If the name Kripp doesn’t ring a bell perhaps his achievements do. Kripp(and his partner Krippi) was the first person in the world to clear Hardcore Inferno. In his race to this he was methodical and careful and achieved it losing only two characters on the journey. I recently had a chance to talk to him and get his thoughts on Hardcore, Diablo 3, Pvp and his world first.

    The interview and more after the bump.

    Now I don’t take on the mantle of interviewer too often, but I took the liberty of recording our conversation and in lieu of typing it all out I present it here for your listening pleasure. My apologies for the split but youtube didn’t like my 30 minute cut.

    It’s interesting to hear Kripp jumped ship from Hardcore so quickly. Yet it is something I completely understand. Once you’ve pushed toward a goal for so long do you need to keep farming once you’ve achieved it? How close are you to Inferno Diablo? Is hardcore keeping you going?

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