One life to live: Tis the Season

The race to 70, the absence of gold, artisans, hellfire rings, and high level friends to boost you. It’s all gone away and it’s hard not to be excited. I still recall the rush of playing my first WD on launch day, wading through it all with no support and no fallback. Did reaching 60 take awhile? Of course but it also felt really good. Everything else after that was easier since I blazed the trail for myself. That is an experience you didn’t get with RoS, everything was established, gold was banked, gear still usable, and friends prevalent. However, with a season wipe we can do it all again.

While there is some dissenting opinions on Seasons I’m 100% for them especially for hardcore. For SC it is simply a slough back to 70 and back to the grind, but for HC it is a true test to make it back up that mountain. For a long time we’ve had a lot of safety nets and ladders to help us trek back. All that is gone and I think that trek back is going to be a bit harder. However, it will be nice to go through that struggle with so many of our HC brethren. I’m not sure where I will even start for season 2, I’m tempted to play it safe and go Monk, but chances are I’ll simply go back to Witch doctor for nostalgia.

The best part of seasons is the push to the top and watching so many fall on the way there. Not to say we can take pleasure in people’s demise, but it helps show what makes the mode so special.

As we begin to chase the chart, and face death in its hardest iteration; I’m happy to announce a new contest. I’ve got a large amount of limited addition Treasure goblin posters that we’ll be giving away to start the season. One poster for each week until they’re gone. The rules are simple simply tweet the @Diabloincgamers a picture of your HC death and an epitaph for your fallen character. We’ll start the contents when Season two starts, so no prepping your deaths in advance! While a poster may not make up for your lost character, you’ll always be able to remember what drove you to that death…greed…and sweet,sweet, loot.

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published (semi)weekly. Post your comments below, Follow me on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly.


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  1. i’m in!

    Before RoS, playing hardcore, since D3 was my hc beginning, the learning curve was very very very hard for me because … in short, I killed more toons getting to or being level 60 than everyone else combined. Or around an almost weekls basis.

    I wish my death to be by a cow!

  2. Does it have to be an s2 death or can it be a previous death. I lost 2 monks in 2 days after the release of 2.1.2 and that really put a hurting on me. It was greed I was so giddy to be doing so much dmg I felt invincible and paid the ultimate debt.

    • It will need to be a season two death, more details of the contest will come out in a full post are days before season two kicks off

  3. Thank You Xanth, Your columns were/are the the sole reason that i’m playing games in HC mode now.

  4. I’m used to die with barb on live. Though since I got that Fury of Vanished Peak, I’m not looking into making new one. Maybe WD? That’s not a bad reason to start S2. Still I would like to go above T2 or P200, not start again with nothing 😛

  5. I suffered a really lame death on EU this week, (fooling around on Wave of Trials, got up to 44 and got proced and then one shotted while standing in very bottom right corner trying to TP out by those Act 5 suicide leapers) and the path back to 70… was a breeze. Even without much in the way of twinks, just having 300 paragon points and high level gems makes it so easy to level up, and once I got to my -36 level req 2400 kridershot, it was a joke. (Though I mostly did Strafe instead of Ball Lightning, since that’s such a fun skill until it becomes useless at 70.)

    I’m looking forward to S2 though, to start out fresh and naked and helpless, and remember the struggle Xanth alludes to. I just wish bliz had kept up on new items; there should be new builds to look forward to each season, and a reason to want to find all the gear over again. New gear, even. I almost wish they’d kept the 3 recent set improvements for Seasonal gear only.

  6. I still miss “Hostile” option for a true hardcore experience 🙁 Oh well, back to D2…

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