One life to live: A Better Picture of Reaper of Souls Hardcore

One life to live: A Better Picture of Reaper of Souls Hardcore

A few weeks back I was lamenting the lack of loss in Hardcore, or what would be the lack of loss in Hardcore with the implementation of the DiabloWikisharagon system. We would no longer lose our experience when we died, and the only major loss we’d feel was in our bank accounts. Then of course the auction house goes down, and the peasants rejoice.


My largest qualm with the system was the lack of a feeling of loss. After all characters would easily be replaced with a quick perusal of the auction house and nothing would change. However, now the game has changed items are everything and their loss will be felt.

In some ways it’s a return of sorts to Diablo 2. After a while it was rather easy to get back up and running with a character, but what wasn’t easy was finding the perfect items to make your build work just right (legitimately). I would run DiabloWikiMephisto for hours looking for items I needed, I was never concerned with reaching max level as I was with filling the coffers. I hope that concept returns in DiabloWikiReaper of Souls because in tandem with that was the loss of great items. That DiabloWikiArreat’s Face I slaved away to get was gone forever and who knew how long it would be until I saw its equal.

Now I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention third party sites. They never left Diablo, and I doubt they will be going anywhere soon, but my hope is that they don’t reach the heights they once did in Diablo 2. The last time I jumped into d2 It become very hard to find anyone who was willing to trade or help without the use of a site (you know which one). That spoils the experience, I don’t care if you’re using it but by no means should it become the standard by which each player must abide. That’s why I liked the AH it provided for an in-game way to achieve those goals, without it being required, however once it was completely saturated and the drop rates were off it became a bigger problem than a solution.

Another huge factor that will get added in are DiabloWikiLadders. A frequent refresh to the economy and the plethora of items in circulation. Losing a character will still suck but you will have the opportunity to start back on level ground eventually. Currently there is almost a need to rush through everything to reach the end to farm. Which can be fun but that rush distils the experience, especially in hardcore. Some of my best memories from Diablo 3 were in the beginning when everything was fresh and I was drooling over mediocre inferno gear since it wasn’t attainable. Ladder resets will allow that experience to continue in tandem with the rush of taking a character as far it can go, not because you need to but because you can.

Lastly are the caps/combat change. We’ve seen that Wyatt has discussed health and regeneration, as well as the caps on crit damage/chance and I have to say I’m excited. One of my biggest complaints about Diablo 3 hardcore has been the ease of it as of late. A large part of that has been the proliferation of gear, and the homogenization of classes with those core stats. If those are reduced perhaps combat will depend more on how you are using your skills than simply spamming big numbers. This is in tandem with the reduction of DiabloWikiLife Steal skills that basically can keep you afloat now even with mediocre gear. This might be a nice uptick in difficulty that aligns well with difficulty in the game.

So it’s fair to say I was wrong in assuming the worst for Reaper of Souls Hardcore. If this all falls into place I think Hardcore will shape up rather well. What are your thoughts?

One Life to Live covers the Hardcore play and life style in the Diablo community. It is written by Xanth and published weekly. Post your comments below, Follow him on Twitter @HCXanth or contact the author directly. For all the archived news about Diablo 3 hardcore check our Archives!

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15 thoughts on “One life to live: A Better Picture of Reaper of Souls Hardcore

  1. I love hardcore used to play it exclusively in D2 after patch 1.10 , but with my current connection it is impossible to play without disconnects and lags so I don’t play it now.

    With the AH gone , Hardcore will be better and the items will gain much higher value than they do now.

    Paragon levels are like the extra levels you gain after assigning all your skills in D2 and you just get bonus skills to fill other skills that are not needed for your build just to get extra bonuses here and there , so the gear will be the big loss now without the AH, you will cry when you lose your legendaries or rares.

    The AH in combination with Bots totally ruined the game experience for everybody and made 99.99999% of the items you find worthless and also gold inflation was inevitable when you had bots farming gold in the first week in Inferno , but now eventhough there will be lots of gold with the Bots and they will find items , they won’t have as big of an impact as they did with the AH around , they can’t directly effect the whole economy.
    And I am sure a new currency will arise alongside the Gold like Rubies back in D2 or Unid legendaries.

    I think they moved in the perfect direction and they are taking feedback seriously and I am very happy with Josh and where he is leading the D3Exp , sucks that it took them so much time to realize what the community wants and sucks even more that after playing D3 on my Console I can’t go back to PC with the way the loot is and how long it is taking for them to implement everything , I don’t even care about any of my characters now that I know there will be ladder and that the economy will be flipped upside down as soon as loot2.0 hits.

  2. One thing to remember about “caps” is its from items. 40% crit is Amulet 10%, gloves 10%, bracers 6%, helm 6%, ring 6% ring 2%.

