So, it’s been quite the week huh? News, disappointment and the hopeful arrival of D3 in Q2. So what do we have to rant on, what can we rave about and what is breaking our hardcore hearts?



    After weeks of tweeting Bashiok, he finally answered a few questions for me. After opening himself up for an hour and a half to all the questions that poured in I assumed mine would go unheard yet again. However, close to the end of his tweet off a few revelations came to light.

    @HCXAnth hardcore requires a softcore play through correct?

    @HCXAnth love the halls of the dead feature. Screenshots soon?
    That was a wish list feature we mentioned at BlizzCon right? Don’t know if it’ll make it. It’s on the list.

    The first confirmed what we’ve already seen in the beta, however it’s nice to have the official word on this. It’s still a raging debate with a few threads popping up still on the forums. I still would love to see Hardcore from the start but the way we’ve seen systems and elements drop like flies I’m not expecting it. Which brings us to..

    Halls of the dead removed? Is this a Head scratcher for anyone else? I’m still waiting on a blizzard reply as to what happens to hardcore characters when they die now. A quick recap as to what it is/was:

    We have plans to create a Hall of the Dead where your can view your deceased HC characters, and you will probably also be able to view fun and interesting statistics about them.

    That was in October of last year and was one thing I was really looking forward to. Not only was it a great testament to your characters but it solved the character slot dilemma that a ghost brings. So what now? How can you go back on what had to be the greatest addition to Hardcore the D3 team had created? I don’t have any answers just a hope that this is saved from the chopping block.


    You will Die! Yesterday we were reminded of our Diablo mortality. With godly Beta streams and only act 1 to go off of it’s easy to get a sense of ease from the game. It was actually refreshing to see that we will be challenged and for us that means we might be starting over a few times. Death isn’t anyone in Hardcore wants but if we don’t fear it then the experience isn’t worthwhile. Look at D2 now, you can rush to 90 without feeling any challenge and die and feel no sting. You will easily make it back with as little resistance as you had before. However it looks like our Hardcore level 60’s will be fighting tooth and nail to make it out of each game alive. I for one welcome the challenge.


    Q2. Just look at that letter-word combination it almost looks like it is crying, and rhymes with boo-hoo coincidence? I’ve been writing this column for six months, and wasn’t expecting to still be doing pre-game columns at this point.  It’s tough to see the finish line get moved a little bit farther away each time. I’m reminded of the first marathon I ever ran. The race organizers miscalculated and made it 27.2 miles instead of 26.2. The week before the race they made some changes to the course and didn’t accurately assess the distance. I wasn’t wearing a Garmin, didn’t rigorously check my mile markers and in the end was just happy to finish. It wasn’t until after the race I found out that there was an error and that I had gone beyond what I thought was possible. Was I upset? Maybe a little, but the experience in the end was still worthwhile. As for Diablo 3, we don’t have the luxury to not noticed they’ve miscalculated, but we can hope that the extra mile was worth it.

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