One life to live #2: Hardcore by spite or choice?

With one column behind me I thought I’d jump into a topic close to my heart. What makes you go DiabloWikiHardcore? Is it the auction house? Your joy at laughing in the face of death? Or simply the mortality of it?

I didn’t start out hardcore in D2,in truth no one could. I sloughed through softcore with everyone else not realizing that such an option existed. My necro farmed bosses, made corpses explode and died more times then I could count. Eventually I noticed the avatars in chat that were slightly different than mine. The red nameplate called to me while they stood there poised and ready to attack. I immediately messaged one asking how they made their character do that. ” I’m hardcore, you can only die once”. I quickly recalled my many deaths that evening, and nonetheless went about creating an amazon who didn’t last long enough to be classified as bow or javazon, just a corpseazon. I was upset, cursed at the screen, deleted my ghost and started again, determined to do better. I never went back to that necro, the thrill wasn’t there anymore. I had a debate with myself as I deleted him to make room for mules and other characters, but my mind was set and there was no going back.

What will entice you?

It might not be as simple (or you may not be) as red lettering. Right now there are a lot of reasons to go hardcore, but are they the right ones?


#1: No Auction House for cash.

While I have my reservations about this (see here), this might be the carrot that pushes you into the mortal realm. We will have a hardcore economy based purely on gold. Which has cause a lot of of people to consider hardcore. However, will that be enough to make them stay? Whatever your reservations are about the auction house will they be strong enough to make it through the first death? It may be frustrating now to know people are buying items for cash, but will it be as frustrating as making little to no ground on your own loot because you’ve hit a few snags and died at inopportune times? I’m reminded of the saying “there are no atheists in foxholes” and while it’s easy now to say “Ha! No Bobby bucks for me, I’m going hardcore” will that last after a week in the trenches (to complete my bad metaphor)?

This also does not take into account the lag spikes and disconnects. We know we will have to be online at all times, and are at the server gods mercy. Will the qualms that carried you to hardcore be enough to keep you there when your death wasn’t your fault? I’ve mentioned on the forums that disconnects never bothered me, I was upset of course, but I would be more upset at things I had control over. I am not typical however, and responses will vary, but I imagine it will be a lot harder to check that box again.

#2: We have a fancier Banner

Does your softcore friend have a pile of corpses under their banner? Didn’t think so. I don’t know what I was expecting when I heard hardcore characters would be differentiated from their softcore brethren, but a pile of skulls wasn’t it.


Will hardcore characters be more powerful than normal? –Spectrusv
No intent, no. But they’ll definitely have more prestige and flashy things to show off for being so awesome.

From what we’ve seen thus far I’m less than impressed. Now to think logically for a second, (and I know how dangerous logic is in a game where I shoot lasers from my hands) if I’m placing a banner down where do the skulls come from? Am I carrying those with me as well? In D2 we stood out, the lettering and the battle stance put us primed and ready to strike, a pile of sticks doesn’t evoke that for me. Though with a glut of info coming from Gamescom this gem appeared as I was editing this column.

Surviving the challenges thrown at you by outplaying them is the entire point. Hardcore characters that take on Inferno and survive will be granted cosmetic rewards for their efforts.

Does this mean we have more in store for us that our stick bundle? Or does it simply get larger during DiabloWiki Inferno? Time will tell, but i’m not holding my breath.

#3: Mortality

I’ve seen some posts in our forums and Blizzard’s suggesting something radical. The concept being that a hardcore character’s death would transfer the character to softcore. I can’t stress how bad this would be. It would eliminate the whole concept of hardcore. What point would there be to taking it seriously when death isn’t a real punishment for mistakes? This would flood the community with people who wouldn’t be as meticulous in what they were doing. Now everyone could just rush into packs of demons with no care for their teammates since there would always be a reset. Hardcore means one death, not one death then being put out to pasture in softcore.

