One life to live #29: Hardcore Semantics

We’ve waited(and waited( and waited)) and we’ve finally got the deadline to end our wait. It’s hard to focus on anything but what two months time will bring us. However something outside the release date was on my mind.

A comment from last week had me thinking. Has the very name of our mode affected the perception of people who play it?

Delete your character when you die. Problem solved. Your so HARDCORE. Delete your character. Your so, strong willed and hardcore, take your death like a man and delete your character

What is in word? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Pehaps it’s time for a new name for our rose.

Prior to Diablo 2 I don’t recall the term Hardcore being tossed around too often( outside of porn, which is a different conversation). So, in selecting Hardcore I realized it was a seperate mode with a stringent death penalty. That was the only Hardcore I knew, and I associated thusly.

However, In the 10+ years since Diablo 2 came out Hardcore has come to mean so much more than that. Hardcore can be applied to almost any game, and any gamer willing to devote their time and energy to it. You can be a Hardcore Frogger player if your time and energy is invested into it. As a result we get the great divide between those labeled “hardcore” and those who are labeled “casual”. There is a stigma branded to both, and controversies on each side. If a game is to easy it’s “casual friendly” If a game is to difficult it’s only accessably for those “hardcore players”. If a game caters to both, then it’s playing it safe. There’s no way to win between those opposing ideas, and just by the name of our mode we find ourselves in one camp.

When then of our soft core counterparts? There will undoubtedly be soft core players on 72hour binges of D3 when the release hits, doesn’t that seem hardcore? Someone in this world is bound to choose to play D3 over sex, isn’t that hardcore? And my fellow writers here at IncGamers will not only be playing the game but creating articles, writing guides, editing movies, and moderating forums all about D3. Isn’t that Hardcore?

The stigma of being Hardcore come perhaps from the mode itself. A lot of people are scared or think it is stupid to invest time into something that will eventually ( hopefully not) die and be gone. We can even see in DiabloWikiThe Halls of the Dead the amount of time we’ve lost. So that loss of time and commitment perhaps leads some to perceive those who choose this mode to have a higher perception of themselves. For myself and  many others it’s not that we think we are better just that we prefer to play within certain confines, and perception of playing int hat realm does the rest.

Hell, I don’t know if I’m a “Hardcore” Hardcore player. Sure ,I write a column focused on it, but at the same time when release( May 15th!) comes I won’t be glued to my computer for weeks (Damn adult responsibilities). Sure I’ll play( a lot!) however, my real life will intercede. So I imagine I’d be classified a “casual”. However I’ll play Hardcore so I’ll be a “Hardcore casual” or an oxymoron.

With the deliniation that the word has taken over the years perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics. Maybe instead of Hardcore we have simple Permadeath mode. It states simply what the lone difference is between the modes and doesn’t insinuate any sort of complex or superiority. Would some egos be bruised by not having that arbitrary marker of awesomeness? Sure but in the end  most people reading this, most people who’ve waited for years probably already fall into that Hardcore label, the only real difference is that this mode allots you one life and the other many.

I know this won’t be a change we see, now or ever but a discussion for those who are new to the game. There is a difference between playing Hardcore and being just that. You can be both, you can be neither or some odd combination.

What do you guys think? Are Hardcore players more Hardcore?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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88 thoughts on “One life to live #29: Hardcore Semantics

  1. The question is are hardcore players more hardcore … Id say definately Yes! 
    I do it for the thrill and challenge and it will be nice to have no choice but to accept the death. 


    • I play hardcore for the challenge and the thrill as well.  Its just something I don’t get from softcore.  I play games casually these days though.  

      I have noticed one stigma about hardcore.  When you say ‘im play hardcore for the challenge’  many times people react as though you’re insulting them.  As if you are you’re an elitest.  Personally I just enjoy the adrenaline rush all the time.  Which is not something that softcore can provide.

