One Life to Live: Bringing Back The QQ

hardcore death in diablo 3Welcome back Everyone! I can’t speak for you all but I assume your friends list is bursting with new life, and your clan (IncHC or IncHC2) is showing how popular the game is again.

That being said, the influx of people is also bringing back the QQ on Hardcore death. Death is a part of the mode, and while it sucks when it happens, complaining on the forums won’t do you much good. So let’s set aside the common arguments and move on to release.

So you’ve died and you are frustrated let’s cover what not to do.

1. Don’t flock to the forums to complain: Chances are no matter what happened there will be no empathy for you. Expect to be told what direction softcore is. To the best of my knowledge it’s that way —> If there was a legit bug that caused you to die then by all means report it to other players. If you were griefed you might be able to warn others but the forums prevent you from calling other players out so you might want to pass the message through your clan. 99% of the time complaining about you death will not help you in any way other than to continue your frustration.

2. Don’t come up with crazy suggestions to “fix” hardcore. In all seriousness stop suggesting ways to keep your dead hardcore character. Yes Path of exile allows you to roll it into a soft core character, Diablo does not. If you want your character to still be around when you die play soft core. Hardcore does not need a safety net, with the inclusion of the paragon system your progress is already saved and the largest loss is now from gear. Introducing this would only further distill the essence of the mode. Hardcore should be about avoiding and fearing death to an extent, knowing your character will still thrive after you lose them would degrade the whole mode.

3. Don’t complain about your disconnect. Disconnects are a part of the game, for some it’s more prevalent, for others it isn’t. If you are d/c prone then HC isn’t for you. Hardcore is about calculating risk, if you want to play on a dial up modem in a rainstorm on hardcore you know the risk. If you drop every now and then, than you must anticipate it happening at some point with your character. If you’re not ready to accept losing your character then you’re not ready to play hardcore, good connection or not.

3b. Don’t complain about online only requirement. It’s been two years, stop beating the dead horse.

So what should you do when you die?

1. Assess the damage. What did you lose? What do you have left to build back up? What did you learn from that death?Do you have a geared and ready 60(70) to play with or are you re-rolling?
2. Archive your hero and continue playing.

It’s pretty simple actually. After you die if you feel like you can’t do that then HC isn’t for you. Death can suck and be frustrating and you might need a breather but it is what makes the mode what it is. If death wasn’t meaningful there would be no point to the mode. If a safety net was in place it would be exploited, and HC death would be pointless. This doesn’t even take into account how watered down death is now anyway. Losing a character will still sting but you are no longer losing your characters progress, and rebuilding is easier now than ever.

On a separate note about death, Can we please get a notice in chat from our HC friends and clan mates when they die? With our clans up and running all the time it would be nice to see if anyone hit a snag and be able to offer help coming back. In d2 we would create games stating our demise and people would meander in bring gifts of gear and gold and the occasional rush. It would be nice to see that and help our fellow players who may not ask for the help otherwise.

In the meantime let’s keep the qq to a minimum, grind some paragons, and get ready for Reaper of Souls! I’m going crusader once I get adventure mode unlocked, what’s your HC ROS plan?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow him on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!


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  1. Mine is to stay in sc until i figure out all the changes Blizz made to monster affixes, skills, etc. I depended heavily on LS on my WD and dont want to lose him due to ignorance (although incompetence is fine).

  2. “In d2 we would create games stating our demise and people would meander in bring gifts of gear and gold and the occasional rush.”

    In before people complain about BoA. Rares with reduced level requirement can be plenty helpful, and on level 70 Rares the reduction be as much as -30.

    “I’m going crusader once I get adventure mode unlocked, what’s your HC ROS plan?”

    Right now I’m mostly soloing, doing full game clears and experimenting with skills. In RoS however I plan to play mostly in parties, clearing Rifts. They seem like fun. Also, I’m of course rolling a Crusader. The fact that their sword + shield stance so closely resembles the D1 Warrior brought back memories. 🙂

  3. “I’m going crusader once I get adventure mode unlocked, what’s your HC ROS plan?”

    My plan is to start a crusader immediately and play all the way through story mode. I figure it will be the last time I play story mode ever, so I might as well do it with a character who has new dialog.

    Act V will be new to me of course, and the crusader will be new enough to me to get through the sameness of Act 1-4.

