One life to live #47: It’s all about the leveling baby

Having hit 60 and having act 1 DiabloWikiinferno on farm, I’ve been trying to balance leveling alts and farming gear. In the mean time I’ve also taken to helping people on my friends list hit 60. As a result I’ve stumbled upon what I think might be the most effective way to hit 60( with help from your friends)


The days of the Diablo 2 rush are gone but the concept still is there. You have a high level character rush you through content in order to advance your progress. In the process of leveling a DiabloWikiwizard I inadvertently led to my friend getting killed by a pack of wallers. Having felt guilty I set to right this wrong.

Zoltun Kulle

After he made a new character I created a game and killed Zoltun Kulle on normal. He joined, then created his own game to turn in the quest, rejoined my game( which I left and resumed) turned in the quest, then joined my other game for the turn in again. Netting him a grand total of 30k+ xp and a few levels. Rinse and repeat several times and he was above 20 in a little over half an hour.

Now, we are far removed from the days where you could just simply do kulle runs on each difficulty until you were 60,But I found this to be a great way to get someone on their feet without doing everything for them.

After a few days he was chugging into Nightmare and I grabbed him again but this time we bypassed Kulle right to..

The Arreat Crater

Now this reminded me of the old school rushing. Staying close to me I plowed through all of the denizens of hell while he racked up experience. We did two runs going from the first crater waypoint to the last sin heart. In that half hour we netted him four levels from 37 to 41.

We could have easily continued this ad nauseam until 50 or so. From there we would only have to head to the crater again on Hell until 60. Unfortunetly for him I had to head off for the night.

Now I didn’t charge him for this, I didn’t get anything from it but I did have fun helping someone out while playing the game. Selfishly though I do get one thing from this. I have someone to play with later on. I’m helping push people into the later difficulties so I have people I know to play with. I also have someone who might do the same for me If I needed it.

As I stated before this isn’t a method that goes from 1-60 in a hour, and aside from the 1-25 Kulle runs it requires he be present and active in the leveling. There are still risks for him;a stray pack I miss, over-pulling,me disconnecting, or a bad affix champion/elite pack. Just like Chaos runs at a low level you take the risk because the reward is worth it.

So where does this differ from a powerlevleing service? In practice and methods maybe not much. However I doubt I am as effective, and I am not making a profit on his levels. I also didn’t carry him through every one. Just enough to get him on his feet and let him do the rest.

Perhaps I’m softening on my approach to rushing 1-60 now that I’m leveling several characters. With the game so firmly rooted at level 60 you really do feel the need to rush to get there. I know that my Barbarian in just 8 levels will be ten times as powerful as he is now, and that each item I get on the way there will be useless. That dissuades from really valuing each level. The skill system as well takes away from leveling. Each character will always get the same skill unlocks each level and as a result your arn’t changing the way you play. In D2 each level was a chance to make a choice and switch things up, try a new build, or pump stats for a new gear. If done right your 55 Barb could be as powerful as a 90 one, and that could keep you going and trying new things.

In the end it isn’t an instant 60 or even a one hour 60. What it happens to be is you helping a friend leveling and dare I say having fun while doing it.

How are you leveling or helping your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “One life to live #47: It’s all about the leveling baby

  1. I think it’s silly to have someone play the game for you… but if you’re enjoying it, more power to you.

    • if the first 60 levels were fun then I’d agree with you

      but it is extremely boring (and tiresome) listening to the same stupid dialogue and watching the same stupid cut scenes over and over

      and the drops suck

      and the desert sucks

      getting rushed to level 60 and skipping as much as you can of the boring parts makes sense

      • So you think the true fun of the game is after level 60, where we endlessly grind for gold to buy items and do not get to level up any more?

        • I find Normal and Nightmare quite fun. But Hell is a tedious slog, because you start at clvl 50 so you know that any item you get is going to be useless when you hit clvl 60.

