One life to life #44: Diablo 3 Hardcore kindness

In diablo 2 I would walk into a low level game and drop items like a pinata. Players would scramble and usually walk away with something to help them on their way to the later difficulties. Diablo 3 has changed that, people play solo more often, the AH is a great resource, and the stash has helped ease the sting of death. However, do we need to lose that helpful spirit?


Often after a death you could walk into a game( or create one) and tell people your story. Most would take sympathy and might offer you a rush, or some items to get you started. However, as we get more isolated in D3 we lose that chance. Public games are becoming a ghost town. At the moment we see on average 160-200 players in public games! So what is preventing us from playing with each other?

Even with the nerf to monster damage in group games, people still won’t venture in. That’s where we can have an impact. Each one of us as hardcore players can draw them in. However, it takes something that most aren’t taking:effort. Hardcore is at a great point right now, people are upset with the RMAH, don’t like repair costs, and are looking to be challenged. We can offer them that plus a supportive community. This can only happen if we work to build it. So how do we do it?

Step 1.

Join the hardcore general chat. It’s there, it’s not great but if we go there we can communicate with each other, and get the conversation going. I recall the multitudes of chat rooms filled with hardcore characters and often just asking questions to the large groups hoping to find out their secret. If we isolate ourselves no one finds out that secret.

Step 2.

Help out those below you. We can’t name games anymore but we still can lend a hand. I’ve seen few threads pop up on the forums like this and contact the author. Both offering to help out people not for gold, not for items, but to have people to play with in the later difficulties. That’s what we want right? We need more people heeling grow the community and my hat is off to both of these guys.

Step 3.

Piñata a low level game. After doing a few runs while not unload some of the stuff you may have vendored on some people who might actually need it? Who knows you may actually end up needing to be on the receiving end of that kindness down the road.


All three steps are easy, don’t require too much from anyone but can go along way to making Hardcore the place to play. I love hardcore an will be playing this for a long time but it’s still not quite right yet. It’s far too easy to just play by yourself as opposed to going  and interacting with other players. However, I’ve found every public game i’ve been in has had some good times, and it’s nice to fight side by side another person, but if we don’t foster that we won’t have it has an option.


What ways would you improve the hardcore community?Sound off in the comments!

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!

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23 thoughts on “One life to life #44: Diablo 3 Hardcore kindness

  1. I like to ‘inspect’ other players gear, and get a kick out of donating semi-useful drops.

    Its an effort though, because you have to be right next to them to inspect their gear, and the window closes when they move away.

    So it goes: Run-inspect-dammit, run-inspect-dammitstaystillyaclown, Run-inspect-ahhhh screw it…

    • @ happy killmore
      you can inspect any players gear you are currently playing with or have recently played with- go to social tab- right click player and select view profile, look at their character and inspect them, the only requirement is that they are, or were in a game with you or are on your friends list- basically if they are in the social window.

  2. Do what ever you want, but it doesn’t help people to play the game for them. That’s where most of the complaints about drop rates are coming from. You buy something on the GAH and then expect drops to improve it. They wont. So you complain that drops aren’t good enough, when it’s the GAH that is too good. Monty Haul-ism is fun for a moment, but it ruins your game in the long run.

    • What I don’t understand is that gear that drops in, say, Act 2 of inferno, isn’t even good enough to get through Act 1 inferno. I obviously bought all the gear I’m wearing on the GAH, but it is like…how are people supposed to get by just farming? The stuff that drops at the end of hell is worthless for getting through inferno Act 1.

      • That’s not true. It’s just that the good stuff is REALLY REALLY rare. You can have some amazing drops in act 4 Hell. And since Wednsesday you can get the best items in game from Act 1 Inferno.
        For instance, you could get a rare Nayin (ilvl 58) drop in act 4 of Hell that has stats like this:
        This weapon should be more then enough to start clearing act 1 Inferno.

  3. First of all i didn’t like hardcore at all, but seeing the forums on softcore, all that QQ and crying, just yesterday I’ve found a 800dps 1h-sword with 300 str, by goblin runs…. And first i was like, wow look at this, but then, i had this feeling, no that’s not the Diablo i wanted, running exploits for cheap ways to get good items, sorry that’s not it, i hate bots and any exploits, just destroying the economy, i found so far 10 or more legendarys(legit), but for what? Not saying that legend need a buff(yeah they really need something special), but whats the point to grind for items when there are thousand of people using exploits, i was really happy to see that blizz lowered the amound of gold from vases and put the repair prices higher, come on, who want to destroy a bunch of vases… just stupid. So seeing where all this go i decided to make a HC toon, i created a Barb (whats really funny cause in all these years playing D2 i never played a barb, a little paladin but i didn’t like it) and guess what, i had so much fun, killing the skeleton king in normal was never that fun, 2 times near dead experience, and coming out the fight receiving the 10lvl HC achievement, yes that’s it
    I think the HC is the real Diablo, SC is like, dunno, bunch of Kids, just wait for lets say 4 5 months(some months before PVP) and SC will be OK, its the community that sucks not the game and HC is the community of real Gamers not screwdrivers, so hope Dawnguard comes out and all this suc##rs go away, yes we don’t need you.

