One life to live #28: It’s been a good week

So.. first I got into the beta and then a few days later DiabloWikiHardcore was enabled into the beta. To top it all off, Hardcore is unlocked after getting level 10. Not completion of the game, not after seeing all there is to see, but simply reaching levels capable even in the beta.

Is the HC option at level 10 a permanent change, or only for the beta?

permanent change

Analysis, rejoicing and more after the bump.


I was all but resigned to my fate of playing through soft core, we had heard time and time again it was inevitable. Did it suck? Of course but multiple forum threads of displeasure and requests for change seemed to lead nowhere. When it cropped up in the patch notes weeks ago the fate of all hardcore players seemed set. However things change ( hopefully not this) and now we’re looking pretty good come release.

While it isn’t what we really wanted I can’t find fault in the new system. All you now have to do is is reach level 10 and your off to Hardcore. I don’t recall this being suggested and I wish I had thought of it, but it shows blizzard has been listening to the hardcore community and is willing to compromise.

We all win in this scenario. Getting to level 10 is not tough by any means, it won’t take hours, it won’t take days, just a short amount of playtime. It also won’t spoil any bit of the story that we don’t already know. Just getting up to the skeleton king should put you close to level 10. If you’ve paid attention to the streams or have beta access yourself than you’re not going to end up learning anything new.

Now each turn, each pack of mobs will be a fresh experience. Each situation will be new, and have a chance to lead to our demise. I for one welcome it and will have a detailed report of hardcore in the beta and my experiences back in the beta ( after a few months) in the days to come.


As an update after a playing a bit last night 1-10 took me around 1-2 hours. That includes some time spent in town messing around. So I expect those very focused on just getting to 10 to reach it much quicker. Still can’t create a hardcore character yet but expect to soon.

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26 thoughts on “One life to live #28: It’s been a good week

  1. Can just imagine it now. Play through nearly the whole game, right about to hit final boss… lag spike and death. ;D

  2. There is no way Blizzard will move it back to the end of the normal now. It would be PR suicide. I’m so happy.

  3. HC at lvl 10 is good news indeed.  And I agree with the OP, it was a great week for news – a lot of features that people were hoping for are now in the game.
    Even the worst bit of news (no EU beta test) I consider to be good(ish) news.  I’m simply trying to read the tea leaves here, but I take it to mean that the game launch can’t be too far away – no sense in deploying a beta and making sense of the metrics and feedback in a compressed time schedule.  I do feel for the EU crowd though, and I hope that Blizzard is slamming their EU servers with simulated stress tests to make sure you are good to go at launch.  I’d bet money that is exactly the route they are taking.

  4. I LOVE the change and the story isn’t spoiled for us.  Thank GOD they listened!

  5. Well why lvl 10, sounds stupid to me. Just leave the ppl play HC from the start if they want or then like it was befor after once played thru normal. But like that its silly. So play to lvl 10 and then start a new HC Char. Thats make no sence for me…

    • Well you’re right. Especially because it’s almost impossible to die at the first 10 levels. Even after the patch I can easily stand in a pack of 20 Monsters with my lvl 11 DH and I don’t really lose HP.
      But I think it’s better for the people that want to play HC rahter than they’re forced to play the complete normal game through.

      • Yeah sure its better for ppl that want to play HC. But like that they could just remove the restriction at all.
        Lucky you that you are have the chance to play in the beta :D!

    • Their logic might be that playing a character for an hour or so and then starting over might help better drive home the point about what hardcore mode is like to those that might not realize it. Yes, it’s not a ton of time and effort, but to a player who really has no business playing hardcore, it might be enough to drive the point home to them.

      No matter what warning Blizzard pops up, some players are not going to read it (there are tons of people like this, and they are the bane of UI designers everywhere). With this small requirement put in the way, the player has started a character, clicks the hardcore button and says ‘I have to start over? Lame!” and then goes back to their level 10 character.

      • This ^^, plus what Butchkun said below, are two of four reasons I can imagine they did this. To break it down:
        1)  People now will know that Hardcore is altogether something different from what they had available, not just a harder difficulty or something.
        2)  People won’t be able to stupidly click the Hardcore button then rage quit after they die the first time.
        3)  When people try Hardcore and die in it, they already have a character ready and waiting for them rather than having to start from scratch.
        4)  It adds another unlockable option to the game as a reward to the player for their efforts. That unlockable option is more than just an achievement to boot.

    • simply to prevent people who don’t know what hardcore is and don’t read disclaimers to randomly pick hardcore, go play like 5-6 hours until they finaly die, find out their mistake and simply uninstall the game. Many casual call of duty players could fall for it and it would be a shame to ruin their experience even though they almost deserve it in that kind of case, while you can simply put a 1 hour of gameplay restriction to make sure it can’t happen.
      Also although all the whining there’s been about the normal playtrough, I still suspect most hardcore players won’t like to die a lot before even clearing the game once, and so they will still do an SC run once they’ve lost a couple characters in act 2.

      • can I please +15 this response?  This is exactly why.   I started playing Terraria with my brother and he unwittingly selected medium core only to discover that losing everything on death is annoying when you are just trying to play casually.  It was also his first time playing which made it worse.  (it’s very easy to die in that game)   Lots of people read that kind of setting as “difficulty” setting.   Preventing people from misinterpreting what it is for their first ever character is important. 

  6. Just to note: Many crafted items are now higher level requirements in the Beta.
    Half of my equipped barb gear is now lvl 14+ required.

  7. I’d prefer it to be available from the start, but I understand why Blizzard doesn’t want to make that available. 
    This is a good compromise. We’re only losing 2~ hours of playtime now, instead of 10~ or whatever a normal run through will take.

  8. you will all suffer in hell for choosing to play hc, you TINY WORMS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA … 🙂

  9. It was supposed to be ”THE LEGENDARY WEEK”. As far as I’m concerned, this week sucked hard. We want a release date and/or Beta for everyone, the rest isn’t much than pure teasing.

  10. I will waste less time playing softcore = better.
    I will still waste time playing softcore = still not good enough.
    If it can be 10 it can be 0 so stop being stubborn fucks.

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