When I log into D3 I am always torn on what to do. Do I farm A1 inferno or level an alt? Simple question but two different styles. When I farm, I am by myself grinding away champ packs. When I am leveling I am with heroes of the same level crushing the denizens of evil. I have more fun leveling with others than I do grinding by myself. Yet, I still do it because it’s the most effective. Something has got to change to combine those two for grouping in the endgame to really take off.

    It has to be worth it

    I’ve grouped only a handfull of times in inferno with other people. What I found was that it was much more difficult and the payoff didn’t seem worth it. I was still getting the same rares but at a much slower pace. I also found my life was in a higer degree of jeopardy due to my partners actions. When I am by myself I know my exit strategy going into every pack. I know I can leave a health orb and rush back to it if I am getting low. Those are things you can’t count on with other people.

    Why did we group in D2? It was the easiest way to level and you could kill things faster and more effectivly. Since the leveling factor is out with a cap at 60 the only thing that remains is effectivness and fun. I still find it more fun to play with other people and from 1-59 and I am completly okay with doing so. However, once you enter into Inferno it doens’t seem fun that the person next to you is making it harder for you. Now I’m not saying you can’t be effective in Hardcore Inferno with other players. Many people are grouping and doing just fine, but a lot of them are coordinating their efforts; Using skype, checking builds and dps, and not exactally jumping in blind.

    What I miss is the ability to just join a game on the hardest difficulty and play. Not having to worry if the guy next to you had enough dps to keep up, because his dps would kill him and not you. Inferno has become like a Wow raid. Each player needs to hit the benchmarks, and have the proper gear, dps, and resists. If they don’t you won’t get far, and you may get killed.

    So how do we change that? How do we make Inferno the place people flock to and not the place they isolate themselves in?

    For once I’m not going to offer ideas but pose the question to you: What does it take for you to risk your life in inferno with others? What would blizzard have to do to make it worth it?

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