One With Everything — Replaced in Patch 2.1

One With Everything — Replaced in Patch 2.1

News from Blizzard that the powerful and controversial Monk passive, DiabloWikiOne With Everything, is going to be removed entirely from the game in DiabloWikiPatch 2.1. A new passive called DiabloWikiHarmony will take its place, which will grant 30% of all single-elemental resistances as DiabloWikiAll Resistance. (Currently, OWE grants 100% of your biggest single elemental resistance as All Resistance.)

This will greatly-inconvenience Monks who have specialized their armor to add the same single resistance from multiple pieces, but Blizzard feels that OWE being all-but-mandatory now is no fun, and they think the coming buff to Dexterity (making it grant Armor exactly as STR does now for Crus and Barbs) will be a better option for Monks (and DHs) on the whole.

With Patch 2.1 around the corner, many classes are receiving some substantial revisions to core functionalities. These changes have equally substantial philosophy behind them, so we want to prepare you in advance for the kinds of adjustments you should expect.

news-one-with-everythingAdjustments to One With Everything has been a long-standing community request, but we wanted to make sure we could address this in a way that solves all of its components without reducing the Monk’s survivability. There are two major issues with One With Everything:

  • It’s too good, to the point it feels mandatory for all Monks to use.
  • It forces Monks to gear a specific way, which is difficult and frustrating.
  • We are addressing this issue in two ways. First, both Monks and Demon Hunters will no longer receive Dodge from Dexterity. Instead, they will receive Armor, similar to Barbarians and Crusaders. For more information on this change, please refer to our Patch 2.1.0 PTR Preview blog.

    Second, One With Everything is being replaced with a new passive called DiabloWikiHarmony. Harmony allows 30% of your single elemental resistances from items to apply to all elements.

    With these two changes, we can move away from a place where Monks are forced to rely on their secondary affixes for DiabloWikiToughness. It’s possible you may see your Toughness as a lower number after this change is in effect, depending on how you’ve previously geared. However, the exchange of DiabloWikiDodge to more reliable survivability stats like DiabloWikiArmor and more accessible DiabloWikiAll Resist should provide you roughly the same amount of survivability, and overall you shouldn’t notice a big difference.

    These changes will soon be available on the PTR, and we hope that you will take the opportunity to try them out and let us know how they feel. We’re eager to hear your feedback on this and other changes coming in Patch 2.1.

    Nevalistis: Just some additional clarification, since I see some confusion on the new passive:

    Harmony will apply 30% of a single resist to all other resistances aside from the element it normally provides (meaning it doesn’t double-dip on itself). Here’s a math-y example in hopes this provides a clearer picture:

    I acquire a piece of gear with 100 Fire Resist. From that gear, I’m gaining 100 Fire Resist and 30 Resistance to all others.

    Hope that makes more sense. 🙂

    So let me get this new math right


  • 1000 AR, 800 Lit Resist
  • With OWE

  • 1000 + 800 = 1800 AR
  • With Harmony

  • 1000 + 800*.3 = 1240 AR
  • 1000 AR + 800 LR = 1800 Lightning Resist
  • Nevalistis: This is correct.

    I expect Monks who have rolled + enchanted every piece dozens of times to get all good items with all the correct secondary affix will be angered. On the other hand, it seems like a boon for Monks who aren’t real specially geared; you’ll get much higher Armor from the Dex change, plus every piece of gear with a secondary resistance will stack up on your All Res. No more “useless” secondary affix resistance rolls.

    And that assumes you use Harmony; you might not want/need to. After all, Dex boosting every Monk up to Barb/Crus levels of Armor will be a major boost to Toughness, which should make Monks capable of tanking away in higher Torment levels without needing 500 more All Res than a Barb needs to survive at the same task.

    To say nothing of the overall boost DHs are getting from this Dexterity change, with the benefit currently provided by the DiabloWikiAwareness passive basically getting baked into the class.

    And now ess deh time on Inkvampers vhen we vote.

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    21 thoughts on “One With Everything — Replaced in Patch 2.1

    1. Why not just rename Dexterity to Strength? Doesn't converting Dexterity to all resistances work better as a replacement for OWE, since Monks are losing their resistances with this change?

    2. That would remove equipment differentiation between 4 of the classes.

      Just Armor is probably a more beneficial addition, since it provides damage mitigation to everything (not just elemental), but I'm kind of surprised Bliz didn't split the difference. Why not make Dex yield half the benefit of INT and half of Str? Thus res and armor come in equal portions. I think that would make more sense, because the Monk is more of a melee char (STR/Armor) while the DH is more ranged/mage like (INT/Res).

    3. I feel like there is probably more balancing to come, and that the big fish was let out of the bag to let everybody get a chance to come to terms with it, so that the minor iterations can follow … and everything will just blow over …

      like how everyone got mad about shard of hate, and that nerf is like a distant memory now, not the same circumstancially but an example of how old changes are easily forgotten

    4. *Nostradamus mode on*
      In patch 3.0 all we are left with is
      "Primary attribute" affecting damage and armor
      "Secondary attribute" affecting healthpool and resists.
      All gear gives +(over9000) primary and secondary, and all gear is interchangeable between chars.