      In Diablo 3, I will also enjoy the fact that there is no RMAH.  I like knowing Ive earned my way through a game, and don’t want 10yo billy down the road $h**ing all over that because he got ahold of daddys credit card. 

    • I play hardcore because the actual gameplay in hardcore is so much more enjoyable. All in all it will make me experience more good emotions, and that’s what we’re all in it for, is it not? Someone once said that the meaning of life is to feel as many good emotions as possible before we die. Maybe that’s true. Yea, it sucks when your character perma dies. Even players hard to the core hate dying, but if the time I’m investing in hardcore gives me a lot more joy then of course that’s what I will play. It will be worth it even if I die over and over again, because we only have so much time on this planet, and I can always create a new character, but I can’t get back all that time of less exciting softcore gaming. It’s true that I will have nothing to show for my invested time, but for me the time spent will have been of so much higher quality that it’s not even a choice. I honestly don’t see the point in playing at all if nothing (more or less) happens when you die. Without hardcore I’d play thru it once for the story, buy anything beyond that would be meaningless. Lots of softcore players might never understand this, but that’s okey because I might never understand them. Actually that was a lie; I understand some of them, but it sounded pretty good.

  2. I would make the argument that the bar is raised for hardcore, at least if the game is difficult as we hope it is.  I know that playing regular D3 you can goof off, let your character die, and get up and keep playing as if nothing ever happened.  You just can’t do that in hardcore without pretty major repercussions.
    But, even though the bar is raised, it is very possible to exceed that bar playing regular or hardcore.  The level of research, caution, skill and experimentation required to make hardcore a successful experience can just as easily be applied to regular, its just not necessarily required.

  3. The concept of a “hardcore” mode wasn’t really invented by Diablo, but that particular name for it seems to have been. I think “ironman” is actually a better term, which I’ve seen other games use.

    • “Ironman” has special meaning in the series, dating back to D1 (though possibly further), that has been taken into various Diablo clones by Diablo players.  So we couldn’t use that as a better name for HC.

      • yep iron man often referred to – going from the start till (as far as you could get) and having various restrictions such as (only use found gear and no going back to town)

      • I’ll agree with that. Ironman would have a good connection with the series while having the connotation of difficulty and mortality.

  4. I think it would be cool if the name of the mode did the opposite of what it currently does.
    For example if you were to call a character Mortal instead of Hardcore it gives a real sense of frailty instead of “I’m hardcore, i play this way because i like to play extreme”.
    I think it would be even more scary to play if it had a name that made you feel weak and frail from the get go… and isn’t that what being hardcore really is 😉

    • Thanks for the +1’s guys. Shame that as Xanth said, the name will probably never change

    • “Mortal” really puts it best. Mortality is the one difference between the two game modes. Well, that and the RMAH, but that’s a different matter. Everything else in the “hardcore” experience is an effect of that cause.
      I think it would be awesome if the death message incorporated the term “mortal coil” into it.

  5. I do like the idea of changing the name of the mode, people sometimes get confused and think that just because you play the game on softcore mode somehow means you can’t be a ‘hardcore’ gamer.

    Hardcore just means: uncompromising and committed. Anyone can be hardcore without the title of the mode itself being hardcore. 

  6. I just think they are very different games, hardcore and softcore. I know superficially observing it seems the only difference is in the death, but I think a bigger difference is the mindset of the player. Now, with mindset I don’t mean “strong minded and weak minded players”. In fact, when I first heard this concept of “tough players” and “pussies” I laughed because I thought it was ludicrous. People often seem to miss this point of them being two diffent games. I would compare softcore to a city building game and harcore to real time strategy.

       People don’t play softcore because they are afraid. Atleast I don’t. I play softcore because I have a different mindset to what Diablo as a game is(city building…lol). To me it’s about collecting loot, building characters, admiring my collection of characters infinitely, pvping with said characters, in the end. The actual pvm aspect is just means of getting there, albeit a fun one. Fun and careless. I like being able to relax while playing. So losing my characters after one death goes against everything I like about Diablo.

