Season 2 is only a matter of hours away. New characters are about to be born and in Hardcore it’s only a matter of time before they are taken away. As I mentioned in my last column, it’s with season two that we have a contest to coincide with your untimely departure from Sanctuary. For the next 6 weeks we’ll be giving out limited edition Goblin Posters to those who meet their fate in HC.

    In order to eligible you must tweet a screenshot of your death to @diabloincgamers using the hashtag #prizefordemise. Winners will be chosen at random. Each week(Until we run out) a winner will be selected and notified.

    The contest is open to US residents only. Death screenshots should be from Season 2 hardcore characters only.

    In order to help your chances on the contest I pose this challenge to you all. This season let’s play risky. With all of various new ancient items and powerful sets, death is a bit more avoidable. So I pose this challenge: no life saving passives. No spirit vessel; no Near death experience; No unstable anomaly;No Indestructible. Now I’m not saying just play DH, Wizard and Barb but take your normal experience and add a bit more danger in it. Take away the safety net, throw caution to the wind, let your heart beat a bit faster knowing that health pool truly is finite. At the best you get a more rewarding experience and at the worst a chance at a poster!

    One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published (semi)weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.

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