Here’s the new theory and we thought we’d share it with you all! The three images we have so far shows us something, it could be anything from a serpent to a purple Diablo and some have even suggested a walrus.. Could it be?

    What would a walrus have to do with the Diablo franchise?

    Michael Dashow, who’s was hired as “Art Director / Designer / Artist” at Blizzard North during the era of Diablo 2 and also responsible for the creation of the famous Diablo 2 image. In his own words:

    From 1998 onwards, I have worked at Blizzard Entertainment as an artist and animator. For the game Diablo II, I did a lot of the character work: Two of the 5 player characters, two of the four boss monsters, a whole bunch of monsters, and nearly half of the game’s non-player characters. That’s in addition to a pile of interface artwork, and – little known fact – many voices for the game, including those of the Fallen. For those of you who play the game (there are many who are still hacking away at it even now!) listen to the Fallen next time you’re marauding one of their camps. Hear them yelling “Dashow… Dashow?” Well, guess who that is:

    Anyhow, no voices here, just some art from the game, all of which I believe has appeared in various other magazines and sites.


    Seen on his personal portfolio webspace as part of his logo is a Walrus, and as from what we understand he is quite known for.

    Is puzzle image a walrus? And why would Blizzard have this one as the hidden image?

    Maybe something along the lines of: “If you can figure out who this walrus refers to, you could also figure out what he has previously worked on.. and we’ll leave it at that.” 1/2 of Diablo is his creation, he might be returning to the universe, and Blizzard

    And here is the kicker: So far we have the letters: D, O and W, perhaps they’re meant to become.. D.A.S.H.O.W

    Too far fetched? You decide!

    (thanks Diabloii.net member xspy for a few pointers)

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