  2. I lol’d at that pic. Thank you.

    ps: it should be “right this wrong” not “write this wrong” 😉

  3. I think that it is fine, I also rushed a lot of people myself in D2X and had friends rush me as well. But if it’s your friend’s first time through, I thing that the best thing would be going ahead together. I rolled a barb to level up with my gf’s DH and it is fun. It also gives me a chance to take a break from the farming on my main (even if I am losing gold by not playing the main). The pic is great.

    Edit: inspired by SWalker: it should be “ad nauseam” instead of “ad nauseum” 😉

  4. After losing two lvl40’s to internet disconnects(one of them was my own fault), I’m starting to see the charm in power leveling. At the same time, I’m not convinced that the game starts at lvl60.
    Part of the charm and the fun of leveling is farming(or AHing) for the next piece of gear that will keep me safely and quickly gaining levels. I don’t need to be shelling millions of gold for the absolute max’d piece of gear, I just need the next rung on the gear ladder and if I can’t find it myself it typically dosen’t cost a fortune.
    Losing two higher level characters made me change my philosophy of leveling HC characters totally and while I planned out my new system I didn’t think about the possibility of power leveling at all. Instead I started 9 new characters at the same time and have three that are leading the way. The other six are catching the hand-me-down gear from my three frontrunners. The thought is that if I lose a frontrunner it’s never quite so bad because I can always level one from the next flight and pass some OP gear down to the newest generation.
    Between my wife, work, and my studies it means I’ll prolly need about six months before I have a flight through Hell, but who’s in a hurry anyway?

  5. I used to do this all the time in D2. If nothing else it can also be very useful to have a high level friend give you waypoints and kill diablo for you so you can move to the next difficulty. This way you still do most of the work but can do it most efficiently.

  6. I prefer to solo level in a legit style. I’m always blocked off from hell/inferno by a few levels (I have all classes to 60) so I’d do the catapult quest in act 3. Each catapult gives you like 21k experience in Hell, and there’s three events for it. And then finishing the quest itself. Also a very large amount of monsters in stonefort, too, so that helps.

  7. I’m a SC person. I levelled 4 classes myself. That said, can someone please lvl my WD from 51-60 and rush me trough hell… So boring… 🙂 I’m kidding.

    I believe it’s ok to do it on HC, specially if it’s a friend that you use to mp with. (And when you MP, sometimes people die…). It’s better to help a friend to get back on the mission asap than leaving his spot open for a couple weeks.

    After moving solo a couple guys to inferno and a while of farming, the normal-hell thing isn’t that fun anymore, since the game is very different with NVs… I’m struggling a lot with my SC WD because of that. Not only it isn’t fun, but it’s slow as hell(no pun intended)…

  8. Oddly enough, I played the entire game solo to get all 5 of my level 60s. It was also fun. Not saying that power-levelling is bad, just that regular levelling can be fun too.

    As far as the end-game, I don’t find it to be the “real game”. I don’t find it rewarding to feel that my character gets weaker as it progresses unless I shell out a ton of currency for items. I prefer the D2 dynamic – the character became slightly more powerful as you went with your normal progression and normal item-finding, but it you wanted to be godly, then you need to trade and/or farm like crazy.

  9. “The skill system as well takes away from leveling. Each character will always get the same skill unlocks each level and as a result your arn’t changing the way you play.”

    There’s nothing stopping you from trying different builds. You realize how many combinations are possible? Just because the skill/rune unlocks occur at the same time, hardly has any effect. You can easily level the same class 10 times and never play a build that’s anywhere near similar. Of course if you have your favorites and don’t stray from that, it’d get boring yeah.

    I highly recommend deviating each time through. You learn your class better, perfect your builds, learn what works together. 3 times through with my witch doctor i can’t even describe how much i learned. Power-levelling through i’d just be bad at the class, and no help to anyone at 60 HC.

    While power-levelling your buddies will get you more 60 partners, it’s better to level alongside them at a normal pace and master the class/builds.

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