    For hardcore people, the emphasis is on the pvm, the action instead of the goal. Sure, they can collect loot and admire their characters just as much but it’s not the main point. Pvp is limited also. It’s about the thrill and strategy.

    I do play hardcore occasionally when I feel I need a different kind of game experience.

  7. i see nothing wrong with the name and see no reason whyit should be changed. maybe the people who dont play hardcore want to feel hardcore and cant since they play in the live forever world of normal mode?

  8. You don’t really lose the time you spent when your character dies…

    It’s all about the experience, right? 

  9. I had a relevant discussion with my wife about this topic.  I feel compelled to play Hardcore in D3 because it was all I played in D2 and I enjoyed it immensely.  However, given my more limited time to play games these days with more real life responsibilities, I am considering playing Softcore first to experience the full scope of the game then switching to Hardcore for a challenge later.  So in a sense, for me being a Hardcore gamer and playing Hardcore mode still align.  Unfortunately, the days of me being able to make time to be a Hardcore gamer are on hiatus.

    • No EXCUSES! 😀  

      There is nothing like playing hardcore … nothing … you die you are gone … your items are gone … its over …

      the only reason I might even think about playing SC is for the rmah and selling things there but honestly I dont even think I could muster that …


      • ^.^ I did not intend to make excuses.  I will do exactly what I did in Beta upon release, ding level 10, make a hardcore character, never make another SC character for the duration of time I play D3.
        This time around though it will probably take me 6-8 months to see inferno.  🙁

  10. I bet at least a few HC players out there got into it specifically because it was called \hardcore.\ As someone who has never played it I don’t care about these distinctions. I don’t feel \stigmatized\ in any way. I do think the term \Mortal\ is awesome. I’ve always hated the whole \life limit\ stuff in games. I was just never that skilled at video games and found many NES titles simply unbeatable before Game Genie unlocked unlimited lives for me (I avoided other cheats like invincibility and such). The Diablo games are great for giving players a choice when they start a game. There have always been those intense players out there. One of my friends back in high school made a big deal about playing through Zelda: Link to the Past in one sitting without dying. The word the rest of us used in response wasn’t \hardcore\ though…

  11. I’d call it “Deathwish” or something. Everyone knows they will die, specially if they start hardcore off the bat. We know and we savor that feeling, almost wishing it to happen. It keeps us alive. 
    Until we die. Then your hearth stops, for some it stops for a day, some start the new adventure after an hour or so;)
    Thats hardcore deathwish to me, at least;)

  12. For me, the difference between hardcore D2 and softcore D2 had nothing to do with the name.  I had been playing softcore for over a year when a friend wanted to play D2 online together.  We go to make characters and he says ‘Oh, I only play hardcore.’  I had never tried it but gave it a shot.  It was like a completely different game.  Where I used to rush in with very little consequence suddenly there were huge consequences.  My heart rate would actually shoot up during stressful moments.  In comparison, ‘normal’ D2 was a snooze-fest and I never looked back.  (That meant abandoning at least a dozen softcore characters to the 90-day timeout…part of the hardcore mindset, I guess.)  The point is the game was completely different–it wasn’t just a name change + a small death-is-permanent change.
    I am both excited and a little worried if inferno mode is as hard as they are advertising.  Will hardcore be a challenge to get to inferno and survive a little?  Or will you be able to keep a character long enough to worry about farming and stockpiling good gear?  Will it be worthwhile to try to make the upper level gems in hardcore?  Or will you be losing characters so much that making such gems (and putting them in equipped gear) is pointless?

  13. HC players game for the rush, not for feeling superior to SC players.
    Ok, well, maybe a little 😀

  14. Mortal would be fine, but Diablo calls it hardcore. The argument that people would be confused or offended by this because there is a more general connotation to the word seems weak. Think of it in relative terms, softcore is more casual friendly, is it not? So the terms make sense, even if not every HC player is dedicated, and not every SC player is casual.

