One life to live #4: And hardcore shrugged

TheDiabloWiki Beta approaches and DiabloWikiHardcore shrugged…

Hardcore won’t be in the beta, I mean why would it? So each day that ticks by to the beta is a mixed bag for myself and I assume for the rest of the hardcore community. Sure we can look at the game and play it (hint Blizzard) but we can’t play the game we desire, and most importantly we are still in the dark about the many questions that remain about Hardcore.

Corpse looting.

A blessing and a curse in Diablo 2. I would often feel baited by some to let them loot my corpse, feeling like they were already reaching into my pockets. However, in the games where I found myself at death’s door with my friends I was happy to have the option. Even worse were the times I died without letting someone loot, or was by myself.  Without that option I would have lost a lot of ground, and not made as many close friends. With the exclusion of hostility (much to my chagrin) we don’t have to worry about our party members plotting our downfall to get our goods, and a corpse looting measure seems to fit the idea of us working together.

It also ties into the realism aspect of Hardcore. If a great warrior loses his life in front of us while wielding the sword of a thousand truths, someone would go and grab it, and use it themselves or give it to his next in line. We also don’t have a real money auction house so we don’t have to fear that our items would be poached and sold to pay off someone’s student loans or mortgage(though killing characters for cash does sound like an interesting meta game now).

Corpse looting also allows for a small sense of security in a game that can turn on you very quickly. We’ve heard of the terror that awaits us in Inferno, wouldn’t we be more likely to jump into that fray if we knew our party would be there if we faltered?

Dead Hardcore characters





What happens when you die? This isn’t a philosophical question, but a space and nostalgia one. I can’t speak for most, but I had a hard time deleting the ghost of my highest-level characters, and with only 10 slots I’m not sure what will happen. In the podcast last week I heard an idea from Flux that piqued my interest. What if we were given our own Hardcore graveyard for our characters? This would eliminate our need to hold on to an empty slot, while allowing us to revisit the memories of our fallen heroes. I would love this, while it would hurt to see my vast cemetery it could have awesome achievements tied to it as well, achievements for your first death, or for having fifty or more headstones. This could possible eclipse the Oregon Trail in terms or awesomeness of gravestones.

If we are stuck with the Diablo 2 model, then the situation gets tricky. While I’m not planning on dying a lot, I can’t make any promises( though I have been contemplating if I would get an achievement for being the first to die in Hardcore) Will the call to make a new character be strong enough to bump the ghost of my highest level?

Do I die in the arena?

Yes we do…wait no we don’t….wait no one knows a damn thing. We’ve heard Jay say:

Hardcore, you had mentioned that you changed it to a death match.
Jay Wilson: That’s what I want to do. There is a lot of pushback on the team. I announced that at Blizzcon and the community were all for it. We have gotten a bit of mixed results outside of Blizzcon. It’s easy for me to get a crowd worked up so… The PvP strike team that focuses on that area, they are pretty nervous about it. Their basic feeling is that if that is what happens, then hardcore characters just won’t PvP. But then there was hardcore dueling in D2 so we may change that. We may allow hardcore PvP players to play without dying.
That being said, I still want a way for hardcore players to duel even if not at ship. I am going to push for a way. Even if its basically just a place where you can go in the world where you are flagged for PvP. Even if it is that simple, there is a community, even if it’s a small community that I want to support. Those f**kers are crazy. Part of me is like aww you crazy bastards.

And had Bashiok on Twitter say:

@grug16 Less final than the witch doctor is a class, and more final than what happens to hardcore characters when they die in the arena.

And recently we heard…nothing. We are still in the dark on what for some could be their entire experience. Some may not enter in if they have perma-death, and some may not unless they have it, but at the moment all we do have is a lack of confirmation.

Can we go Hardcore right out of the gate?

This is the one to me that matters the most. Hardcore has always been an option, but in D2 originally you had to complete the game in normal to unlock it. If it is an option I already have to choose and agree to a disclaimer ,then why do I have to play through on a character I don’t? Softcore players are not forced to play hardcore, why force hardcore players to play softcore? I understand the concept of allowing players to experience the game with a light penalty, to see what it has to offer, but I for one feel handicapped by it. If this is how the game goes live I will be forced to slough through on a character I will delete (due to space), to earn the right to make one I can keep. Having little time to play I will be much further behind my friends who have more time, and may still be stuck on soft core while they make their way to Nightmare, or worse Inferno. This is a quick way to sour those who have already committed to hardcore,

Next week: Looking at the classes and their hardcore implications, or maybe they’ll announce the beta, I’ll get a key and go rogue.

One Live to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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17 thoughts on “One life to live #4: And hardcore shrugged

      • We’ve seen a lot of pics and even a movie of the char creation screens, and none have had a Hardcore box to check.

        Either you need to complete normal first like in D2, or they just don’t have HC as an option in the beta. Or we just haven’t seen it yet.

  1. hardcore requires you to play the game softcore once so that nublets dont pick hardcore when they have never played the game and have no idea whats going on and its implications.

    • That was the case in D2, but there’s been no word on whether that will be the case in D3.  Fingers crossed that we can start HC straightaway.

  2. From what I’ve heard from people who were at the press event, hardcore won’t be available in the beta, though I’d love to be wrong.

  3. I understand the concept of allowing players to experience the game with a light penalty, to see what it has to offer

    Hmm putting 2 and 2 together, with the no-RMAH on HC to save us from ourselves*, i get the feeling we are likely to see a “must complete SC first”.

    Also, is dying under the weight of the beta leak, site loading slowing to a crawl.

    *See recent paraphrase from Rob Pardo: Hardcore limited to gold AH, they don’t want to see people spend money on a character and then lose it.

    • No RMAH on HC isn’t to save you from yourselves, it’s to save them from you.

      I guarantee you the first time someone spent $15 on an item and then died due to a lag spike and lost it, there would be a 20-page thread clamoring for a lawsuit against Blizzard.

  4. Give the option for lethal and non-lethal pvp hardcore dueling. Sticking to only one option is going to screw over half the hardcore players. Actually, forget half, more like 95% of hardcore players will never pvp if its lethal. I understand that there are some who swear by lethal dueling and they can have that option too. It doesn’t make the rest of us any weaker or noobier.
    Whatever happened to practice sparring in sports where partners don’t kill each other =o…

    • It may not make you weaker, but it does make you look weaker in comparison. Not saying I would do it either, just saying lethal PvP with a level 60 in HC is pretty HC.

  5. Did I just read something about wanting corpse looting in HC? … come on … next thing you will want is do overs …
    HC is HC and thats it … and ya sometimes the items are worth more then the time it took you to level up at the current level.
    Ya I know it makes sense to be able to loot a HC character if you are near it.  But then again There wouldnt be that much of a consequence when you die then …
    Im not into playing SC and I dont want any SC hand holding in HC … period.
    And to be honest – dont really care about HC in the beta – its supposed to be what an hour long and has very little of the game in it.  Not like you are going to save your character or be in a ladder or anything.
    Im a big HC advocate – I will only play HC(unless they make me run a SC run thru) – and IMO its the only way to play … wouldnt even consider playing SC.

  6. Can someone please send me a link where does it clearly state there wont be rmah on hardcore? Thanks

  7. I was going to say … even thou I am against the rmah – I am a bit disappointed they wont have it in hc (I would laugh everytime someone paid alot of money for goods to have them lost).
    blizzards excuse about people crying over money spent seems lame … but sadly true because you know people would.  Too bad couldnt ban those people from HC because those should not be playing it.

  8. I would like an animation of falling on the ground and being unconscious for a while in this hardcore PvP business.

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