One life to live: How not to get pk’d part two

I thought the first post I wrote would have been enough. However I was wrong, not in how to avoid it but in my impression that it was enough. ROS brought in new ways to play the game and of course new ways to spoil it.

The current method involves rifts. The group(or player) floods the portal with enemies and waits idly in town while their target rushes in to start rifting. It’s rather ingenious if you think about it. You would rarely suspect a fresh portal, and often groups sell their goods in between rifts and there is some downtime. There is little to suspect. Ironically the only death I’ve had in ROS was from this exact same strategy though on accident as opposed to purpose. The party zoned in before me and took on a few packs that were too strong and fled to the portal as I zoned my death. That set up was a drop in the bucket compared to what someone trying to kill you might have behind that portal. 99% of the time your public rifts will turn out fine and have no ill intent. However for 100% of your rifts you need to be conscientious of a few things.

Step one: Inspect

A lot of times we assume people in a public game are generally good people out for the same interests as us. However that isn’t always the case. We have the ability to inspect others characters, do it! Look for anomalies, are they doing 100k dps with 23mil toughness? That might not be a good thing. If you have a group of three all built heavily on toughness it just might be a trap. They are building to survive the trap and set you up. Take a moment each game and see what everyone is up to.

Step two:Location

Look at where people are! Is everyone still in town? Did you see anyone actually open the portal or was it up when you got in? Has anyone moved? Is there one person in the portal whose banner is going nuts? All of these point to signs of a potential pk.

Step three:Wait

Take a moment and just wait. see who blinks first. Maybe they all really were just selling gear, or out for a smoke break. They may come back jump in the portal and surprise you. Or they may stay sitting there waiting on you, which might be your cue to leave.

Step four: The chat

As you’ve taken stock of the other three things watch for what they say. Their whole point in that game is to kill you, and to do that they need you to fall into their trap. They ma tell you to go in, that they need to afk or that they need to sell. Don’t trust anything they say unless you know that it’s fresh.

If at any point you don’t feel safe find another game! Most importantly if you did not heed this advice or were not aware report the players responsible! While I have yet to see a pk in game since ROS the HC forums are littered with posts about them. If you do fall victim report them and let your clan and communities know. The faster the word spreads the less likely anyone is to fall prey yet again.

This won’t be going away anytime soon, but if people know how to avoid it, eventually it won’t be worth it to try anymore. Anything I missed to help avoid this blight on the HC community?

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  1. Xanth, just curious why you still play public games? Before clans in D3V I use to paragon level in public games. But since I joined incgamers east HC clan I’ve never even considered joining a public game.

    There’s almost always enough people around to do whatever torment level I’m interested in. And when there’s not I just solo.

    Your advice is sound but in HC anyway I see no reasons to risk interaction with the unwashed masses. 🙂

    • Timesink, the fact that you dont do public games anymore doent mean that we have to ignore the problem, for others i mean.

    • I’ve found my playtimes to be erratic and as a result I’m sometimes on while none else is running torment games so I default to public games. If i have my druthers I’ll play with clan mates but if that’s not an option I’ll venture into pubs

  2. Well i would say how about blizzard moves their ass a little and start banning some pkers for player harassment and for harming the community.

    Many people will fall victims as they have no time for surfing on the forums, in what little time they have they try to play the game.

    “…Harass, threaten, stalk, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to any user…” i didn’t find anything like that in diablo 3 only in wow but the problem its the same “…cause distress or discomfort to any user…” They can easily change eula and include lines like this that can have ambiguous meanings and with that they can ban pkers. Problem is they dont want to ban pkers, i really don’t understand why as they clearly harm the comunity.

    I have been trying to warn players for a long time but there are stil a lot of victims and some of them leave hardcore becasue of that.

  3. I still avoid pubs at all costs mostly because I have a decent number of people on in clan and friends. While I do love to group I find myself being a RIF runner most days and solo play is sort of appealing. Public games are just a general danger.

  4. I play pubs relatively frequently. A few rifts per day, at times that none of my friends are on.

    Out of many runs, I’ve probably only seen one PK attempt. I suspect it was some player with a Chinese name AFK in town who trained a double elite pack to the portal on a T2 rift.

    Being only T2 and my alt having decent gear, I cleared the fight solo without issue. But I could see how this might kill a player with long load times or worse gear.

  5. I once in SC this way. No big deal as it only cost me a little gold and aggravation, but I do remember how strange it seemed. I wonder if I wandered into a pack of HC PK’ers practicing their techniques in SC….

  6. not that i condone this……but with no PVP this game needs some excitement.

    i’ve been watching on youtube, and honestly it’s quite amusing.

    i have to applaud them for finding a way to pk, although is quite cheap.

    but honestly, kudos for finding a way to pk.

    As far as avoiding this, use some common sense.

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