Ramping up to release we’re getting all sorts of new tidbits of information. Runes, and skills and a Pause button? Make a quick assement of you home what has a pause feature? DVD player, Video game system, and soon D3!

    What does this mean for Hardcore?

    First it is single player only. This limits its usefulness in crazy situations with four players and mass hysteria going around. However I’d be remiss If I didn’t say having a 10 month old pausing might be kind of nice.

    However, I’ve played enough D2 lately to realize that when things are cropping up in real life I can easily go to town and exit. With town portal being a quick cast I don’t really see the need for this feature.

    Will it save your life? If you were the type of player who would go afk in the middle of a chaos run for several minutes it could. However in most situations pausing will not stop that massive amount of arcane monsters from continuing to swarm you at 2% life. It will let you enjoy the last breathe of you character but won’t let you save it.

    Ultimatley I will end up using this feature at some point. If My kid’s down for a nap and could awaken at any moment I may want to just play a solo game for a bit on the off chance He wakes up. Or if I may grab wife aggro and don’t feel like sacrificing my high level monk to appease her. Will this make Hardcore easy-mode? Not by a long shot, but it may make it easier to step away for a minute and eliminate those dumb mistakes we are prone to make.

    Will you utilize it or do you scorn the consolish nature of this change?

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