One of my more successful Hardcore characters was a druid right as LoD came out. It took me a few times with him to make it work, a death at 30, a death at 35 ,until finally I had him cruising in the seventies. Each time I could have walked away, each time I lost a lot of gear and time , but each time I learned what wasn’t working, and made adjustments. If i would have found that druid alive and well in softcore, would I have taken the time to go back?

That being said there is an enticement in seeing how far you can go, what you can accomplish with your one life. The lift a quote from Mouseman from last week’s comments

“The more it hurts to die, the more you want to stay alive. That’s the reason to be hardcore.”

That is spot on what hardcore is about, avoiding death at all costs, and if/when you do die you will take that knowledge and start again, better and stronger. As DiabloWikiMax Schaefer Senior Designer of Diablo 2 once said about the game, “The entire game is set up to kill your player. Every monster, boss, and trap has as its only goal is the death of your player.” That’s the thrill of Hardcore, every monster you slay, or boss you kill you’ve survived to tell the tale. No one really cares if you’ve killed Baal on softcore, but suddenly killing him ( at an appropriate level) in hardcore feels like an achievement.

#4: The Community

This alone is enough for me to keep with hardcore, and was one of the factors that kept me hooked. Now as it was brought up last week, I need to mention that the Hardcore you see now in D2 is devoid of life and riddled with bots and spam. However in Diablo’s heyday it was a rich culture filled with people to lend a hand. That druid who died at 30 had most of his gear replaced by some fellow players who stayed in game until I came back to help set me up. That druid who died at 35 had players who looted his corpse and gave his gear back! I would also jump into low level games and shower them with my leftover items to help them out. When everyone you play with has a shared goal of staying alive, you want to work together to make it happen. Also, where else can you enshrine your characters demise but in our very own Hardcore Graveyard? Your characters deeds of valor truly can still be remembered in the community that supports it.

Now there were Pk’s, and scammers as any game will have, but most of my time spent in Hardcore was absent of them. I don’t remember that as much as remember the good I saw in my community. D3 will also now eliminate that hostility option, and  as much as I may say otherwise it will help our community band together. Now with the rise of Inferno difficulty it will be pertinent that we can rely on each other,as we will be challenged like never before.

We don’t have any plans to restrict or change the game difficulty for Hardcore characters.

We can see from this that Blizzard won’t hold our hand through this difficulty, so we will have to rely on each other, and if my early D2 experience is indicative of what is to come than we will have the experience we long for. The fact people are already doubting our ability to last in Inferno has me salivating, clearly a challenge awaits, a challenge we’ll face together, and battles that will wipe out friend and foe alike. No more Baal runs, no more Mephisto DiabloWikiMFing, just a group of players fighting with each other against the hardest possible monsters. If theres one community I trust to go into this fray, it’s this one.

In the end the choice is up to you to wander into the Hardcore realm. There are a lot of reasons to do so, what may grab you might be silly, or serious but it needs to be a choice made consciously and not out of spite. Hemingway once said “A man can be destroyed but not defeated” and if you find yourself in the hardcore realm I suggest you remember that.

Next week: Coping with the lost of loved ones: How do /did you react to the loss of your characters?

One Live to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below or contact the author directly.


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  1. Bit of both. I was torn for a while and would have likely tried Hardcore and given up after a few lost characters. But the RMT Auction House pushed me into “I’m never ever ever making a Softcore character”-mode.

    So much the more prestige for having a Hardcore character now that everyone and his grandma will acquire perfect gear via a preposterously inflated Softcore Auction House.

    • Ill only play softcore to get familiar with the game, dont like being killed by iron maiden stuff idk about^^
      normally the death of one of my heroes resulted in me taking a break for a week before the next babyhero would arise 🙂

    • As before there will still be ppl buying perfect gear via 3rd party sites.  Playing HC to avoid RMAH is not a great idea.

  2. interesting Jerry, I didn’t consider that the RMAH may be the swaying factor for those who were on the fence for Hardcore before the RMAH was announced.