    • [quote]
      I think the HC is the real Diablo
      strongly strongly agree
      your story is similar to mine about not trying d2hc for years, then totally falling in love it with- i am currently playing with 4 real life friends who were not that into diablo, two of them dont actually like the game per say, but we all LOVE hardcore.

  4. not all of us who play sc, are kids. i personally ignore general chat, and only play with coworkers. so i really do not go near the community, but in any game it is always pad, any xbox, ps3 or pc.

    I also think people are confused on how many actual botters there are. There are people like me in the community who do play, and sell on the gah,

    i destroy all vases, open all chests, knock over all skull piles. Never know, i kill treasure goblins and i do this all without exploiting. Just because a better item is on the auction house than what i can find, I don’t get bothered. Item’s dropping is completely random.

    • A friend of mine has a system for selling rares cheap like that too. He basically multiplies the vendor total by 4, then multiplies THAT total by 4, and that’s what he sells them for. Some people just don’t want to do the tedious work of looking up every rare that’s worth something, and since he buys next to nothing from the AH, this is a system that benefits him.

      In your case, while I’m not judging you for what you sell rares for, just remember that you lose 15% by not selling it to the vendor, so maybe add 1-2k to the price just so you still come out ahead. Just a thought! 🙂

  5. I’m looking forward to custom chat channels. I’d really like to just join an IncGamers HC Channel. Then we could actually have a community. Public general chat is just dumb. I did join the hc channel a couple times but its so void of people it’s kind sad. I guess not joining for that reason tho is self defeating.

    I’ve also stepped away from HC a little until I feel better about my connection. I think I may have worked it out. I think the network polling on my wireless card was causing issues. Found a program to turn it off and things seem better. If any of you have or do experience random high pings, that may be the cause. (this in windows 7)

    • For what it’s worth, I’m kind of in the same boat as you: I don’t want to play any of the “harder” stuff on HC until my connection smooths out. I still get a lot of rubberbanding and lag spikes, and I’m on a wired connection with 30Mbps down / 5 Mbps up, with no other people using up bandwidth for anything outside of web browsing. My ping is consistently <100, usually somewhere around 70-80. To still be getting severe lag spikes and rubberbanding is rather upsetting. I've tried port forwarding, DMZ, resetting my modem and router, even connecting directly to the modem, and nothing has helped. I also get randomly disconnected still, which is another fear I have of HC. I've died plenty of times in SC due to the lag problems, and I just imagine I would get frustrated if it were to happen in HC. Maybe not, maybe I would just "roll with it" and quickly create a new character, but it would still sting a lot.

      That being said, it makes me have even more respect for the people who continue to play HC despite these issues, especially the people who are willing to accept lag death as part of the game. Takes a lot of patience and/or discipline, imo.

  6. D3 is the most anti-social game, nearly all game mechanics hinder person to person interaction

  7. Since you use wifi, its normal, try to set the router on a channel that is not common in your environment(something between 1 and 13, 1 6 and 13 are most common) be more near your router and if you share your net with more people, that can be also annoying if they check fb or something on the webs, creating those mini lags, real killer for HC

  8. I’d like to play Hardcore but have died so many times in Softcore due to lag I don’t think its worth the effort at the moment…

  9. The other day I started a new character and a level 60 joined the game and just ran me and two other people from start to Skeleton King. As far as I could tell, the other two didn’t know him, so I assume he just wanted to run people.

    • don’t the lower level players get much less xp when a high level player does the killing ?

      • Not particularly. I’m not sure about exact numbers, but having a high level character in your game doesn’t prevent you from leveling. Also you get the full benefit of +xp gear and quest xp.

    • A level 60 player can’t join public games for the start of the game unless they know someone already in the game, so they must have known someone there.

      Also, you do get less experience for monster kills, but no less experience for quest completions.

  10. I played both SC and HC games for a few weeks after release. HC players were more willing to share drops made for other classes in the party. A lot of small stuff, but my HC chars are also still passing around an amazing rare amulet someone gave me in the first week.

  11. Just because people aren’t playing in public games doesn’t mean they’re not playing multiplayer. A lot of people play with friends in private games.

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