In diablo 2 I would walk into a low level game and drop items like a pinata. Players would scramble and usually walk away with something to help them on their way to the later difficulties. Diablo 3 has changed that, people play solo more often, the AH is a great resource, and the stash has helped ease the sting of death. However, do we need to lose that helpful spirit?


    Often after a death you could walk into a game( or create one) and tell people your story. Most would take sympathy and might offer you a rush, or some items to get you started. However, as we get more isolated in D3 we lose that chance. Public games are becoming a ghost town. At the moment we see on average 160-200 players in public games! So what is preventing us from playing with each other?

    Even with the nerf to monster damage in group games, people still won’t venture in. That’s where we can have an impact. Each one of us as hardcore players can draw them in. However, it takes something that most aren’t taking:effort. Hardcore is at a great point right now, people are upset with the RMAH, don’t like repair costs, and are looking to be challenged. We can offer them that plus a supportive community. This can only happen if we work to build it. So how do we do it?

    Step 1.

    Join the hardcore general chat. It’s there, it’s not great but if we go there we can communicate with each other, and get the conversation going. I recall the multitudes of chat rooms filled with hardcore characters and often just asking questions to the large groups hoping to find out their secret. If we isolate ourselves no one finds out that secret.

    Step 2.

    Help out those below you. We can’t name games anymore but we still can lend a hand. I’ve seen few threads pop up on the forums like this and contact the author. Both offering to help out people not for gold, not for items, but to have people to play with in the later difficulties. That’s what we want right? We need more people heeling grow the community and my hat is off to both of these guys.

    Step 3.

    Piñata a low level game. After doing a few runs while not unload some of the stuff you may have vendored on some people who might actually need it? Who knows you may actually end up needing to be on the receiving end of that kindness down the road.


    All three steps are easy, don’t require too much from anyone but can go along way to making Hardcore the place to play. I love hardcore an will be playing this for a long time but it’s still not quite right yet. It’s far too easy to just play by yourself as opposed to going  and interacting with other players. However, I’ve found every public game i’ve been in has had some good times, and it’s nice to fight side by side another person, but if we don’t foster that we won’t have it has an option.


    What ways would you improve the hardcore community?Sound off in the comments!

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