I’ve been fortunate the past month and avoided the massive lagocide inflicted on the DiabloWikiHardcore community. A lot of good characters died to something they couldn’t see, couldn’t fight, and most importantly couldn’t control. Is this something we have to learn to deal with or something that will get better in time?

    I recall vividly sitting in my parents basement(yup it happened) playing Diablo 2 late night in the middle of a storm. As my DiabloWikiamazon was rounding a corner the lights in the room flickered and quickly faded to black. The power was out only for a few minutes and once it returned I anxiously checked my amazon’s fate. She didn’t make it through that storm. That was the risk I took playing in those conditions. I knew what could happen. So what’s a storm and a dial up modem have to do with D3?

    Knowledge of risk. Each game you create, each person you party with, each area you enter carries the risk your character will die. The one thing that is different with lag is it can’t be assessed until you experience it. In D3 at the moment you can be cruising through a level, beating down everything you see, and then be stopped in your tracks for no reason at all. Last night My barb was in DiabloWikiWhimsyshire plowing through some ponies, when I was almost done in by an arcane champ pack and lag. As their arcane orbs ticked around me I’d try to run out, only to find I hadn’t really moved. I was lucky enough that I was over level for the content. However, many in DiabloWikiinferno can not say the same.

    What do we do about an unknown risk? The second you feel it, or see it leave! It’s hard but sometimes you have to just step away. From my experience the servers don’t just hiccup and go back to normal. Those lag spikes come in waves. If you dodged the first one don’t sit and wait for the next to get you.

    “this is bullshit! I’ve only died to lag! Hardcore blows! Give me my char back! rabble rabble rabble”

    Blizzard will not give a character back due to a lag death. I know it sucks, and it’s on their end and not yours, and you want to control your death, but that’s how these games work. Lag is sadly something we have to accept in hitting create on a Hardcore character. You know it going in, and can’t expect someone to change the rules now that they are affecting you.

    It is disappointing however that after 6 weeks of being out we are seeing this kind of server instability. I recall lag killing a some people back in D2 but never in massive droves. Blizzard in one fell lag spike has caused a good amount of people to start over twice in the same month. Hopefully July has a better record and (in light of the mass killings) Blizzard addresses their servers issues.

    The game is still young but each new hiccup creates unease in the Hardcore community. Complaining like petulant children won’t change things, yelling for your character back, or screaming how the game sucks won’t help anyone. We knew those risks going in to the game. Our characters can and will die for any number of reasons, some in our control, some outside. However, if we as a community can point to lag and say “Blizzard do something about this” and not lose that voice in a week when everyone is back to 60, then perhaps lag can go back to being the lame excuse you gave for a death you were embarrassed about as opposed to the thing that’s killed more characters than Inferno. Until Blizzard does something or says something about how they will handle lag, keep asking!

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