  3. TY for sharing.  I never delved too deeply into hardcore mode.  I may just check that box this weekend after reading this! 🙂

  4. My friends and I played D2 for a few years on softcore.  We always kind of joked to each other about how crazy people were for playing hardcore.  But after a few years when the game was starting to lose its thrill I decided to just test out a hardcore character for the first time.  My buddies thought it was a joke and followed suit.  We were hooked! Almost immediately we gave up years of work on our softcore characters for this brand new hardcore experience.  We loved how it became truly challenging, almost to the point where playing softcore was now the joke.

    In DIII I expect to follow a similar pattern..  I think that I will likely spend quite a bit of time on the game in softcore, to really get the systems/gameplay down.  Then after a period I imagine I will switch it over to Hardcore.

    I am actually a little disappointed however there is no RMAH in Hardcore…  I’m a fine of the idea, personally.  I think I will be missing making my Bobby Bucks™ whenever possible.

  5. For me – probably all four, though I’m not so much against RMAH. I expect economy to be slightly different without RMAH, so it’s mostly just to differentiate somehow.

  6. Nice post!  I’ve never played DII in Hardcore mode before.  But your article has piqued my interest in trying it out now.

    • I feel the exact same way. These are well-written intriguing articles and I definitely want to try hardcore because of them.

  7. I actually really like the idea of characters dying in HC going into SC.  You don’t lose everything you worked for, and you will certainly start a new HC character again.  This is what Path of Exile is doing… lots of different modes (called leagues) where certain penalties will can move you into a different league.  Specifically, dying in the hardcore league will put you into the default league.

    • It doesn’t even come close to the same, and would generate far less emotional thrills and responses from victories near deaths and deaths. Few people care about leagues as much as they care about permanent losing their chr, and thats where the challenge and thrill comes from.

      • I think the PoE approach is worthy on some level. It would certainly be a great way to get new people to try out HC. That might not be viewed as a benefit by some HC purists (of whom I am probably one) but if you wanted more fresh meat in HC, something like a short term trial offer of that nature would be a big push. Bliz could say “Any HC char created in the next week gets a special demarkation and goes to SC when they die.” Imagine the influx of new players?

        I don’t think the fact that those chars aren’t dead forever when they die is such a big deal. Most HC players have no interest in playing SC, and the economy is separate (I guess aside from HC suicide mules?) so a non-HC char might as well be dead, to such people.

        Plus, if Bliz doesn’t include some kind of sparring mode for HC Arena, this would be a great way for HC players to be able to play in the Arena, without having to create and level up SC chars just for it.

  8. I understand why they would want to make the hardcore chars go to softcore when they die, but I still don’t agree with it. If they stayed alive in some form I don’t think they should be joining the softcore group. Maybe you could have a special group that is only for fallen hardcore chars. Then they can keep playing their char if they really want to, but there would be more motivation to either start a new hardcore char or start a new softcore char since you would only be able to play with other slain hardcore players.

  9. Great article.

    To me the mortality is definitely the decisive factor for going into hardcore. The fact that you’re actually afraid before big fights (Bosses etc) and the adrenaline during the fights is totally worth it.
    Though all the rest (no RMAH etc) are undeniebly welcomed bonuses…

    Now I only wish there’ll be an option to make a hardcore char on the very first run. If normal difficulty is going to be such a breeze (as Blizzard indicated), at least the hardcore aspect would give it some challenge.

  10. Nice post.  I am one of those who never played hardcore.  I just could never bring myself to do it.  My feeling was I’d go hardcore on my computer if I ever died and lost all that effort,  truly defining the definition of /ragequit.   

