Once You Go Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 You Can’t Go Back?

Once You Go Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 You Can’t Go Back?

Most people I’ve talked to who are playing the PTR now and testing out DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 are really enjoying it and just want to keep at it. With the new skill tweaks and DiabloWikiGreater Rifts and new items and the possibility of hitting DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain, the DiabloWikilive game seems pretty tame. While skimming the nothingburger of Blue posts since yesterday, I thought this one was going to share that sentiment, and clicked to see what I expected to be anodyne words of cheer from a Blue… but no!

Downloaded the PTR and Now i cannot play Live

Is anyone in this thread still experiencing a problem with the live version of Diablo III after downloading the 2.1 PTR?
Omrakos: Thanks for replying. Our developers are requesting anyone with this issue provide them with a set of log files. These files can be obtained through the use a utility they’ve created called LogGoblin. Information on obtaining and running the utility can be found here.

Once you have the file created, could you please send it to me at [email protected] attn Omrakos ? I’ll see that it gets forwarded straight away.

Oh pfft, tech problems! I wanted to see someone rhapsodize over the joy that is Diablo 3 Patch 2.1. If that’s you, feel free to hit it in the comments. How many are testing out the PTR anyway? Here’s where we find out.

Have you tested out Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 on the PTR?

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26 thoughts on “Once You Go Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 You Can’t Go Back?

  1. I was on my way to installing the PTR client. Then I got to the point where it said 10.4 GB remaining, and I cancelled it.

    • Haha, I remeber when 2.0 hit live and I spend few days downloading/re-downloading. Now with faster network it was a matter of an hour.

  2. i checked it out to try the monk changes and greater rifts. not very impressed with either and since all progress will be wiped I see little point in playing on PTR until new build is up.

  3. No interest. I still have lots of work to do on my Live characters, and I'm too scared of finding that perfect Thunderfury on the PTR.

  4. Holding out for the release of 2.1 to live but I'm excited at the thought of starting over with no items/gold and so on. First time round when the game just launched it was a pretty different (terrible) experience for me.

  5. The Rift tokens are utter garbage. I stopped until I see a new build/patch that changes the drop rates/mechanics of opening the portals. Saving a ton of different little tokens, in your bags, that all look the same as the regular ones, is lame.

  6. Installed PTR. Played for an hour, maybe less. I am not playing my former main Monk any more and I am still not inclined to do so.
    I'll probably shelf my Wizard too (Arcane Torrent).
    I prefer playing live, I need a lot of materials to craft and enchant, and a lot of blood shards for set items.

  7. People are missing the whole point of PTR.
    Fun is not the main reason to go to PTR , testing is.
    Items not having the proper graphics is not a reason to stop testing or to call it lame , things need be worked on and obviously they won't release the patch with normal rift keys and greater rift keys looking the same , specially when it is a big feature of a major patch , drop rates being low is expected , they want to tweak it and tune it until it feels good.

    Also about progress made on the PTR , people always bring this up like they don't know the real reason things don't move over from PTR to live , the bugs and the exploits that can be found on the PTR server are massive and can ruin everything on live if things were to transfer over.

    If my connection was good enough to play on PTR(US = 2k ms ping with lag spikes) I would test it much longer and report everything I can , I want a good polished final release of 2.1 not another buggy patch , so if you don't test things on PTR and then notice things you don't like on the live server after the patch , don't come crying , test and report your findings and what you like and what you don't so that your voice can be heard , they won't do everything you say but atleast your voice will be heard and if many players agree with you then you can make a change.

    • Customers aren't QA. If they don't find it fun then why should they be expected to test for free?
      If you want to test for free to help Blizzard then that is fine, but don't expect everyone else to want to participate.

      • Wait, who the hell expects anyone to participate in the PTR? It's optional, if you don't want to do it, then don't, no one asks you to, really.

        I, for example, don't have time to play on the PTR because I have a summer practice at the hospital, but I appreciate the time and effort other players put into testing the patch.