    It is “hardcore” because it is harder to win.

    Think about it like this: say I’m a trapeeze artist and I decide to use a net, but I fall. So, I attempted to do softcore acrobatics, and failed. It doesn’t become hardcore if I later kill myself, though I may. Hardcore describes the mode, not the player.

      • From google, let’s see if any of them are special cased to not be censored:

        *List of 93 words containing ‘rape’ removed, because really, it was quite spammy*
        Nope, don’t see any special cases, let’s send a cameraperson to photograph the trapeze artist while he / she eats some grapes and picks out drapes.

  15. I considered myself a “hardcore” gamer during my prime (which means college days).  But still I have played D2 hardcore and was indifferent to it.  I say I played 90% softcore mainly due to the fact all my friends played softcore.  We don’t want to leave anyone behind just because they died and have to start over. 

    People get too caught up in the HC vs SC debate.  HC has this elitist attitude thinking that HC is harder to play and requires more skills.  While it is true, but lets be realistic, it is not rocket science.  Anyone can play HC if they choose to.  It is an option, not a testament to their manhood. 

    • Agreed.

      But your point is weakened by taking sides. You can’t accuse people of being caught up in something you’re playing into.

      • I am not taking sides.  I am indifferent to the two modes.  Just happen to spent more time on SC than HC.  Just saying that one side doesn’t have to try to diss the other side.  Its no point in it.  Its like telling people the best color is blue and all other colors are inferior. 

        • Yes, but you’re calling the HCs elitist. “People get too caught up in political discussions. Republicans have such elitist attitudes.” How does that make sense? That will provoke one side! One does not follow the other. You are, by definition, getting caught up in the debate when you characterize one side or the other like that. If you wanted to make a point about how HCs comport themselves, then step into the game and take responsibility for which side you’re on. And if you didn’t mean to pile onto HCs, then you failed.

  16. Hardcore is a fitting name for the mode. If softcore players feel bad about not being labeled hardcore by the game they need to grow tougher skin.
    Personally not touching hardcore unless an offline mode is implemented. Not a fan of losing my character because of a lag spike.

  17. I think hardcores went over the ego edge a long time ago when they started calling normal softcore.

  18. Good read. Oh and btw Xanth, can you write a column once a week on how you progress through hardcore mode (post release ofc)?

    • Yes of course, once the game hits I’ll be focusing on the progress of hardcore ( both mine and others). In fact next week I’ll be breaking down my hardcore beta experiance thus far

      • don’t know why that posted as rush but that should be xanth, hmm i could have some fun with this..

  19. Great article! I’m glad you brought this up.

    I think the title “hardcore” for that gameplay mode is fine. It’s got too much history in Diablo to change now. What should change, however, are the holier-than-thou attitudes people have about people who enjoy the game in a different way than they themselves do. Just drop the stigma, and the silly sense of pride. You’re not necessarily having more fun than the next person just because you play the game at a higher difficulty, and that person who plays the game at a higher difficulty and dying a lot isn’t necessarily “wasting their time”. Stop berating people who have fun in different ways than you do, and just have fun with the game in your own way! 

  20. I play hardcore for one reason…and one reason only.  The RUSH.  When you see your health bar drop, screen flash red, warning sound, and your heart rate jumps from 110 BMP to 160 BPM in 1 second which is faster than a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport that goes 0-60 in 2.4 secs, knowing you are almost dead. Its that rush, and that rush alone, that I play. I love it. When you survive a battle like that, you feel elite… or just downright dumb depending on how the situation came about.

  21. To be honest, back in the days I`d be Hardcore Hardcore, meaning ~20h a day playing hardcore mode.. But nowadays.. its WORK WORK WORK.. Thats how i spent my hours.. When its released.. Well i`m damn sure i`ll postpone some of the work that i can, and spent those hours in D3 but that wont be the same as before. But hell yeah i`m still hardcore! Same goes for everyone that used to play trough the night and even the next day.. Hell yeah all of us who work now will do this. We`ll get home from our day work, and we`ll play trough the night and when the morning comes we`ll go back to work.. And even if thats not gonna happen since i do need to sleep eventualy, and my wife would eventualy kill me.. i`m sure i`m still hardcore.. Cause i`ll spent every free second that i have playing D3!

