As a DiabloWikiHardcore purist I tend to stay in my own world. Upon release I will only venture into softcore to reach level 10, or to play when I can’t access my Hardcore character (a real problem during the beta). I’m not an DiabloWikiachievement hunter but I get the appeal of it. It’s shiny, it has a nice sound effect, and it’s a reward for your effort (or blind luck). While I may not need to clamor after them, I don’t like when things are withheld from me. During my entire beta experience I could get every achievement but one (technically two). It had nothing to do with skill, or luck, and everything to do with what I was trying to avoid…death.



    That achievement was Life Saver and involved resurrecting one of each class. Due to it being Hardcore you are already trying to avoid death and since it is beta you aren’t dying much anyway. However the real kicker is that you can’t resurrect a dead Hardcore character. So…how does a Hardcore player get that achievement? It’s simple…they don’t. The real kicker is that achievement was the last  puzzle piece in the  larger achievement Overachiever. With small cosmetic awards being rewarded for achievements losing out on these can be detrimental for some.  With the end of the beta now a reality we have to wait for release to answer a pressing question. Will we have achievements not unachievable in Hardcore?

    I don’t care how hard an achievement is, whether it’s soloing Diablo naked, listening to every story Cain has to tell, or playing a Demon Hunter (Ha!), someone in Hardcore will achieve it at some point. That’s what I love about Hardcore, we can do everything softcore can, and if we are challenged we will figure out a way. However, achievements like this don’t allow for any of that. There is nothing the Hardcore community can do to rise above something that is unattainable. Hardcore players will defeat Diablo, survive crazy situations, and beat DiabloWikiInferno, but they won’t have all their achievements for doing so? That seems wrong.

    However, on the flip side of the coin the beta itself was not intended to house Hardcore. Hardcore was implemented a long time after achievements were. Perhaps those achievements were only there as placeholders and not as a significant sign of things to come.

    What about Hardcore only achievements? Should we be rewarded while our softcore brethren are not? Yes and no. Should there be rewards for clearing Nightmare, Hell etc. and not dying? Of course, but I think those could be done in softcore as well. Perhaps those achievements could be a nice transition into Hardcore for those who might have been hesitant. Ultimately the best thing is to not penalize players of either mode. Keep the achievements separate and not contingent on ones in other modes.

    What are your thoughts on DiabloWikiAchievements in Hardcore? Sound off in the comments below!

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