So.. first I got into the beta and then a few days later DiabloWikiHardcore was enabled into the beta. To top it all off, Hardcore is unlocked after getting level 10. Not completion of the game, not after seeing all there is to see, but simply reaching levels capable even in the beta.

    Is the HC option at level 10 a permanent change, or only for the beta?

    permanent change

    Analysis, rejoicing and more after the bump.


    I was all but resigned to my fate of playing through soft core, we had heard time and time again it was inevitable. Did it suck? Of course but multiple forum threads of displeasure and requests for change seemed to lead nowhere. When it cropped up in the patch notes weeks ago the fate of all hardcore players seemed set. However things change ( hopefully not this) and now we’re looking pretty good come release.

    While it isn’t what we really wanted I can’t find fault in the new system. All you now have to do is is reach level 10 and your off to Hardcore. I don’t recall this being suggested and I wish I had thought of it, but it shows blizzard has been listening to the hardcore community and is willing to compromise.

    We all win in this scenario. Getting to level 10 is not tough by any means, it won’t take hours, it won’t take days, just a short amount of playtime. It also won’t spoil any bit of the story that we don’t already know. Just getting up to the skeleton king should put you close to level 10. If you’ve paid attention to the streams or have beta access yourself than you’re not going to end up learning anything new.

    Now each turn, each pack of mobs will be a fresh experience. Each situation will be new, and have a chance to lead to our demise. I for one welcome it and will have a detailed report of hardcore in the beta and my experiences back in the beta ( after a few months) in the days to come.


    As an update after a playing a bit last night 1-10 took me around 1-2 hours. That includes some time spent in town messing around. So I expect those very focused on just getting to 10 to reach it much quicker. Still can’t create a hardcore character yet but expect to soon.

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