    5. All crafting materials are replaced soley by gold, which no longer drops on the ground as a physical object but instead just pops up over your characters head as "+xxx gold".

    6. Yes changing the dext to provide armor helps the monk.
      But no it doesn't make any sense to a 'role player'.

      The change to OWE is terrible, IMO, unless they also increase the monk's damage across the board. The biggest benefit of OWE is that it frees up a primary stat slot in the process. Monks currently need damage in that fourth primary slot to keep up.

    7. The whole monk debacle is why I haven't played mine at all past 70 in RoS. It just never seemed worth the extensive effort to gear up. Now, I look forward to seeing what else is coming up for them, but feel bad at the die-hards who've been dealing with this mess than now must re-gear to continue dealing with this mess.

    8. If anything Monks are surviving more and easier than Barbs atm. I resent the 'require 500 more res than barbs' statement. 😛

    9. Isn't the whole dex = armor thing kinda shortsighted because so many Monk skills/runes give boosts to dodge, which presume you have +Dodge from your dex?

      What now, are they going to boost Armor instead?

      Is Dodge basically going to be removed from the game now?

    10. well there goes my build completely now thanks blizz for completly nerfing monks again thumbs up for a job well done, if monks dont come out of this okay i think boycotting is the way to go, OWE is the only passive that allows monks to take on higher torment without being ridiculously geared, if they lose this monks cannot tank cannot farm and cannot support groups with chakras. ranged monks are out of the question too so they cannot kite either.

    11. I'm withholding judgment until I see the whole new monk package, but on the whole I'm doubtful about getting rid of OWE.

      It's striking, though, that Blizz said a few patches back in the patch notes that they thought the monk was in a good place. They then proceeded to make major changes in how monks work.

      Apparently monks weren't in such a great place.

    12. i think its due to the changes in set items that they are getting this treatment which is justifiable if monk survivability doesnt take too much of an hit, but with that being said not everyone will have set pieces so its the new monks which will suffer especially in ladders whcih means its gonna be undesirable to play monk in them if thats the case. i think if harmony granted 50~% then it wouldnt be too bad but only 30 its gonna be borderline surviving and most monks will have to rely on skills such as sancturary and charge just to dodge out of the way of damage. only time will tell with this one. i just hope when blizz looks at the metrics and sees monks on the decline then they will change this rapidly

    13. The change to harmony is basically a break even (with what OwE currently does) thing IF you have gear with multiple single resists. However I, like many others that have play a long time on my monk now have a set of rainment gear and non-class set sets that are tuned entirely around one of those single resists and now it will be horrid. It took two whole sets of an entire rainment set to get those items and 30-40+ crafts to get the right rolls with that single resist and now I'm forced into farming them all again.

      It's almost like yay we now have a way to throw in a little reset (seasons) lets do this so it incentivizes starting over instead of people who didn't want to start over who are now slightly screwed on their current gear.

    14. "It forces Monks to gear a specific way, which is difficult and frustrating."

      Having to gear a specific way in Diablo is the opposite of frustrating, it's fun. It's boring when an item is equally good for all builds and classes and it was cool that OWE made you think about gear a little differently. They should have just nerfed OWE a bit so it's still good to stack single res but not so powerful it's essentially mandatory.

    15. It'll be interesting when this patch goes live on the PTR and people can import their Monks and compare. Well-geared Monks will lose hundreds of resistance, even if they stay with OWE, but the Dex change means they'll gain what, 5000 Armor? And Armor mitigates all damage, elemental and physical.

      Depends also on what new passive replaces Seize the Initiative, and if it provides a comparable defensive boost.

      I'm curious the effect this'll have on Monk passives, too. Most people used OWE and StI, and now both might be gone. I found the Monk's passives really uncompelling previously, with their half-assed assortment of +spirit, -cooldown, etc. And now the 2 most popular are gone?

    16. I am not really surprised, I have seen this coming for a long time. I'll wait and see the end result before passing judgement. One thing is positive in all of this, IMHO, is that blizzard is trying new adjustments to the game even if it's with varying degree of success. I rather see many changes on a frequent basis then every couple of years like in D II.

    17. thing is if this change goes through are they gonna reinburse time effort money and materials probably not thats what im outraged about.

    18. I wouldn't be worried that you'll have to re-gear/re-enchant all your stuff because you only focused on one resistance type.

      If you have 900 res to a single element like fire Fire, then you will get (900*0.3)=270 res to Cold, Lightning, Poison, Physical and Arcane

      If you have 300 each to Fire, Cold and Lit, then you get (300*0.3)=90 and thus (90+90+90)=270 to Poison, Phys, and Arcane from those three.
      But for fire, ice and, lit you have (90+90)=180 since each of those cannot benefit from itself.

      So it winds up
      Single Split Difference
      Fire 900 480 -420
      Cold 270 480 +210
      Lightning 270 480 +210
      Poison 270 270
      Arcane 270 270
      Physical 270 270

      So the total resistance value you get from either strategy seems to even out.

    19. Monk was my main before RoS. I only got it to 70 to have a mule. I'll just wait and see what happens.

    20. This is really a game changer. I've stopped re-rolling items until 2.10 comes. Who knows that else they will change.

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