It’s been a while since I hit Paragon 100. I think I hit that benchmark at the worst possible time. As I was hitting my goal, the community was bracing for the news from Gamescom and I went to bed wondering what was next.
    reaper of souls

    There is a certain sadness in completing a goal, especially one you’ve had for a long time. What is the hunter without the hunt? After I dinged para 100 I was elated but also clueless as to where to go after it. Sure I could make a run towards 100 again with a new class, but having made that journey before I knew just how arduous it would be. However, even with that knowledge I set my sights on my monk and was prepared to hit the ground running until I woke up to the news of DiabloWikiReaper of Souls.

    Now please do not assume I am anything but elated for the new expansion. I fully expect it to engross me just as much if not more as what D3 did. Side note: will we call it D3 classic or vanilla? I like D3 classic but who knows? However the concept of starting fresh in the face of near futility seemed faulty for a few reasons.

    1. We still don’t know if dead HC chars will transfer to paragon 2.0
    2. Ladders will reset any of that extra earned xp within a few months time
    3. The AH being gone eliminates the need to hoard gold

    Those questions and concepts have kept me from fully diving back into D3 since I hit 100. With this expansion announcement I couldn’t help but think of WoW. When their expansions are about to hit you know things will change, but you still have objectives you can strive for in game, things to find, quests to complete, and the currency by in large still retains value. With the major overhaul to the game it’s hard to place a sense of permanence on anything outside of the paragon levels as it seems like it will all change. On the other hand, I’m a massive fan of the series and hardcore so not playing seems wrong. So I jumped back in this time with reckless abandon.

    I’m putting all my eggs in the basket that gold will be worthless, and spending my gold on anything and everything I want. After spending so much time hoarding and pinching pennies it’s been refreshing to say “Who cares? I want it”. If the worst thing that happens is I lose a few hundred million on a character what will it matter when the auction house is gone and I can relive my starting days? As my gold pile dwindles down, I feel a sense of relief, not discomfort. After all, what would I have done in the expansion different had the AH been open. I would have continued hoarding gold for no real reason, just to have a buffer. With that out of the way I can get back to just playing and bootstrapping it back if I need to.

    How has the xpac affected your play style?

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