One Life to live: Season’s Fleeting

Two weeks into the season and I am done. No I didn’t die, I’m not rage quitting, I’m now too immersed in the PTR to jump back to live. However the short time I spent on Season 2 has been great and reignited my passion for the game.

I started the season with a Wizard; a class that I’ve played the least and (in comparison to its peers) one of the weakest. That alone appealed to me, I had taken the monk path, the WD path, the Crusader path, many times before and it was nice to change the view from 1-70. In doing so it was a truly fresh experience playing and an opportunity to learn something new in a game that I’ve poured years into.

The squishiness of the class also appealed to me. You get very comfortable as a Crusader knowing that you can take a lot of punishment and still be relatively unscathed. That was not the case on the Wizard and even as I was gearing in Torment I felt like i was within a few steps from my death. This heightened the excitement and made each drop feel more rewarding knowing I was helping distance myself between that feeling.

After cobbling together some gear I was able to start pushing some greater rifts and work on a set. In the course of one lucky evening I was able to get a firebird set, which then allowed for me to start running for my life with a much greater efficiency. I know the set can get a bit droll, and has more running than fighting, but It also had me reach a higher rift than I ever had with any other character. Each rift was filled with close calls, not just on making the timer but on my health. Despite the many brushes with death, I’m still living. IF it weren’t for the PTR, I’d still be pushing, and most importantly:having fun.

While the PTR has taken me away from live, it has taken my level of engagement and increased it tenfold for when the patch does hit. It has also introduced a whole level of confusion as to what class I’ll return to once the patch does arrive.Monk, Crusader and Wizard are all vying for my attention and at the moment I’m considering sticking with Wizard. The new slow time set seems cool, the improvements to Firebirds and Tal’s are intriguing. The best part of the dilemma is that I feel like whether it’s Wiz, Monk, or any other class I can’t make the wrong choice. With the new changes and new gear the next iteration of D3 is looking great.

Have you survived our first two weeks of season 2? If not, enter our contest to win a limited printing Goblin poster. Simply Tweet a screenshot of your death to @diabloincgamers and use the hastag #prizefordemise. As I was delayed in writing last week and we only had two entries in that time,so they both win! Congratulations to @thunderclaw and @canadian87 !

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published (semi)weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.


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  1. I posted to the thread last week I guess that didn’t count.

  2. So it actually seems like you have been able to play on the ptr. How surprising. After logging on and waiting to rising QUE times, i will have to take your word for it. Probable have to wait the rest of the year to try it out before they release it anyway.

    • Join our IncPTR clan and enter someone’s game. We’re up around 50 members now and last night and today I was able to get on and join a game immediately, when game creation queues were eternal. People are just keeping their games open indefinitely and passing them off to someone else when they have to get off.

  3. Me exactly as well. 2 weeks and done. The only thing im having issues with is the choppy PTR lag.

  4. yea this whole concept of “lets start S2 and then open PTR 2 weeks into it” is pretty lame. all they did was fragment the player base even further. we miss you guys on live 🙁

  5. Whats the point of S2 if S3’s patch is on PTR? Cuz when S3 is out, the patch for S4 will be on PTR…

    Why in the world do they have a PTR that is the future of the game open so long that no one plays the current game? By the time the patch hits PTR people will be bored and griping they need something new

    PTR should be shorter and less access. Keep the game in current time, instead of seeing the future so much

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