farming the end.

    I’ve opened my game to the public several times and managed to finish my run before anyone joined. I had hoped with monster health now not scaling as high people would be flocking to public games. I was wrong. We are still set in our ways. Multiplayer still needs more of an incentive for people to delve into it. It’s still too easy to just create, farm and ignore the rest of the population. Yes you can play with your friends, and many do. However, What about the population you haven’t met yet We need a game naming system in place, and searchable games to play in. If we’re bringing back other parts of D2 why not bring that back. Then we could advertise what we wanted from our group and vice versa before we even enter.

    What can be done to change D3 into a multiplayer haven? Just like Paragons act as a carrot to keep going; we need a better carrot for games. Maybe it’s an extra stack of valor or better drops. Maybe for every 500 elites killed in multiplayer you get a BOA legendary, or perhaps something I’ve never thought or heard of. Either way we need a better reason to come out from the safety of single player.

    I met a lot people in my D2 days. People I saw in each game I joined, People I raced for levels, and gear. Sometimes I was logging in to compete with them, sometimes to play with them. Right now I miss that.

    How has multiplayer lived up to your expectations?

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