    Here is what I don’t understand though.  No RMAH in hardcore.   Won’t that defeat the purpose of having a RMAH in the first place?  If the goal is to kill 3rd party sites, I think they just failed.  I’m betting there is going to be 3rd party sites still selling items to the hardcore players.   And while some of you will be true gamers and avoid that, there will be plenty who want to buy their hardcoreness.  And it really is even more enticing for those players that do purchase items in the first place.  Especially since better gear = better odds of not dying.   My guess is that RMAH will be enabled for hardcore players.  Eventually Blizzard will be forced to do it, if their true aims are at killing 3rd party sites.  Maybe I’m wrong though.  Perhaps the hardcore community isn’t large enough to support it. You’d have to have the sellers farm in hardcore mode which perhaps will be not worth it.  

    You tell me…Is that a legit thought?  How big was the hardcore community?  Will it be in danger of 3rd party sites?

    • i agree. 3rd party sites will still give hardcore players access to real money trading. it’s disappointing, but unavoidable.

      i doubt blizzard will enable the RMAH for hardcore, even with the 3rd party sites.

      i would love to see blizzard infiltrate the 3rd party sites and entrap users by selling them items for real money and then banning them when they do so.

    • I don’t think 3rd party sites are what Blizzard is concerned about when it comes to HC RMAH. Like many have said before me, the reason Blizz is very hesitant to support HC RMAH is the “fear” of potential law suits – say I just bought 100$ worth of equipment on the RMAH, and then servers fail and as a result I lose my HC character. I could sue Blizz for making me lose 100$, while if I bought it from a third party website then Blizz can always say that they explicitly do NOT support RM trading in HC and therefor it’s entirely the player’s fault.

      • aha.  I hadn’t thought of that.   Thank you.

      • Wow, that makes a lot of sense actually, hadn’t thought about it like that before.

        • Heh. Neinball (who is a lawyer) mentioned that to me on one of our podcasts long ago, and I thought it was a clever idea and have repeated it a few times on other podcasts and in posts. Usually to disagreement. And now suddenly it’s accepted, common knowledge?

  11. the majority of my d2 playtime was on hardcore. i’m definitely looking forward to it. i am, however, a bit concerned about not having rows of full rejuvs that i can pop at a moments notice. i suspect hardcore in d3 will be very difficult for this reason.

  12. Hardcore death leading to softcore doesn’t make sense. All it does is differentiate the first death, but kills the whole point of hardcore itself. Perhaps a better system for those who want that would be an optional death counter on SC characters, so that you could choose to display how many deaths you’ve had. That way they’d have a way to show they haven’t died without the risk of losing anything if and when they do die, while HC players can still have their thrilling, risk-everything gameplay.

    • Excellent alternative to the HC -> SC phasing. I was thinking of making the transfer on death to SC an option when creating HC characters. There would be cosmetic indicators to differentiate those with and without the toggle. A D2-based example would be both have red lettered names, but only the perma-death HC toons are in battle stance.
      However, your approach works better, since the phasing concept basically *is* softcore. This just gives players who are afraid to die permanently the chance to brag they’ve never died… “too much”.

  13. I actually have the reverse problem.  Once I discovered it, I was exclusively a hardcore player in D2 and had zero plans to play softcore in D3.  But the RMAH changed that, or at least has me reconsidering.  No, I won’t be buying anything.  But the thought of having a SC character to magic find items and sell them to rich kiddies with daddy’s mastercard in hand is very, very tempting.

    I hate that I may end up playing a game mode I don’t find fun half the time just to make money.  I guess it comes down to how much real cash items go for.

    • The thought of earning money while playing your favorite computer game is probably appealing to most. The sad thing is that the only items that will go for any noteworthy money is the truly great ones. If you’re lucky you might find one of those a year. Posting any other item on the RMAH will result in thousands of players undercutting you. Literally, thousands. If you ever played WoW you know that this could be a problem on a server with 5000 people. Now imagine a server populated by millions. A server where the sellers outnumber the buyers 10 to 1, at least. You wont be making any money unless you are the proud owner of a Chinese gold farm.

