Squishy but comfortable. No I’m not describing crocs ( horrible things) but the Wizard In Hardcore.  It is fitting that you find a passive called DiabloWikiGlass cannon but while it may be fragile it packs a lot of power.

    To shake things up I did something I normally wouldn’t do and made a female character. One could argue that with the wizard it didn’t matter but I’m not going to go there. It was actually kind of nice to play the class the way it was presented originally. Diablo 2 was nice in that it forced you to accept the gender they decided and by association forced you out of you comfort zone. Prior to D2 I don’t think I Had used a character outside of a Male one and Diablo 2 forced me to do that.

    My female wizard began like all my other characters kill zombies, gain levels and boom dead on my way to save Cain. I was a little over zealous in rounding up packs in Cathedral One and found my self surrounded with a wall on one side and monsters on all others. Try as I may I didn’t have the firepower to make a hole through the wall of monsters and escape, and certainly couldn’t kill them in time.

    Situational awareness is going to be huge in D3. I can’t think of too many times in D2 where the environment itself  could lead to your death. Sure the maggot lair had tight corners, and Durance of hate could pose some problems with fetishes but for the most part the environment was open. D2 was also light by comparison in the number of monsters you will see both on screen and swarming you. Combine those two and you have a nice recipe for death.

    Okay tangent aside, I recreated my Wizard and set about avoiding the large packs and walls. As a ranged character I found again some safety in the distance I was able to keep, however when they did get close I was very aware of my squishiness. I needed to be on the move and utilizing the skills I had to to keep them at bay. After my first death It was smooth sailing on calm seas and I grew to enjoy a class I once only feigned interest in.I enjoyed being able to freeze large packs of monsters and hurl magic at them, and something as simple as DiabloWikiray of frost could give me a lot of enjoyment. DiabloWikiDiamond skin as well as DiabloWikiwave of force were cool to see in action and I expect Diamond skin’s usefulness to rise in the later difficulties. The wizard will be a glass cannon, which has me still hesitant in Hardcore, however this play through has me mulling it over as a possibility for my first character.

    What are your thoughts? Wizard first of has something else caught your attention for release night?

    Next week: The Monk

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