One life to live: Post Paragon 100

It’s been a while since I hit Paragon 100. I think I hit that benchmark at the worst possible time. As I was hitting my goal, the community was bracing for the news from Gamescom and I went to bed wondering what was next.
reaper of souls

There is a certain sadness in completing a goal, especially one you’ve had for a long time. What is the hunter without the hunt? After I dinged para 100 I was elated but also clueless as to where to go after it. Sure I could make a run towards 100 again with a new class, but having made that journey before I knew just how arduous it would be. However, even with that knowledge I set my sights on my monk and was prepared to hit the ground running until I woke up to the news of DiabloWikiReaper of Souls.

Now please do not assume I am anything but elated for the new expansion. I fully expect it to engross me just as much if not more as what D3 did. Side note: will we call it D3 classic or vanilla? I like D3 classic but who knows? However the concept of starting fresh in the face of near futility seemed faulty for a few reasons.

1. We still don’t know if dead HC chars will transfer to paragon 2.0
2. Ladders will reset any of that extra earned xp within a few months time
3. The AH being gone eliminates the need to hoard gold

Those questions and concepts have kept me from fully diving back into D3 since I hit 100. With this expansion announcement I couldn’t help but think of WoW. When their expansions are about to hit you know things will change, but you still have objectives you can strive for in game, things to find, quests to complete, and the currency by in large still retains value. With the major overhaul to the game it’s hard to place a sense of permanence on anything outside of the paragon levels as it seems like it will all change. On the other hand, I’m a massive fan of the series and hardcore so not playing seems wrong. So I jumped back in this time with reckless abandon.

I’m putting all my eggs in the basket that gold will be worthless, and spending my gold on anything and everything I want. After spending so much time hoarding and pinching pennies it’s been refreshing to say “Who cares? I want it”. If the worst thing that happens is I lose a few hundred million on a character what will it matter when the auction house is gone and I can relive my starting days? As my gold pile dwindles down, I feel a sense of relief, not discomfort. After all, what would I have done in the expansion different had the AH been open. I would have continued hoarding gold for no real reason, just to have a buffer. With that out of the way I can get back to just playing and bootstrapping it back if I need to.

How has the xpac affected your play style?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow him on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!

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13 thoughts on “One life to live: Post Paragon 100

  1. And Xanth’s victory lap continues! Where’s the section on just playing Hearthstone and mothballing your WD because dead Paragon char exp worries? 😉

    On your side note, I’m trying to go with D3V or RoS, since D3C can be confused with “Diablo 3 console.” I’m not happy about that since I always used D2C and D2X for the previous title, and every time someone says “WoW vanilla” a part of me dies inside. But it is what it is.

    • I thought they came out with a blue post saying dead HC guys will count? Or were they still “considering” it?

      I would still think holding onto gold would be a good idea if someone is to play a non-ladder character, even without the AH. Gold will still be sold on 3rd party sites as it is a common item that anyone can aquire. The only reason SoJs were used as currency in D2 was because Gold was limited in how much you could carry. If there was an unlimited cap of gold, that would have still been the major currency I would imagine.

  2. Furthermore, I’m also going with the “spend gold to enjoy it now” strategy of late. Partially since I’m playing a wider variety of characters and have recently geared up a WD, Barb, DH, and Monk for effective MP2+ (in Hardcore), and partially since better quality gear has fallen (some) in price.

    But I’m definitely looking at gold being much less useful long term, so might as well spend it now and enjoy playing chars with better gear and different builds. And let long term, RoS, ladders, self found, Loot 2.0, etc take care of itself.

  3. Well I find myself in a strange position because I’ve only recently got back into Diablo 3. I pre-ordered the CE before launch, and started reading through the Diablo Archive and The Order novels in typical fanboyish anticipation. Me and my friends played it for a month or so, but none of us are really the sorts of people that play a game for year after year without pause, even with Diablo 2. So, regardless of any controversy with Diablo 3, we just amicably drifted away from the game a while ago.