    It could be expected that we could get higher % crit from items at level 70. I think it will remain the same “you need these stats to compete”, but hey, maybe we can free up a ring slot.

    Paragon Points would still add crit above that, along with passives. People will still want their max stats, which would mean specific gear that has specific rolls (mempo for IAS/crit) and all will be the same, in hardcore at least.

    I am worried that if loot is as abundant and stupidly good as the console, you won’t have to mule items. Maybe a few specific ones, but def not leveling gear. You just get that stuff for free.

    Time will tell…

    • I’ll be shocked if the max rolls to many of the affixes aren’t much lower in RoS. After all, what’s the point in 250% CD cap if you can get that from just your weapon and a socket? (Not that anyone would use Emeralds in weapons if the cap was that low and CD values remained the same. Everyone would go Ruby and get the 250% on other gear.)

      I think the days of 10% CC gloves and amulets, 6% CC rings, 10% CC off-hand are going to end with D3C.

      • One related point. If the caps remain what they are in the DM info now, that makes Paragon points seem much more valuable. 10% CC and 50% CD from PPs seemed kind of meh from current standards, where many well-geared characters have 60% CC and 600% CD. Adding 10% and 50% if you’ve only got 40% and 250% is a lot bigger bonus, in relative terms. And imagine if the CC and CD numbers really do go down in RoS, so many players are at say, 30/200? Then adding 10/50 is huge.

        Also, consider that since Paragon points go in that alternating tab system, you can only add to each tab every 4th paragon level. So you’ll have to be quite high level to max out 2 fields from any tab. You’d need to be Paragon 401 to max out CC and CD, and that’s without putting a single point into IAS or Cooldown, the other fields in the Offensive Tab.

      • If that’s the case though, then these “legacy” D3C items will actually go UP in value, unless they design the new items so awesomely that you’re willing to throw away the “old” high values. They would have to make the new system so enticing that keeping old items to hit caps won’t be alluring. This seems to create a rift and I imagine it means that the values of those affixes won’t increase, but they won’t decrease with RoS either.

        • yeah, but all legacy items will be useless in ladder

          it would be interesting to see a poll on how people expect to spend their play time

          100% ladder
          75% ladder
          50% ladder
          25% ladder
          0% ladder

          I’ll be 100% ladder

          • If there gonna be some ladder-only bonuses like in D2, that will encourage non-ladder players to spend some time to get them. After all not everyone has enough time to play ladder, so that could make them look at it. Having non-ladder char which you’ll gonna power-up every now and then can be fun too 🙂

  3. The removal of the AH is a boon to sites like these, the trading forums should get a real boost with activity and that can only be good for this site and the community here. I rather enjoyed trading on this site when I did do it, the trader ratings were much better than a chat channel spam.

    The fact that we are already here trading should lead to more discussion as well, might as well post in the forums while you are here anyways.

    So in a way trading has just become the responsibility of the community instead of blizzard.

  4. Peasants rejoice ? Really Xanth ? That sounds kind of insulting because not everyone is rich like you in D3. I just got my first HC character to 60 and I personally don’t have a lot of money to throw at the AH at the moment. I have to depend on good drops so they can sell just like many other players in my position. I’m glad the AH will be gone so we have everyone on the same playing field.

  5. I don’t see right now why anybody is bothering to get toons to p100 if everybody is just going to go ladder, and what will be the point of your pl’s going into non-ladder when you are just going to go ladder again anyway.
    When it come’s to trading in the 3rd party sights, there wont be any items unless your ladder!
    Will anyone not be doing it? I don’t want to, but it will probably be a case of “do it, or play solo!”

    • I mean, that’s literally why I’ve stopped playing the PC version and I was ready to grind out at least 5 plvl100s before Ladder was announced.


      I think there will be those that still play non-ladder just because they want access to their old characters 24/7.

    • I will probably play ladder HC but the non-ladder points will be useful for setting up builds and seeing exactly how they work.

    • I am not gonna be one of those that say if you don’t play my way then you are playing the wrong way , but ladders are a healthy thing for this type of game where items and gold circulate in the economy endlessly almost.

      The gold sinks are not enough to offset the amount of gold grinded per day by bots and players so there will always be gold inflation and Gear now might be a little bit in a better spot but after a while when players obtain crazy loot it will get back to the same problem where players find more gear than they salvage/bind by enchanting/use.

    • Well quite a lot of people play solo. I’ve never played a public game and neither have any of the people I know in real life. I guess ladders are more aimed at people who like multiplayer in the first place since they care about what other players are doing and how they fit into that. If you just like the idea of getting better items and refining your character, both ladder and multiplayer don’t really mean much to you.

      That said, ladders do interest me a lot more than multiplayer since it gives you something to aim for in the shorter term. The effects it has on the economy don’t really bother me since I don’t trade anyway.

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