  14. For me, after playing 5 years of Diablo only sc, hardcore settled in my heart 3 years ago when I got back to playing Diablo. And that hurricane druid that died at level 65 at the hands of Stygian dolls is actually what propelled me into the hc world. Is that feeling of immortality that you mortal hc character brings with every small step throughout the game. That’s what powerful means in Diablo for me :). And the fact that now I am going to play the game with other people, not being afraid that i’m going to be pk-ed, it’s going to be incredible! (not if supper 3rd party offers for HC will spam my screen though! :)))  )

  15. I’ve never been able to play on Hardcore but that’s mostly because I despise losing my work when it isn’t me who throws it away.  I have bad, bad, bad altitis.  I’ve deleted toons in pretty much every game I’ve ever played that were already at level cap simply because I wanted to re-level them as a different spec.  I’ve thrown away hundreds of hours on a whim so that I can experiment, even tossing away massive amounts of gear so I’m not tempted to twink.  Why?  Who the heck knows, I’m insane.  But if I ever lost my character for some other reason, whether it be lag, a disconnect, even my own stupid mistake, I would just lose the urge to play.  For some reason having something taken away from me is worlds apart from throwing something of mine away, even if what I threw away was 10x more valuable than what I accidentally lost somehow.

    So I’ll be sticking to softcore thank you.  Nothing wrong with people who like hardcore (although people who like hardcore do seem to like putting down people who don’t for some reason…) but it’s just not for me.

  16. I really hope Blizz considers softcore realms that are non-RMAH.  I don’t like that being a motivating factor to push people into hardcore.  I just feel that providing softcore realms that omit the RMAH would be a more appropriate solution there.

    Also – hardcore must remain “the character dies permanently” when they die.  If you migrate to softcore (like Path of Exile suggests) or if you can pay RM to buy back a hardcore character (or his loot or his gold) completely ruins hardcore. 

    Death in hardcore must be total, complete and forever.  The quote flux mentioned really says it all.  The bigger the penalty – the harder you try to stay alive and hardcore *must* remain total & complete.  Even in pvp environments.  Jay Wilson is obviously compromising when he’s proposing to allow a practice league for hardcore pvp arena players.  And even that idea feels icky to me. 

    I have only played a little hardcore in D2, but plan to play much more of it in D3.  I will most certainly play through the game (probably for many months) on softcore, seeing the story and “enjoying my time” -getting completely familiar with the details of the game.  Then once I’m comfy – i’m probably going all-HC (outside of occasionally playing with friends on Softcore).


  17. HardCore all the way baby.
    Unlike most of the people, i’d like to have RMAH in HC too. Two reasons for that:
    – Not that i’d like to make living out of playing d2, but selling items for $ occasionaly appeals to me.
    – Seeing ppl rageing when they die with shopped gear would be oh so much fun.
    Sadly, blizz is too wussy to put RMAH into HC ;(

  18. D2 Hardcore veteran here, too. Though almost SP exclusive at that.
    Tried playing in small groups a couple of times, which my rather choppy internet connection always had put a stop to.
    All the more disappointing to read that in order to play Hardcore in D3 it depends also on your internet connection if your character dies in the next second or not. Which greatly sucks.

  19. I was the biggest PK on the European ladder, so very sad that you didn’t have much troubles with PKs. But you probably played on the easier US ladders ;).

  20. I really dislike the idea of champions going to SC after they die in HC. If the issue is losing your loot, there are plenty of viable alternatives that could be considered. The game is being dumbed down on a daily basis, and now they want to make Hardcore, semi-hard? Come on… There is a thrill of knowing that your champion is mortal and a shock that comes with his death. I really really hope they do not take it away.
    The reason why I play hardcore: it is more challenging, it is more thrilling, and most players you encounter are vastly more skilled and mature than in SC games. If they start holding peoples’ hands as they venture into HC, all it will cause is an influx of immature, weak, wimpy, whiny, snot-nosed kids to start playing, who will inevitably die and rage on the forums until HC is even further nerfed (slippery slope argument; sorry, i just cant stand newbs). I dont care about the Auction houses, in fact I wish they would make them the same as in SC- I dont see why its even an issue.