  22. I’d say that people who play hardcore are usually more skilled (because unskilled people would quickly tire of constantly losing their char) and because of HC players being more skilled, they’re also regarded to be “more HC”.

    • It depends what “skilled” means in Diablo…you could argue that hardcore players are simply playing more slow and cautious which is not necessarily skill but just tedious progress. In the same vein you could even say that softcore players are more skilled because they play with more risk and so have learned to avoid death in trickier situations.

      I’m not claiming this is the case, just presenting a different viewpoint.

  23. I think the inverse should actually happen.

    Why is live forever mode considered “normal” mode? While this does cater to the schema of other games, I’ve always felt there should be a limit to how many times a player can make a mistake before they are severely punished (aka permadeath). There’s no continue button in real life. Maybe they should just rename “normal” mode into “casual” (or some other equivalent) mode and make “hardcore” mode into “mortal” (Credit to Burgestrum) mode.

    Just food for thought, I won’t really feel any different if none of these changes are made.  

    • Games are not real life, they are an escape from real life. Nobody should be “severely punished” in a form of entertainment.

      And, with your logic, you should only be able to roll one character and if that dies, you can never start a new character, because that would be a “continue button”.

      • I’ll admit, my argument isn’t very strong. By “severely punished”, I meant there should be some form of consequence for mistakes/dumb play that isn’t just  slap on the wrist. Think Contra. This was just a personal opinion, I know games like that aren’t for everyone. I think having the element of punishment increases the excitement of the action.

        I was just trying put forth an argument for changing “normal” mode to “casual” mode, as, in my opinion, casual makes more sense than normal.

        I don’t think rerolling a character is a “continue button”, it’s more like hitting restart.

  24. There is a big difference between Playing Hardcore and Being Hardcore.
    I can’t even bother to explain, it should be self-explanitory?

  25. Playing hardcore gives 10times MORE tension then playing softcore. The penalty for dying is DEATH. It doesn’t matter if you play 1 hour per day, or 14. Hardcore players are -in my experience- more adult players and more experienced players which makes it nice to play with the “same kind”. 

    You only see me in softcore the first 10 levels, required to unlock hardcore.

    With my agenda, I am hoping to make 10 hours a week at least. I have those adult responsibilities aswell lol. 

  26. When I think of hardcore Diablo, I think of one word:


    You need to be a masochist to want to play hardcore Diablo.

    Masochist: a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others.

    • Nah, it’s gotta be sadism. I giggle a little every time someone in one of my games dies 😉

      • You’re only a sadist if you’re the one that kills them! Or maybe if you mail them a framed and signed screen shot of their dead level 60!

    • So basically what your saying, is that hardcore players are all emo?
      Come on man, tickle me e….. 😀

    • Masochism Mode.  Instead of a check box, there should be a bloody letter opener going through a pair of clasped hands.

  27. I’d like to reference Jay Wilson’s comments about how he was playing in inferno, and died a lot, and it was *fun*.
    People get so caught up in not dying, that they forget that there can be a fun in dying as well.  Both forms of gameplay and entertainment are equally valid, and, in fact, are quiet complementary.  Non-hardcore (soft core…) players can have a more whimsical, cathartic experience, while hardcore players can emphasize their pride and technique.  They fit together well.  People should be proud to play both modes…

  28. Less is more… less playing = more impact. I can still remember at least 3 of my D2 hardcore deaths. As for softcore I think I remember a barb I played… no wait that was a mule 😛

    1: Lvl 35 Bow-paladin killed by Diablo in normal, using kuko.
    2: Lvl 40 Bear druid died in bloody foothills from lag with like 8 people in the game.
    3: …. ahaha fuck I had some bad losses, my good buddy played my account when I was taking a break, he killed off my like 49 paly fully uniq’d out plus my sorc

    All in all much more memorable gameplay in HC mode. No name change needed, hardcore is best for nostalgia purposes alone.

