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In nearly three years of Diablo 3, I’ve logged far more hours than I’d care to admit. I’ve killed more monsters than I can count, and tandem just as may characters. Except I can count those, and the number only goes to ten.

Now I’ve killed more than ten, but all I can archive is that. Which has left me with a sad dilemma. Over half of my hall is level 60 characters from pre-expansion.I could delete them and pave a way for freshly killed 70’s, but what would I lose in doing so?

A poorly geared Witch doctor that ventured into the bowels of Torment only to find himself quickly overwhelmed in the first act. His successor(even more poorly geared)that took on Belial a little too quickly in a rush for vengeance on Torment. The Witch doctor who lived through it all the way to paragon 100. The monk who made it to paragon 80 only to have his life shortened by the monster he couldn’t kill:lag.

The list could go on, but each one is a memory and hard to part with. With seasons now in swing, I’ve found myself making more characters and racking up more deaths.Which in turn has helped push my Hall of heroes to its capacity and then some. Now that I’ve hit the cap I’ve been stockpiling ghosts in my regular character creation queue. This in turn prevents me from enshrining their accomplishments as I had with each character that preceded it. I Hope that as time passes I’ll feel more capable of hitting delete, but until that happens I’ve still got two character slots left for safekeeping.

How do you handle your Hall of heroes?

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One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published (semi)weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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  1. Yay I win!

    Makes the feeling of being on the 4th seasonal monk not hurt as much.

  2. I try to keep one character from each build. For instance I have now killed about 3 carnevil witch doctors, but only 1 remains in my hall of heroes. I have killed 2 really well geared Jade doctors as well and again, only 1 remains. The one I keep is not necessarily the best, but the most memorable.

  3. i deeded my 65h dh a few days ago and i have a screenshot (cos they all get made automatically), anyways, since i live in the eu i am not elligible for a goblin poster 🙁

    oh, and i don’t use the tweeter ^^

    it wasn’t my fault that i died and the ss makes a statement. damn that monk, were it not for him … well, i will NOT die next season, promise, cross my toes!

    as i have died close to 10 to the power of ten googolplex times, no amount of halls could accomodate me.
    i deleted a few old alive chars today to make some space and my cemetary has only the latest deaths.

  4. My first hc character (dh) lives on and just hit P106. I have a hall of characters ready to be deleted, 1 of each sc non-dh char type.

    If I had to delete a dead hc character to make space, I’d delete the one least attached to with the least memories. Anyways, once you delete it, it probably won’t even matter to you in the next few hours or the next day.

    Almost died yesterday vaulting through a doorway into 4 stacked fiery rings (partially hidden by a wall) of dead monsters building to their final death explosions all at once. I was a mere milliseconds away from incineration 😀

    Live on!

  5. I never died. But I am plvl only 40. And I am a real sissy when I play HC and never tried torment. Yet, I fired my life saving passive once (what a thrill). And I have a sarcasm saving passive also so do not hesitate.

  6. Once i have completed my website, you’ll be able to save your dead hero. Only thing is i can’t get the spells ad the items on the followers.

  7. I don’t play as many hours of D3 and over the last three years I have four deaths. They were my first four attempts and right now, I have nearly 400 hours para 170-something on #5. When (not if) I lose her… She will remain forever.

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