  21. I think I’ve been swayed away from my softcore roots.  These are wonderful to read columns and look forward to more.

  22. Well to me a char who die and finish in SC is a dead char.
    So I wouldn’t mind this if that can bring more people into HC.
    Altho I’m HC since 1.10 release, only for “#3 : Mortality”.
    You’re really involved when playing your char. SC just gets boring after a while.

  23. I think i will still play HC exclusively, though a bit sad about the lack of RMAH in HC for sure. We will see how good the RMAH works, if its fun i know me and my brother would prolly enjoy playing the AH part of the game as well in SC.

  24. I don’t even remember how many sorcs i lost in hell mode when playing hardcore and I lost a couple in cow world, but i did get a character to level 90 in hardcore and that was my goal.

  25. Community will be the core of hardcore in Diablo III, just like it was in D2. The mortality of your (and others’ ) characters made me live the game so deeply that i had an hearth brake every time my hp went below 30%. Can’t wait to feel that again 😀
    I remember as a terrible day when i died with my 95 sorc with annihilus and perfect hoto.
    And i remember as well when i started my new one and hitted lvl 96.
    The game played trough an hardcore experience has a completely different, hearthy feeling in it.
    Let’s just wait for this new  to begin and let’s hope not to RIP too soon !! 😀

  26. Recovering Softcore player here…We love the anxiety feeling we get from playing a hardcore character. And even the “hurling” feeling when it all comes crashing down. However, what about this…say when you die(and you will). That your characters “ashes” go into you shared stash as an item. Then let’s say, can be used to craft an item for another character.. Like a weapon with the deciesed characters name on it. So it’s not a complete loss. Maybe even let the ashes add some sort of stat(based on the level that character made it to in HC) to the item you craft…. Again.. Just thinking… Or not

  27. I find it interesting that Xanth does not like the idea of demoting a character to softcore, but likes the idea of having friends loot your corpse and save your gear.  After all, if a hardcore player’s character ends up as softcore all you’ve really done is save their gear.  If your friends can save your gear, would that not also defeat the purpose of hardcore?
    If you die in hardcore, your character and gear should be gone forever.  /Poof

    • I think there is a bit of a difference in corpse looting and in a full transfer. Corpse looting could net you the items you had equipped ( assuming you allowed someone to loot, and they were going to give you your stuff) where as the HC->SC transfer gives you everything( stash, inventory and equipped) plus your character. Corpse looting gave you a nice incentive to jump back in, hoping to use those items again someday, and helped bond players together. I also think it adds to the reality element of it, a hero has died and the people around him can salvage his gear to instill in a new hero or strengthen themselves. That being said I’m not opposed to not having it in at all either. I think most of the time the gear I lost in my stash was more valuable, and wasn’t loot able anyway.

  28. Great write up. Going HC for not feeling like I just found 20$ when I hit the loot jackpot, in spite of it’s toxic potential.

  29. Diablo (2) gaming for me has always been and will always be about Hardcore. No turning back to Hello Kitty Ponyland for me.
    Good writing by the way.

  30. Why couldn’t hardcore be like upon death you stay dead for 24 hours or something. Some huge penalty that the normals don’t endure. Maybe I’m missing the point of hard core, meh

    • The huge penalty is that you stay dead for ever. That is the point of hardcore. Keeping that in mind so every living moment is all the more precious.

  31. Great article. Never really played much D2 HC – though pretty sure will be getting into it with D3, reckon i’ll be going through SC for a while to learn the bitchiest areas / monsters to minimise damage to my  computer from savage HC-death related beatings.

    I know finding that stuff out through HC is kinda the point, but I am unadventurous.