        And… ematanis is right, PTR is not for fun, it's for testing. It's not a pre-release of the patch for public amusement, but a TEST REALM that was launched primarily to allow people to get a feel for the incoming changes and post their feedback. Why should we play it? Well, there are a lot of reasons – to thank for free content patches the devs are putting out, to help find some more situational bugs, to show our love for the game, to give our feedback and make the game better, to make the testing phase smoother and faster, etc.

  8. this morning, europe time, i woke up around 4.30ish.
    during the night as well as just before i awoke

    i dreamt of finding the treasure realm, since i haven't been there yet.
    lacking normal rift keys, i went out to farm and
    treasure realm, t1, made around 18 mio.

    beside that, as i have bragged around before, im playing a dead hc char on the ptr, so it can go on forever!

    2.1 / changes = +


  9. I played a bit on the PTR and realized I need items like dual unity so I'm back to farming on live. Of course its all moot if I play season…

  10. It's great to play the PTR. Not only to test it but to enjoy it. One of my favorite things about testing betas and PTRs is that some of the coolest things about them often times get AXED rigth before the real game is released. Powers get nerfed, as do drop rates … Sometimes the beta is most OP your character will ever be. It's a satisfying Diablo moment I'm really hunting for.

    you might find that Perfect Thunder Fury (I always find the best stuff in betas) but, you might also have more opportunities to hang in the treasure realm now, before the patch goes live.

  11. I played it. Greater rift are cool but class balance is off. I’ll try again when there are some more changes to PTR.

  12. I thought that WD's had been improved in 2.0 and that Blizz was off to save the monk next. After playing the WD on 2.1 was I wrong. I have a new build that I just can't stop playing, its that much fun. I don't want to play 2.1 since it gets wiped but I simply can't stop.

  13. I think I'll wait till they add more stuff (leg gems). My chars are too weak to tackle GR above 12 and I don't have much time. Though I have to say that Greater Rifting with my Twist'n'Burn Spectral Wiz was pretty cool. GRs are way funnier then ordinary Rifts (no loot collecting!).

  14. Currently using PTR to test the limits of my main HC crusader. As embarassing as it is to admit, I never had the guts to play T6 on live – but I've now solo cleared one T6 rift on PTR and I'm going to see how far I can get on GRifts.

  15. I found a green mask of Jeram than took a break of D3. My WD is cursed. Seriously.

    I started playing with the guy again a couple days ago and found a Kridershot, then upgraded my DH a little bit. Then I saw monks getting some power and I'm playing with monk, since I also found a fist of Az'Tarrask with my WD. Did I said "my WD is cursed" already? Ok. I didn't found any non helltooth, non thorns and I yet have to find a good item for pets on my WD – because he is cursed. Caracter seeds are real, if you ask me… 😮

    So no, I'm playing live, since I have no time for PTR. 'Doing some catch up…

    Spending gold there and saying billions of t.y.'s to the random stranger on the bnet forum that posted "buy a legacy puzzle ring on AH before it closes and put it on your follower…" with a B-movie voice…

    I'll farm keys if I have time to, because I wasted a month+ on my cursed WD while I can go semi-decent in a week or 2 with the other class. (I think I'll find Little rogue, slanderer, but no Mask of Jeram, jade, etc. on him).

    OT: I found krider (rare, but on WD loot for some reason), talisman of araroch, 3 leg. potions of ll, fist of az'tarrask and nothing I wanted/cared for. <== cursed WD. / endrant.

  16. I've played PTR a bit, but only to get 1 (so far) GRK. I wanted to check out what the Greater Rifts look like right now.

    I do not plan to play much PTR as nothing I do or find there will be around very long. But I do like the changes.

  17. No interest in PTR with Punishment completely nuked and my Action Shot build in ruins.

  18. Tried it for about 20 minutes, I think I'm done with D3 until the official 2.1 release.

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