After singing the system’s praises a few days ago I revisited the 1-70 experience and so far am finding it a bit lacking. With the last hot fix Player bounty quest rewards have been reduced by near half. While this may not seem like much especially in the end game, where it really seems to impact is on the 1-70 journey.

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    Now those who play soft core this has little to no effect on you, you hit 70 once, you play, rinse and repeat. However, those in hardcore will make this journey many times and each time it can run into a level of tedium. What I found pre hot fix with leveling was that it finally felt right, I didn’t feel like i needed to be power leveled because I was making significant progress on my own and it was a task that wasn’t nearly as laborious as it and been in Vanilla. However as I currently level a new crusader and see my significant reduction the tedium sets in. As the endgame is set at seventy it once again feels more like a rush to get to 70 as it’s taking longer to do so. During my previous jaunts to 70 it didn’t feel that arduous, in at the span of an hour you could make some headway towards it while not feeling like you were grinding. The leveling experience was enjoyable. However it now feels flat, and the gains seem minimal.

    I understand why the hot fix was implemented in order to balance the dichotomy between rifts and bounties but that seems more fixated on the post 70 game opposed to the leveling curve. How could this be amended? Why not keep the original amounts allotted for the 1-70 and reduce them once the player hits 70? This will allow for leveling to seem like less of a chore while not allowing for an imbalance in the endgame. As I said I’ve leveled a lot of characters in d3 and each time you would find yourself resorting to rush tactics because the bulk of the game lied in the post 60 content. D3ros seemed to take that out of the equation because it was effective for you to level yourself. Now I can only imagine rushing will remain and the trek to 70 will feel once again like a chore as opposed to an adventure.

    Before anyone decries this as rage over releveling, or says that’s not hardcore or what have you, keep in mind regardless of this I will relevel no matter what the ratios are what I’m arguing is that the system finally felt right for d3 due the main bulk of the game lying on post 70 content and not on the overall journey to get to a max level.


    Now on to reader questions! Feel free to ask me any RoS questions on twitter (@HCXanth)or on the forums and I’ll do my damnedest to get back to you.

    @CreationsAU:Are there any changes that help prevent “griefers” in public games? New flag art for example?

    There are new animations on a players profile pic that show them in combat and of course alerts but nothing that would tell you if they have hoards of monsters waiting for your demise. I imagine griefing will continue in RoS but as of right now I haven’t seen any. The pool of players is far too small and by in large not nefarious. With a larger pool of people perhaps we would see those exploits.However with guilds and communities you might be able to spread the word a lot quicker about those who are out for blood.

    @0Phenix:As a hc player can you compare the new difficulty in #RoS to the current MP system now? Is normal like MP0-2 and hard like MP3-5?

    It’s really tough to gage the content by comparison to mp levels. Mainly due to the fact that the devs have also eliminated nightmare-inferno and replaced them as well. With leveling you would normally put it on MP10 and set to work with your hand me down gear, where now i find myself in-between hard and expert. From there it becomes hard to say where your best difficulty lies with the expanded health and damage numbers. I can say my WD felt quite off after farming mp5 and jumping into master.

    @CreationsAU:Are any of the new monster affixes harder specifically to hardcore? For example vortex is terrifying in HC

    All of them can be terrifying now because you don’t really melt monsters anymore. You need to be wary of affixes because that is going to affect how you even approach them. My least favorite at the moment are frozen pulse( can never see it until it’s killing me) and wormhole.

    That’s it for this week but as always post your comments below!

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