    I recently played Marvel Heroes (it’s really bad), which led me to reinstalling Titan Quest (I like it) which led me to thinking “Hey, I wonder what’s happening with Diablo 3!” So here I am, as of about 2 weeks ago. I already had a level 60 monk from before the Paragon levels were introduced, so it was fun to jump back in with all these new levels to aim for. I hadn’t played HC before, but I now have a level 40 *cough*barbarian*cough* after just a few days.

    Everything Xanth says is true, yet since this is the start of my second wind in Diablo 3 I can’t just stand back and wait again for Rampaging of Snails or whatever Flux is calling it today. I’m standing by the HC idea of “no time is wasted if you’re having fun”, I guess.

  4. I’ve stopped playing for now. Waiting to see what news we get from BlizzCon!
    I really want to know what is going on with the Ladder’s, the thought that everyone is just going to dump what they have and start again is pissing me off. I hope they are going to run them in such a way that a lot of ppl just wont bother doing them in HC!

    • I do plan on playing Ladder only HC as I did in Diablo 2 once they were introduced. That’s why I don’t bother playing Diablo 3 right now, because I won’t play those characters once RoS will come in.

        • If I won’t get bored with Diablo 3 ? Sure. I might skip some ladder resets, while taking break from the game though. But same as Diablo 2 I will not touch non-ladder characters. I will most likely be forced to delete them every reset, since we have limited number of slots on each account (not like in D2 were you could make infinite number of accounts).
          Besides they might as well do reset every 6 – 8 months.

  5. 2. Ladders will reset any of that extra earned xp within a few months time

    LOL. You got that all wrong. You really think Blizzard will WIPE all the XP gained in vanilla with ladder reset? That will most likely start an uprising 🙂 The reset will be done to ladder characters only. If they reset all the chars.. whats the point of Paragon lvls ?!

    • Yes, I know! In D2 though hardly anyone kept going with their non-ladder. They just ditched everything and went to the new one. Down here in Aus we had mp games show up based on the Latency. So when the new ladder started there were “zero” high level games anymore in non-ladder!

  6. I’m in the same boat as the OP. Have a p-100 wizard with decent gear, and I’m now leveling a DH just to add to my experience total for the expansion. But, given that much or all of the current gear will be obsolete in the expansion, and the fact that my current frontline character (wizard) can’t earn xp, I’ve been playing less.

    I’m definitely looking forward to the revised skills, new gear, etc. But right now I don’t feel like starting a new 0-level character or trying to scrape-and-trade up to top tier gear again.

  7. About the same.
    As soon as I hit PL100 I lost any real sense of a goal and thus fell back to really casual runs on various characters. I’m pretty low on gold, so farming for upgrades is going to take forever and I just can’t be bothered to level grind toon to PL100, so I have no need for Hellfires or the likes.

    Thus I just do the occasional run every now and then, since I enjoy playing the game. Just no more hard xp or item grinding.

  8. I am playing as much as I can making the final push to 100 with HC Barb, Avani. Once she reaches 100 I’m going to stick a Marquis Amethyst in her hat and do high MP key runs & Ubers. I’m riding a hunch that Bliz is going to include dead characters Paragon exp when the switchover is made to RoS, but then again, if they implement a ladder system that basically sets everything back to scratch what will any of it matter anyway? I am apparently one of the minority that really like the game the way it is now, so I’m playing all I can while it’s still the way I like it. It might be a completely different game when RoS comes out, and minus all the new content (which I very eagerly anticipate), I’ve not been sold that the game will be evolutionarily better than it is now. Frankly I’m more worried that they’re going to be changing so much all at the same time it could really end up being a mess (fingers crossed that I’m dead wrong on that one).

    Anyway, after doing a bunch of high MP key runs & Ubers with Avani I’m either going to push my HC monk SafeCracker to 100 (currently 80) or I’m going to start a Wiz or WD and play them up. I have a 60(3) DH that I need to take a look at and will also level her up.

    Oh, and I’ve got to start a new SC toon with my gf. She’s become a D3 regular over the past few months and I have been promising to make an (egads) SC toon along with her.

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