  29. Master Race mode.

    I’d guess that people who play hardcore mode are on average more hardcore, as in more dedicated gamers, simply because of the time you want to put into the game (repeatedly).
    Although the term is probably just supposed to mean “more challenging mode”. Perma-death mode would be more descriptive, but oh my would people have complained even more about D3 not being D2 if they changed the name 😛

  30. I think they should have kept the loot-retireval option. I don’t understand why they removed it. There’s still a chance of not being able to get it back because the rest of the party might be too weak to retrieve it or they get dropped from the server or something…

    I guess there are varying degrees of being “hardcore” and in D3 you’re more hardcore than in D2.

  31. I’m probably the only one, but why do a lot of people think Hardcore is (much) harder? The only thing i see is that you die upon death. That doesn’t make the game in itself harder. Instead of being able to continue with your lvl 40 barb, you have to level a new one up to 40 and then continue with it. The game mechanics themselves don’t become more difficult, it will only be more time consuming. With the same character and the same moves you would die at the same times in “softcore” as in Hardcore, the only difference is the time it takes to get back to the point just before you died.

    As to answer the question: In general, the percentage of Hardcore players that are hardcore will be bigger then the percentage of “softcore” players that are hardcore. There are thousands of hardcore players across both modes though. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in a game, you might want to go with softcore, since you can rush, don’t lose progress and beat the game in a reasonable amount of time. If you do want to spend more time on the game (be it playing all over or only playing more cautiously) you can have the added thrill of hardcore.    

    • Yup, similar to what I said.  I do also think that people get too caught up in titles, and would have fun playing both, if they gave themselves the chance.

  32. Not true. The game is more difficult, because you can’t go out in a blaze of glory as a tactical decision in HC. What do you think Grenadier is for for the DH? 

    • Your statement doesn’t really make sense. You claim the tactical decision of “blaze of glory” is easier, yet hardcore players don’t use it? Why not if it’s easier? See the logical fallacy

      You can call hardcore more tactical and stressful, but it is not harder by any means. If anything, it’s easier with the tactics used(staying back, taking it slow, frantic chugging of potions, town portaling and saving and exiting)

      Edit: Seems I have misinterpreted the term “blaze of glory”(as I’m not a native English speaker). I see it means suicide. I thought it meant a sort of “bold attack”. Still, my point stands nontheless. I am not a huge fan of such skills, but I doubt they make the game easier in any significant way and I doubt anyone is going to choose death as a tactic. There is no way Blizzard would endorse such ridiculousness.

      • I’m not saying that “going out in a blaze of glory is easier”. I’m saying that the capacity to die in SC, and then come back, means you can solve problems in ways an HC character couldn’t. If you die in HC, all the challenges you were working on get reset, so you can’t make progress on them in steps. HC precludes certain forms of problem-solving, so it makes the game harder.

        Edit: I’m not knowledgeable enough about D3 to tell you whether it is “significantly” harder. But I believe it is harder.

      • He’s saying you can’t make a string of suicide runs in HC, which is true.  I think they’re fun though, and going by the twitter feeds, so do the game devs!
        But yeah, not harder.  I’d say HC is more *methodical*.  Gotta learn the layout of the level, the patterns and actions of the enemies.  You really catch a lot more detail that way, but then again, it’s sometimes nice just to kick back, maybe even have a drink, and just mash some buttons and watch demons die.   Both are good!

        • Yeah I realise my error. I edited my post. Still it doesn’t alter my opinion at all. Saying hardcore is harder than softcore is like saying Diablo 2 is harder than Diablo 2. I realise that the methods of playing can be very different but some mysterious extra difficulty doesn’t just appear out of thin air. People are confusing stress and meticulousness with difficulty.