  4. Exactly, don’t go whining on the forums, only some dollars in justice will make Blizz reanimate cahrs….

  5. I plan to beat Act V with the DH I just rolled last weekend and then get a Crusader up to 70 through Adventure Mode. After I do that and see how things are playing out, I may go back to the DH actually. Just loving how she plays after all of the changes and I have some designs on assembling those insanely good level 70 sets.

    Definitely going to play by myself first to see all the cinematics and take Act V at my own pace.

  6. I am going to try to stick to a “main” for awhile this time around, which will be my monk if she survives until RoS drops. I played lots of paladin in D2, so I don’t feel the need to jump on the Crusader right away.

  7. Well said! I plan to continue my DH until I gather up the gear I wish to have for my first Crusader or until I get tired of my DH. Right now, I am having too much fun with my DH to give it up.

  8. A5 with SC barb and than A5 with HC wiz and than Adventure Mode all day long 🙂

  9. Whats killing people? Its easier than ever… 🙁

    I know Act 2 keywarden is a joke and waller could mess people up on occasion (hello 5 elite blue pack), but toughness+healing is nearly forced on you now.

  10. All valid and spot-on points, except in my opinion:

    “Don’t complain about your disconnect. Disconnects are a part of the game, for some it’s more prevalent, for others it isn’t. Hardcore is about calculating risk…”

    Spoken like somebody who hasn’t yet lost an end game character to a disconnect! Not that I think anything will ever be changed and in some respects it is indeed a futile effort, but asking for a bad game mechanic to be fixed is not in anyway complaining. Hardcore is about risk yes, but risk of dying horribly while combating monsters and demons, not a bad connection feature. You should fear the monsters you fight, not fear the sever and/or your connection stability, which I can say for a fact some people do.

    • By and large, disconnect problems have a lot more to do with people’s internet connection than they do with bad game mechanics on Blizzard’s part.

    • fix your connection then or don’t play HC if you’re so afraid of DC and you KNOW it will happen.

      • @Zappa – While that is certainly true, most of the time, it’s not so much the frequency of DC’s that is the problem it’s more of how the game handles them, which is awful. Is it reasonable for the devs to revert dead chars and/or have super complicated algorithms that 100% save people who consistently drop? No. Is it reasonable to leave your character in the game for 30-60 seconds if you randomly drop? Also No, seems like they should be able to do better than that.

        @Killy – Yeah thanks, super useful comment there.

  11. On a different note: I sympathize with HC deaths, but not whining. I love to help people get back on their feet and I have met many HC players who do the same.

  12. On point #1, I got sympathy, if not empathy, for my last DH. But I didn’t ask for it, and turned her fate into a strategy lesson for others.

    BTW, replacement DH hit 60 today in Act 2, I strapped on a low end Manticore (1 socket 1050, cost me 500k last week) and some other self found 60 gear my last DH had outgrown, continued on to Act 3, and found a 1280 Krindershot with a socket in Arreat Crater 1. Reward for perseverance!

  13. Written by real blizz-ballz licker. HC is HC and disconnect is disconnect. Get your head out of your buttocks, dear sir.

  14. Honestly. With Loot 2.0 I already got Backup gear in case my main abrbarian dies. Not as good as what my main has but good enough.

    People playing HC should always gather backup gear in case of death. Got that worse IK belt or set pieces that didn’t roll as good? Keep them!

    I would miss my very nicely rolled Thunderfury and Bul-khatos’s Warrior Blood but hehe it’s all taken into account.

  15. I wish Blizzard would advertise hardcore a bit more. Screentip after finishing the game for the first time, loading screen tip or so, bigger button, more emphasys that there are 2 gamemodes etc.

  16. HC ROS plans? I’m going with the Crusader to start. I’ll probably bounce between my WD and Crusader.

    Just joined INCHC2 clan! I also agree about a death notice to all clan members. Great idea.

  17. I have long watched this blog and the same day 2.0 hit the realms joined the incGamers clan, passing later to the HC clan in EU(hey there HardRock 🙂 ). I love the athmosphere that’s over there – the athmosphere of the only way Diablo game should be played – the one of the permadeath. I wasn’t fan of hc in the past, but I becoming one now, after losing 12 characters and counting.

    You have only one chance to keep your character safe. Don’t waist it. And have a hell lot of fun while doing it.

  18. Diablo sc is not the way to play this game

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