  32. **I posted this comment as well on the similar topic a few below. I read oldest posts first and typed and posted this before i scrolled up and saw this similar, more extensive post.  So a repost. Not that anyone cares or notices… But still… :)**

    Is the \cosmetic\ in the blue post really a typing error? Because if it isn’t, inferno would not be worth it. Only when items with better stats drop you could make a \risk Versus potential gain – assessment\ and decide if it is worth it.  I think Bashiok didn’t make an error, and there will actually only be cosmetic items to be earned, in whatever form.
    If you think about it, a clue lies in the fact that there won’t be a RMAH in that level. Because, if there was, items with no intrinsic value (i.e. luxury goods, or cosmetic items), will be sold for a price MANY MANY times higher than items with actual value from the lower levels. I think (wild guess, but in my opinion its a low estimate) that about 1 in a 100 D3 players will risk their character’s life on Inferno AND manage to obtain some items to put on the (virtual) virtual real money auction house. So when, for example, the most expensive item (with intrinsic value) on the (real) virtual RMAH costs 50$ (low estimate?), an act 1 Inferno, luxury cosmetic item, would be around 5000$, purely because so much less people play Inferno. Drop rates etc. not yet put in the equation. Such unbalance in any economy, (non-valuable items EXTREME expensive, and valuable items at ‘normal rates’), would be absurd and a guaranteed quick collapse of the entire ‘system’. Actually, this is pretty much the same problem as we see now in the real life world economy: people tend to make irrational decisions, buying more than their income allows, and on items we basically don’t need to survive (i.e. gold, rolls-Royce, gadgets, etc). Big difference is that our real life items DO have a value, because of the raw materials they are made of.
    Thus, to make a long story short, my guess is that Inferno will only provide cosmetic items and this was not a typing error. 1st because of the non existing RMAH on inferno (if they could have, they would have), 2nd because of the level raises every expansion will have, making level 61 items worthless again, and thirdly Blizzard does not want 99% of their player base seeing incredible items they will never obtain, which will result in players quitting D3 more quickly, ultimately (rather sooner than later) leading to the downfall of their RMAH in soft-core. around which D3 is build. And which makes Real Money. Not virtual and not in loans, but real life actual credit cash money. 
    One word of advice to Blizzard: Don’t convert in-game gold to dollars. just use gold as a currency. worth a lot more nowadays.
    p.s. I know my 100×50$ is 5000$ sum is too simplistic, many more variables will come into play. Normally these further increase scarcity (most important one is drop-rate) though. The problem is obvious still. People are irrational, but not THAT irrational. Or rich. Still, there will always be a few who do buy it / risk death without reward, but they don’t earn Blizzard their money. With no AH. Expect not too much from Inferno I would say. Above comments seem overly enthusiastic. 

  33. The community was one of the biggest reasons I kept playing hc games.   The people seemed more attuned to the game and more willing to lend a hand.    Especially when you got to the higher levels it played more like you play MMOs today with pulling backs and working like a well oiled machine.

    • Funny thing is, when WoW came out in 2004 and I played it for a few months, In the first few days of playing I called it “basically Diablo2 in 3D” to my friends. Meaning killing monsters, collecting loot and similar type of class  / level-up system (skilltrees+points allocation). Clearly based on D2 with changes/additions (imo the AH stands out as best one, most changes are for the worse. We now see the reverse happening. They take the bad things from WoW out (travelling, waiting, basically the first M from MMORPG (the world is there, but broken up in manageable files and servers with limited player numbers). Diablo3 will be an interface for a proper LFG dungeonfinder and an AH (now with profit! what an agony it must have been to see that thing handling millions of items all these years in WOW. for free!! i wonder how many times they discussed implementing it). Killing monsters and looting is also still in. Levelling and classes I am worried about, Anyway. WoW was in essence Diablo2. Now D3 is in essence WOW 2.0 lite. I belief D3 to be a new genre: IMORPG (Interface Multiplayer Online Role P(l)aying Game). But I am scared. Because the letter R and the letter G are also fading.