          • I thought Grenadier explained my point pretty well. An HC player simply cannot reasonably benefit from a bomb going off after she dies, but a SC Demon Hunter could. She could run right back to where those monsters are and continue fighting THOSE monsters. If you can benefit from a tactic that another person does not, then you have an easier time of it. Feel free to argue the level of significance, though.

            I’m not sure why this is as contentious as it is.

            Edit: Also, isn’t being meticulous more difficult than being…lax? I’m not arguing that SC players are lax, or that HC players are meticulous, but I would argue that being meticulous is harder than not being meticulous.

  33. I know what I am when I saw the release date! ‘hard’ 😉 

    I don’t think you can define it…. It’s up to the opinion of the individual….

    I’m more hardcore than you… I heard some muppet say once… Haha 

  34. Well Kintara, since D3 isn’t out yet I am mainly talking from the perspective of Diablo 2. I don’t think there was any significant difficulty difference between hardcore and softcore. There were rainbow facets later on, but again, no one would rather die than use some more damaging skill. Even if they did, it would not alter the difficulty of the game in any significant way. It’s a moot point.

    But I admit I missed your point completely at first. I didn’t know you were talking about D3 hardcore exclusively. As I said, I am not a fan of that skill. Seems to be of small significance in this argument, but I haven’t played D3

    As for the meticulous argument, I don’t find drinking a glass of water more meticulously harder than drinking it faster. It’s just…slower. Though the chances of spilling are less so I would say it’s easier

    • Re: Meticulousness. Firstly, meticulousness isn’t slowness, but completeness or thoroughness. I can do something both more meticulously and faster than you if I know what I’m doing. The antonym to “meticulous” is “careless.” So, is it harder to drink a glass of water thoroughly, than to do so carelessly? I think so.

      Meticulousness demands a higher standard. Higher standards are harder to meet.

      • I disagree. Being meticulous doesn’t automatically mean you are doing a better job. I can do the same action relaxed or careless with equal standards. This is the simple difference between hardcore and softcore, the mental state of the player. You are more stressed because you feel the need to be meticulous, while I am more relaxed. But we are doing the same thing in essence(especially if you are fast as you said). There is no actual difference in difficulty, this should be common sense.

        • Oi. Okay. A mountain can be easy to climb, or difficult to climb. A mountaineer can be skilled, thus making climbing all mountains easier, or a novice. A mountaineer can be meticulous by habit or careless by habit. A mountaineer can practice meticulousness, but does not need to practice carelessness. It is harder to practice meticulousness than it is to practice the opposite.

          • As I said way back, the problem all along has been you confusing meticulousness with difficulty. It is not the same thing. I think it’s because usually more difficult actions demand more meticulousness, so it’s easy to associate meticulousness with difficulty. But here we are talking about two identical activities, not an easier activity done relaxed and a harder one done meticulously. Two identical activities done either relaxed or meticulously. It doesn’t magically become harder if it’s done meticulously because it’s the same action. It may for you if being stressed and meticulous affects your performance, but you can’t claim it’s universally more difficult because they are the same actions.

            Also, I could turn this around and say it’s harder to play relaxed than meticulous. Think of it like this: playing Diablo after a good night’s sleep and focused(meticulous) and completely wasted(relaxed). Which one is harder? I’m not going to claim it’s universally harder to play drunk and relaxed, but I suspect that’s true for many. But it depends on the person. These things can’t be argued. What annoys me is simply stating that hardcore is harder than softcore as a fact when the true fact is that they are identical in difficulty.

            Edit: Another example as it comes to my mind lol: drawing a straight line, perfect circle, square or such by hand. Is it easier done carelessly or meticulously? It is simply false that meticulously=more difficulty

  35. Harcore mode –> adrenaline –> constant slight muscle tension –> repetitive strain injury –> fail

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