One life to live #26: Respect the Pause

Ramping up to release we’re getting all sorts of new tidbits of information. Runes, and skills and a Pause button? Make a quick assement of you home what has a pause feature? DVD player, Video game system, and soon D3!

What does this mean for Hardcore?

First it is single player only. This limits its usefulness in crazy situations with four players and mass hysteria going around. However I’d be remiss If I didn’t say having a 10 month old pausing might be kind of nice.

However, I’ve played enough D2 lately to realize that when things are cropping up in real life I can easily go to town and exit. With town portal being a quick cast I don’t really see the need for this feature.

Will it save your life? If you were the type of player who would go afk in the middle of a chaos run for several minutes it could. However in most situations pausing will not stop that massive amount of arcane monsters from continuing to swarm you at 2% life. It will let you enjoy the last breathe of you character but won’t let you save it.

Ultimatley I will end up using this feature at some point. If My kid’s down for a nap and could awaken at any moment I may want to just play a solo game for a bit on the off chance He wakes up. Or if I may grab wife aggro and don’t feel like sacrificing my high level monk to appease her. Will this make Hardcore easy-mode? Not by a long shot, but it may make it easier to step away for a minute and eliminate those dumb mistakes we are prone to make.

Will you utilize it or do you scorn the consolish nature of this change?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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13 thoughts on “One life to live #26: Respect the Pause

  1. How is pausing a ‘consolish’ feature? I don’t know how many PC games you actually can’t pause – and the only reason this is news at all is that it’s different from D2, because they have improved on the client/server communication to make it possible.

    • i dont think ; characters exist for 10 seconds in game time after the you log out / the signal is lost. so you need to be save if you log out.

      this is just my assumption but missing that would be a huge oversight by blizzard.

  2. For me, it looks like pause button and action game aren’t a good match. If you want to breathe go to town and that’s it, you’re safe, or just leave the game. Anyways it won’t save you from death.

    • If you’re in the middle of a battle and the phone rings for example, you can’t go to town immediatly…

  3. Yes, but not immediately.  Your character stays in the game for a few seconds (10?) before despawning. Because the game is run server side, closing the game won’t save you anymore.  You quit your client, but your character and game session will stay active on the servers for a bit.   

  4. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, the game only paused at the very beginning of Patch 13. It’s since stopped doing that. (I am referring, of course, to single player games.)

  5. This seems like it could be abused in hardcore. 
    Imagine if you will, a level 60 late inferno toon you spent over 100 hours building and collecting the best/rarest tier set. You get in over your head on a boss fight, you know you cant possibly survive the 10 second log out feature, of the boss wailing on you, while you wait for the timer. You know you cant complete the fight, you take far more damage then available health orbs, this is a battle of attrition you know you are going to lose. 

    So I pause it. I wait 2hours, un-pause and re-pause quickly, (or whatever time period if there is any pause cool down,) and repeat waiting for…. 

    One of 2 things to happen. 

    One the server boots you. Okay, maybe they can patch in or already coded in a forced 10 second client disconnect of the player before the player disappears from the world server side. A little bit cumbersome but no different then just a normal lag out disconnect, like when a player alt f4’s. Just Let everyone know that they cant pause the game for more then an hour (or whatever set time) or go idle for more then an hour.  

    Or the server crashes. This is the one that 100+hour game time /played hardcore toon hopes for. When server crashes, there is no 10 seconds server time played out scenario. Just an immediate disconnect from last player saved state of \5 percent life and paused.\ Sure you may have to leave your computer running for a day or 2 pausing and un-pausing every so often to achieve this, but this is a far better scenario then losing that hardcore toon you spent so much time on already.

    People will figure this out.

     Additional thoughts are: one, the servers are probably going to crash fairly often around launch, (even if most players do not notice because they do not stay in the same game for 48 hours strait) Two, Imagine the additional strain of additional resources taken up by said players doing this. 

    Simple partial fix: Do not allow pausing for boss fights (at least in hardcore.)  Total fix: Do not allow pausing in hardcore at all. (Hey its hardcore folks!) 

    • Seriously?

      That is just ridiculous, pausing a game and hope for a server time out. 
      If you’re not going to use a pause button (because its hardcore) then just dont use it or play in teams.

      For some people it is just very convenient to have a pause button when someone calls you or whatever. 

    • Interesting potential exploit. I think the pause should have a timeout, after which it automatically logs you out. Combine this with a very short cooldown between unpausing and pausing again, this exploit can mostly be prevented. I’d suggest values of 15 mins for the timeout and 1 second for the cooldown.
      Click pause if you need to go pick up your baby, answer the door, put out that kitchen fire, etc. Come back in a few minutes to play or head to town. If you can’t come back in time, don’t worry, you’ll get logged out automatically. If you were trying to exploit and you end up dead due to the logout process: too bad, so sad.

  6. Just want to agree with humungous that D2 had pausing in single player, namely pressing Esc key. It’s nothing new and it won’t change a thing. If it’s disabled in Multiplayer (like Esc was in D2 – namely it didn’t pause anything in MP, just open the menu), there’ll be no change whatsoever.
    What I’m interested in knowing though, from a HC viewpoint, can you enter the game menu during pause and quit game? If not, and if the ‘game menu > leave game’ procedure isn’t anywhere near instant or safe in single player, this is actually a nice compromise to fix the issue that some players would \cheat\ in SP by quitting rather than dying in HC (which beats the purpose of HC obviously) – of course, it being single player, each to his own really. 
    And no, there’s nothing ‘consolish’ about pausing.

  7. i welcome the pause button, its daft it isnt there on solo mode.
    After all, you’re playing solo…

    If people are so poor they would use pause to save their HC mode character by waiting for a server crash or reboot… just make it unavailable on HC, or suck it up and let people “stay” at the current location after a crash, so they die when they log back in.

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