      –Now I think of it, Diablo3 might be the unannounced Titan game. free to play (but with initial costs bastards) MMORPG. This time they did it the other way around. First release the game, then announce it. To avoid the last obstacle/problem: US! the gamers 🙂

      –Some of the above might be slightly exaggerated

  34. lol @ kids thinking they’re actually gonna make bucks or a living off of this new RMAH feature. Good luck with that 😉

    • It is impossible to make any predictions about that. We don’t know what will be sold/bought and we don’t know who will or will not sell/buy. Furthermore, I think kids weren’t born yet to know what Diablo is. There is probably data on it, but I think that the current fan/player base mainly consists of people between 25 and 40 years of age. The kids who grew up with DOS, Floppy’s and no internet. Those kids who grew up with the PC from the early 80’s, who probably have the most knowledge and experience in troubleshooting, creative thinking, patience and games WITH options (even if they were useless or counter productive) and WITHOUT tutorials or easy-access support. Those kids are now waiting for this game, the other ones for Battlefield. Ofcourse, this may all change when it is released. Hopefully the today kids will also play Diablo for 10 years. Instead of Modern Future Warfare: Timequest weekly episodic FPS. Now also with Monthly subscription! Why didn’t DOOM think of that before!!!!! Oh yes, because we had to deathmatch thru our LPT1(printer)-port… One cable. No lag. 3 weeks of installation. 🙂 Anyway, sorry for the offtopic bit, but your post absolutely lacks everything, except the letters. These kind of posts show up more and more often lately. A sign the release date is drawing nearer. So, ok. Thanks for that.

  35. HC only, straight from the start. It makes the game so much more… interesting. Not only do you not know what’s coming, but death might await around that next corner. Mmmm…. intense.

  36. I just dont get why HC chars are not allowd to use the RMAH. Yes, it would mean that a lot of HC players would buy the gear, but it also means a better economy.

  37. Veteran of D2 Hardcore; played SC for about a year before i discovered HC and then didn’t look back….. the thrill and adrenaline of HC was just too good to give up. Made lots and lots of characters and enjoyed co-op and pk.  I was the guy that pk’d you in the late teens early 20’s mostly in Act 2 (Sewers).    I loved those fights. Most of the time you’d hit the hostility tag and instantly clear the game; but every now and then you’d get somebody that was up for a rumble and it was on!  I still remember the moment my twinked out lvl 20 throw barb died to a charge paladin. (T-T); for me hardcore is the only way to play Diablo and i’ll only be playing sc to enable the hc option.   Bring back the hostility options; only chumps every got pk’d anyhow.

  38. I believe that hardcore must keep its “one-death-only” game style. If you’re dead, you’re dead. Your items can be collected by party members, so you can start over again.
    Although I am not playing PvP the could be an easy solution for hardcore PvP: If your character falls below 50% of his health, he “surrenders” automatically = Loses the duel. You *could* still be killed if your opponent is able to “one-hit-kill” you, so the thrill of dying is still there.
    The game could “double the hitpoints” of each PvP player before combat. So if you lose 1x your hitpoints, you surrender in PvP (as you would die in PvM).

  39. I love the mortality aspect of HC. Every HC player has lost several characters that they put a lot of time and effort in. You know it will happen and yet we always try again, never give up.
    On a side note I am wondering what will happen with the shared stash you have on HC. If it will still be accessible for your other HC characters then HC has become a bit more forgiving, losing only items your char has on him, not in his stash.

  40. In D2 we stood out, the lettering and the battle stance put us primed and ready to strike

    Heh, i never noticed the difference in battle stance.

  41. Wow, the idea of a limited \Trial\ for HC looks really good to me. I never played HC because I could get far behind my friends if I died, which would be lame… Now, if we received 3 \Get out of jail cards\ ( = Death in HC turns your char into SC) when we bought the game, it would bring players to try this style so much more!  if you really did not died on your playthrough, you were HC and deserve it. If you died, well, you now know that having this bragging right is not a piece of cake, and you are now in the world of casual players… and therefore, you can have your char back (maybe with a QUITTER Banner? Hahaha)

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